STResidentSleeperV S1

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  1. That’s what I tell my team on this map: take the side we are on, then die in the open at their cap.

  2. So uuuuhmm who noticed the 4!!!! drownings on circons team? i know its derpenberg but 4?!

    • Extra vodka in the sauce I guess

    • I’d saw the T49 go in on the first viewing but 4?!? Yup. T49 got too cheeky on the river bank slopes on the NW, which are killers if you don’t respect them. IS-3 and the last drowning Object 430 II were right at the south boundaries by the river and must have just played too deep or too long. Or gotten tracked in the deep water. But the Lorraine 40t was driving for the NW island but just didn’t have the right path to pull that off. Derpenburg rewards careful drivers! 🙂

    • lol, was the Lorr 40t seriously trying to get to A2? XD

    • Sure was. Was obvious on the minimap. The other 3 drowned right on the edge of the water. The 40t was moving across the northern river and drowned in the middle.

    • i noticed the 4 drawings when i saw the result screen for some reason the enemy team had no way near enouph kills xd

  3. Does you know de wey?

  4. Accuracy in WOT still matters…

    • A while ago, someone found some code which applied to pretty much every German tank in the game (including the captured ones in the Soviet tree) which would cause the tanks to catch on fire when they were shot in places that wouldn’t cause a fire, like the turret. This code also applied to a smaller number of Japanese tanks. More recently, the code for armor penetration was found to have additional lines that made the armor of Russian tanks more effective against APDS shells because of a one degree difference in the angle of impact.

    • You could set german tanks in fire without even penetrating them, you could shoot them with your machine guns and set them on fire in warthunder because y’know it’s more realistic

    • Personally I haven’t noitced anything like that, if anything I feel like I die more often to APDS because of the cramped crews in 90% of soviet tanks

    • Whatever your experience was, the code was or is there. They removed the fire bullshit, I don’t know if they removed the APDS crap.

    • Also I am now completely convinced that auto-aim gives you better RNG. The amount of shots I have hit on the move at full tilt using auto-aim is simply ridiculous and OP as fuck. INCLUDING the Skorpion G! Fully aimed shots, 0.28, miss, working as intended da comrade. Moving at 60 km/h using auto-aim, hits nearly every time.

  5. yech hate the swed TD line.

  6. The gameplay is so dynamic, what a diverse tank.

    • Алексей Сафронов

      dirk de horde I’ve had a battle today on Prokh where I farmed 6k damage literally by just sitting in one bush the entire game and shooting an alley and the middle ridge. Took one hit from T-54 who tried to blindshoot me, bounced. Such a fun tank, holy shit, amazing.

    • Swedish TDs work best when your team is losing and your jerking your ding dong in the corner

    • Алексей Сафронов

      Da Komrade! well that kinda makes sense. S-Tanks were developed for a defensive war in case of poor Sweden being overrun by evil Soviet tank forces. The design of these things is actually pretty genious.

    • Алексей Сафронов yeah, considering Centurions are costly, and S tanks are cheaper.

  7. Siege mode is wonderful
    Cit qb

  8. Sebastien van Tiggele

    Wow I’m early, let’s make a joke

    (I mean come on, it sucks compared to all other tier 8 meds, it is mediocre to bad in almost every stat. 100 mm: Bad dpm, bad pen, bad alpha (for its dpm), bad aiming time and accuracy, you find this on heavy tanks, just worse than on the Type 59, which has pref MM!
    122: alpha improves but everything gets *even worse* and its just worse than on the T-34-3, which again has pref MM!!!
    Come on the only thing this has better than for example the T-44 is size and camo. Please fix this tank, and please dont say I complain because I suck in it, I 3-marked this cutie (Mau_Hunter)

  9. Ratvagn:D

  10. i just cant get used to having to wait for siege mode.. its so annoying

  11. the UDES and the S1 should have switched with eachother. the udes doesent fit when compared to how the strv 103 0 and 103B plays.

  12. Brain hax

  13. I got 2 marks on the s1 and 103b

  14. TropicalChocolate Maker

    Is there a way I can just get his angle detection mod?

  15. I don’t understand the accuracy numbers in this game, my ISU 152 has 89% hit ratio and my Scorpion G has 72% both with around 200 games and simular playstyles but massively different gun stats. I really am starting to think the higher numbers are better.

    • The most likely scenario is that you aren´t too afraid to take risky shots in your Scorpion whilst doing that in the ISU can have much more serious conseqences. On top of that, you fire more in your Scorpion enabling more misses, “What you do not shoot, you can not miss”!

    • I_am_not_stupid _ that would probably also be why my KV2 has a better hit ratio than any of my other heavy tanks. Doesn’t explain why my Leopard 1 has the worst hit ratio of all my tier 10s though.

    • E50m has my 2nd worst accuracy at tier 10.


    • Yes Comrade, you are right, Bigger gun, higher accuracy, da.

  16. the fact that this tank is in the game is disgusting.

  17. Still requires more skill than arty

  18. Change title to SuperTiredResidentSleepingVehicle

  19. I constantly get snapshot by IS3 across the map when playing. They have some hidden stats that are not revealed to the public.;)

    • The official accuracy stats mean very little. I have seen videos where a Leopard 1 (one of the most accurate guns in game) was compared to a KV-2 (supposedly the most inaccurate). Guess which one won. The spread of the shots in aiming circle is indeed a hidden stat and I don’t know whoch vehicles are favored by it.

  20. Circon sporting the STD line

  21. are u dutch?

  22. lol this game is shit.

  23. hahahahahah this guy in chat talking about how this is an op tank because he could not bounce a tier 8 td in his tier 6 medium tank the Jumbo… that thing is good for bouncing tier 7 soviet heavies with the 175mm pen but not tier 8 td’s with 240+mm pen… nice meme

  24. circon Ido not jest when I say that you need x16 and x25 times on the sweedish tds as they are always so far away
    from the combat.

  25. Hey Circon, do you plan on 3 marking any of the t10 lights or have you already?

  26. why camo net and not vents? I tend to think only camo on the move really matters in this game.

  27. 3:41 all we had to do was follow the damn train CJ!

  28. Tank looks naked without any marks tho

  29. I’ve lost all respect for you Circon. I thought you were a decent human being. Now I see your true nature, traitor!

  30. Wat an ennemi team, still going front of the bridge and dont go help the pilot

  31. I’m trying to play the udes 03 and I can’t make it work
    Frankly, I hate playing against Swedish TDs more than I hate Arty and more than I hate E25s….ok the part about E25s was a lie

  32. Strv S1 looks pretty decent- im at the udes right now, think ill buy the s1 for crew+credits. Love the tds

  33. That ! At 5:55
    That is this games gun mechanics in a nutshell? Stupid. Fully aimed shots Right Into The Dirt….snap shot full pen no problems any tank any angle any time.

  34. IS3 armor hacks… Shoot it anywhere it’ll bounce.

  35. The big characters in the title are writing STRS V S1 ….

  36. Laser like accuracy
    Alright there

  37. What’s up with that thumbnail?


  39. have to admit, after 5 years of playing, and thousands spent, i am quitting this game. the frustration with players who have no clue, the MM that still pits overmatched tier 8 against tier 10 70% of time, the toxic chat commnuinty, just lost interest in playing this any more. its not good like it was even 2 years ago

  40. Good shit fight for yours.

  41. Alexander kjellberg


  42. Load the Skill rounds

    Didn’t even watch the video yet but laughing my ass off looking at the thumbnail and the title lol.

  43. Unfair plane by kemping bush!

  44. Circon you said you dont like these tanks can you say why please I am genuinely interested in your opinion?

  45. Btw game, *That’s* *not* *the* *lower* *plate* *i* *aimed* *for*

  46. Team why u no let him have TOP GOON.

  47. like 5 people drowned.

  48. Herr Schicklgruber

    So two enemy arty and neither had xvm. Nice.

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