Strict Machine – Panther 2

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  1. +1mm in a tier 8? I sense haxs!!

  2. music at start?

  3. Dimas Agung Wicaksono

    Songs name?

  4. I thought the other battle with 5.5k and 9 kills was going to be on youtube 🙂

  5. I loved this tank

  6. That AMX M4 with 4k dmg in a tier 9 game tho… wp by that dude!
    Also my game crashed and I lost connection like 20 times in the last week, so I’m guessing that’s what happened to the Scorpion G.

  7. Song names? Shit is fucking good.

  8. Give this tank bigger engine and its great

  9. This gun tho

  10. Loved the vid, couldn’t handle the music lol

  11. Funny how this long long 88 has same pen as the normal long88 had in real life, but no no,cant have that

    • Алексей Сафронов

      Nebojsa Kmezic Tiger 1 is pretty damn great, but how Tiger 2 can be competitive is beyond me.

    • Алексей Сафронов when top tier use armor as it works, when not top tier use gun because its probably best ht gun in game. Can pen every tank in game frontally and its accurate.

    • Nikola Nedeljkovic RIght ? Just Russian bias ? No ! Russian lies.

    • Алексей Сафронов

      Nebojsa Kmezic 230 can pen every tank in the game? And we’re talking about Tiger 2 here. What armor?

    • Алексей Сафронов its 225 and its plenty for every tier IX tank in the game. For those heavy weight fuckers in tier X u have 285 apcr pen. Goes through e100’s turret easy.
      And I said when top tier u can use your armor. Carefull angling on corners with constant movment to make it difficult to hit commanders hatch. And if called for u can facehug IS3’s and they cant pen u without gold. And u can rape their roof armor on turret all day long as u are taller then is3.

  12. Music is truck fighters

  13. Just the video I’ve been waiting on 😛 Seems NOBODY has done a review/guide on the Panther II, which I’m currently working slowly down this line and kinda struggling with this little beast

  14. Second song feels like sabbath , but a bit more modern

  15. Is there a circon music playlist?

  16. what is the song at ~ 0:30?

  17. Maybe I am a sadist but i really enjoyed this tank, I always played it like it was the worst tank in the game and it always surprised me, might just be it fits my style

    • HANSMULLER172 I love the Panther, but the Panther 2 took a while for me to get use to it. I needed to learn try to save hit points and get dangerous at the later part of the game. It was an adjustment.

  18. Great music but way too loud Circon..

  19. Isn’t the zoom out mod illegal?

  20. That scorpion G had the largest rush of shit to the brain.

  21. Saw this one live! 😀 Awesome vibes on the stream!

  22. Is this the band that did the Wolfenstein sound track?

  23. what is that most excellent music accompanying this vid

  24. People get banned for using the mods you use but you can just use m and post it without a prob?
    Fking bs

    • remco moerland it isn’t illegal you retard

      If it illegal then Aslan mod pack could be consider cheat pack and thousands of it user would get their ass ban

  25. Hey Circon, did you on food on the 13 57 when you 3 marked it?

  26. Thanks for uploading, nice taste in music by the way.

  27. Terrible sound and music, couldnt stand it

  28. Tank seems actually half decent compared to the premium 8.8 you played during the holidays

    • Maarten Hartmann before it have this gun, the Panther 88 actually have better gun than it

      But now with it L100 gun, it is better

  29. Give this poor tank a mobility buff

  30. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Circon not munching during a video. Like if I met him in real and he wasn’t chewing I’m not sure I’d recognize him.

  31. Great music 🙂

  32. so basically the current meta for this map is the southern spawn defends the h line with most tanks being west of the 4 line?

    • chaosda the meta for this map since it was reworked has almost always been south spawn goes west, north goes east, and then push or defend depending on what happens on the opposite flank. The flanks on this map are so unbalanced it’s ridiculous.

  33. Where do you find the Circon’s playlist ? Thank you

  34. Pls keep the good work and postin on Youtube Circon…. I really love to see ur videos at the end of the day

  35. Panther 1 > Panther 2

  36. Pineapples do not grow on trees!

  37. Holy shit why is he always eating

  38. Another nice video, shame about the shitty noise in the background though!

  39. Great music

  40. hey circon, do you use spotify? if not maybe you could make one to share some of your playlists? ^^

  41. which gun is best on the panther 2?

  42. Even though the game has frustrated the hell out of me both match making and development wise lately, I’ve actually learned something from Circon especially about Swamp map. It’s becoming actually pleasant to play now. Usually when I get pissed off like I have been over Christmas I just shut down but dude thanks Circon.

  43. je muziek is machtig !

  44. What is that music?

  45. you know that it’s gonna be accurate when the barrel is longer than the tank hull

  46. I dig the music man, killer vibes. Perfect volume

  47. When I saw this video, I kid you not, I went looking for a part 1. NO ONE plays this tank.

    Circon makes it sing, though. GG Circon.

  48. 3-5-7 matchmaking is literally aids. Japanese heavies. Swedish TDs. Feels good. Feels bad. Oh well. Nice meme. Legitimately.

  49. I’m grinding thru Panther 2 rn and I was before the buff so I got happy with the news but what’s the point of being set back 43,000 xp for 20 extra mm pen when its almost unnoticeable? I just figure go right past to E-50.

  50. 6:00 when you finally realize where your W key is xD

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