STRONGEST Kinetic Round In The Game | AMX-30 B2 (War Thunder 1.75 Gameplay)

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STRONGEST Kinetic Round In The Game | AMX-30 B2 ( Thunder 1.75 Gameplay)

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  1. 16:57 phly:I really really like this tank…
    Guy on radio: I AGREE!

  2. Challenge attempt #2. play leo a1a1 and get 2 kills while going at least 25 kph.

  3. Phly, have an interesting challenge.

    After 1.75 releases, you must play any french tank of your choosing with slow reverse speed, and only drive it and any other tanks you use backwards for an entire game, to show your true french spirit. You must get 5 kills without dying to succeed.

  4. Alright, phly. Tank request time! AMX-30 B2 and the 30mm Vautour. Show the enemy what “Vive La France” is all about.

  5. Phly, something you should try is binding your machine gun turret to a key. That way when you have an MG turret or a pintle mount, you can use it to shoot at aircraft and light vehicles/AAA without actually taking your gun and turret off-alignment. Good for if you have a shot lined up or if you have a slow turret traverse (like the M8 Scott.)

  6. 5:55 oh wow look that M22 did kill that type 74

  7. The reason that tanks around that time period were not heavy armoured was because it’s not going to stop the rounds anyway so don’t bother with the higher costs

  8. he said I like this tank and the guy said I agree 16:57

  9. that m22 at 5:46 is soooooooooooooo cute, it’s just going so fast at the most random time its so awesome


  11. The most Over Power tank in 8.0 : M22

  12. PHLY. Play the vampire fb.5. YOU HAVENT DONE A VIDEO IN 3 YEARS! Attempt 28

  13. One of the big factors with Long Rod Penetrators is the length of the rod itself combined with its hardness.

    Most NATO tanks can use longer rods than Warsaw tanks by virtue of their loading systems, the autoloaders on the T series of tanks can’t handle an overly long rod like the manned loading system on most NATO tanks can. That design flaw has handicapped Soviet and Russian APFSDS development for decades.

  14. Vive La France

  15. I wish they would change the 105 cannon sound across the board, in my honest opinion I think they sound terrible and need redone

  16. Max armor 3.1″ compared to the M60A1 with a LOS of 10″ and a comparable gun. One would hope they un nerf the M60 armor some day. What they did different on the 105mm Heat was to design the round with bearings around it so it didn’t spin, the spin seriously nerfs the penetration of HEAT.

  17. 861,640 GE……

  18. No heatfs shit tank

  19. Ice_King10111 Gaming

    Im getting war thunder and a laptop for christmas so dude i hope to see ya on the servers but also what a really want to see is you trying to fly a B-29 and do some flips and tricks trying to survive the onslaught of fighters attacking you

  20. This game is shit

  21. “During the production run, many improvements were implemented. These included gun stabilization from 1971” -from amx 30 wiki. gj gaijin

  22. Fucking premium cheaters

  23. Take a drink every time Phly says “stabilizer”

  24. phly play more ravenfield its been updated quiet a lot since you played it

  25. Don’t worry guys it’s in Dev server, when it’s live it will get a 7.0 BR don’t worry

  26. Turret rotation speed 30/ sec

  27. “Shrapnelling”
    Excuse me sir but i believe the correct term is actually spalling.

  28. Phly how do you like the new ability that the light tanks have? I feel like it is something that should have been added long ago because I never saw a point in playing light tanks…

  29. Those sound effect were just perfect

  30. french tanks will be total op at first to make people play them and then they will be nerfed into oblivion

  31. look at the other new planes such as the F3D

  32. whats the point if you cant shoot first without stanilizer

  33. 5:53 ehm m22 bias XD

  34. historically the amx main battle tanks all of them had stabilizer

  35. yeah this game is going to be Wildtanks online like the modern tanks are separated by the ww2 tanks

  36. I feel that this tank is gonna be in the City of Nerfed

  37. Give it a stabilizer and it can be the french 9.0 i think

  38. That m22 was amazing going around the battlefield and the helping at the end

  39. You made that tank a slut because of all that penetration

  40. Man i wanna play warthunder right now but its 3 in the morning

  41. accidentally jumped in at 13:05. and thought that sound he was making was turret hydraulic sounds…

  42. Blaze_The_Timberwolf : Tanki Online

    Phly, play the Land Battleships Of War Thunder!

    Attempt #34 (?)

  43. Do a video doing the historical review of the M4 Cobra King and M18 Black Cat please. And have an F4U ground strike for fun

  44. 5:54 look at kill chat, M22, what are you doing?)))

  45. i cant wait for the frenchies

  46. Why don’t you talk about the offensive grenades! That’s a warthunder first!!! Come on phly

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