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STRONGEST IN THE GAME | CV90120 (War Thunder)


  1. 10:35 I am not a round!

  2. That’s cool, but what’s with the Battlestar Galactica drums in the intro?

  3. Phly sounds like Rex from Toy Story

  4. Day 2 of the M41 Bulldog? Idk I just like light tank gp

  5. Did I detect a back to the future reference

  6. WARNING everyone the free GE app will only give it to the pc version of the game do not get the app steve talks about if you play on x box or others only get if you play on PC

  7. Dude you are in a light tank. Drives two feet out of spawn and sits there… Oh shit let me get into cover. Then you drive into the middle of a field. How drunk were you when you made this video?

  8. My dog Gohan just passed away a few hours ago and watching your videos helps me cope😔I’ve been watching your videos since as long as I can remember. Whenever I got out of high school I would automatically watch your videos and here I am at 21 still watching your videos thank you Phly ❤️for helping me cope with my depression 😔

  9. it was one said that for War Thunder and Communism to be fun, they need to be played like a full orchestra in perfect harmony.

  10. do not get free ge, you don’t just get money for free there are many privacy breaches in the terms and conditions, you are basically giving away your personal information for companies you don’t trust to exploit via advertising and cookies. in some instances, companies may even send the advertisement to your address

  11. Completely off context but I need your help guys, my cat abandoned me, I love my cat more than myself 6 months ago I brought her to my house when I found her on the street so I can confirm that she knows to hunt, and she doesn’t want to stay indoors and spends most of the time on the rooftops and comes indoors to eat ,2 months ago she found a way to ground floor (I live on 2nd floor) when I found that she was not on the roof I searched for her everywhere, when I found her she didn’t want to come to me ,but still I took her home this happened every day but I she found a way to come back home so I didn’t try to find her 2 days ago she went down and didn’t come back I searched for her the next day and I found her near a male cat and she didn’t came near me and ran away from me, so my mom and dad suggested that I should let her live her life not force her to live in my house, I am in a weird situation, what should I do?

  12. Ah, yes. The PL-01 in it’s maturation stage.

  13. So here’s my story, everytime i watch phly and then play war thunder i do well, thanks for the confidence phly, your brain should be an equal to Einstein’s

  14. Well shit wish I could get free golden eagles but I’ve got an iPhone, guess it must suck to suck 🙁

  15. Day 38: u should do a type 93 vs po 2 race

  16. So sad… I can’t get the free GE on my phone…

  17. Why is the thumbnail actually normal?

  18. You think if we get a new civil war then gaijin will make some u.s vs u.s matchmaking more often?

  19. Day-40: Please play the he-112 a-0 CAS

  20. TUngeEeE GeTiimm!

  21. Phly should get a cameo in a movie playing as an arms dealer to warlords.


    Attempt #67: Play the British Swingfire and suffer for us. Bring OddBawz and Benny with you if you want suffering company.

  23. For me i think it equals to centauro mgs yeah and both are the best

  24. “Mrs Coleman, hope you’re doing well… sike!”

  25. My dream is a collab between pewdiepie and phly playing sweedish tanks!!

  26. Hey there is a chjyupffftzzsth *heart attack*

  27. I demand more aircraft videos

  28. Phly, I add one attempt per video. This is attempt ( # 163 ). You can physically check the comment sections on ur past videos, I’ve tried for this long. We need a type 87 video! Also, if you can help reduce both the cost and RP for the type 16 (look at 9.0 centuaro) that would be awesome.

  29. Wow that Free GE app is total privacy desaster. They sell every data they can squeeze out of you.

  30. 6:30
    Poor choice of words

  31. Day: 5 of asking phly to play mister moon

  32. Day one. You should play the Porsche tiger.

  33. Phly daily I fucking love your channel but could you possibly start playing some more props or low tier jets pls. Any love your channel and keep up good work my friend

  34. Day 2: play T17E2 w/hampdem
    R3 but it is actually fun

  35. Ömer Faruk Aktaş

    well this is bullshit in war thunder most powerfull light tank is m22

  36. The Flying Gasmask

    6:26 **Sad Danish Noises**

  37. Does anyone else think that Phly occasionally sounds like Bill Burr, in like accent or speech mannerisms?

  38. This game sucks!The game for a normal player is borderline toxic!

  39. This tank looks like as if a Swedish guy looked at a merkava 3 and went home to tell his boss roughly what it looks like and they built it

  40. Music is what Phly thinks Swedes actually listen.
    In reality; they listen to doom death metal.

  41. 4:55
    The rangefinder be like: *ITS OVER NINE THOUSANNNNNNDDD*

  42. Its the 90210 dropping surgical potatoes on all foes X3

  43. 8:01 welcome to the top tier

  44. Idk how Phly is always happy playing this shitty game , ngl it makes me fuckjng go crazy

  45. i have an idea for content for u phly pls listen to this why u don’t react to ur fans vids of war thunder im sure %90 of them play it and i myslef play it too anyone want this pls like this comment

  46. Phly, please do more SailyDaly stuff. I’ve been isolating for a year straight, just got my first Covid symptoms yesterday, been playing WT like freaking crazy, and I ONLY watch Phlee for the War Suffender. Please do more boaty things for your shipmates! Even if it’s just a video of you dicking around, trying out this boat and that boat, and talking about what improvements you think naval could benefit from. Pleeeeeeease!

    P.S. Congrats on being Phladdy!

  47. 8:07 it blows even the sombrero off……:)

  48. Day 7: Play the American M26 or just the American 6.3 Ground, with the great CAS.

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