STRONGEST MANTLET – T32 Heavy Tank (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. British imported tea: SU-57 and Hampden TB Mk I
    I’ve never seen those before in-game.

  2. 5:48 move beach get out the way

  3. BT-5 and PE-8 attempt #7

  4. British tanks

  5. “I just wanted to have a clear shot instead of having that Bush in my face” didn’t know you had a problems with hairy girls LMAO

  6. when is 1.67 coming out?

  7. phly play the 1956 hungarian revolution combo: t-54 mod 51, is-3 and (maybe) the isu-152
    and if possible pls read something about that event

  8. Phly please do the Argentinian combo for your Argentinian viewers!

    M4A2 and F4U-1d with rockets or bombs
    (you can buy the Argentine air force roundel and put it on the vehicles if you want to)
    Attempt #1

  9. I have never seen you play the Jpz 4-5 sooo…. Take out the Jpz 4-5, and the Ar 234 C-3

  10. Japanese firepower combo: attempt #1
    Use the Type 4 Chi-To and the ki-100 with 2x 250 kg bombs. All it takes is good accuracy, and this combo can win games.

  11. phly…stop saying hole down…it’s haul down….

  12. War Monkey Gaming

    Question for you Phly, do you do your voice recording during or after the gameplay?

  13. attempt number 5 take the 4mgaz (4×7.62 mg) and the il28

  14. Take XP-50 PLZZZZ

    Try Do-335 with 1 engine dead
    2nd attempt

  16. Play M-48a1

  17. HO LEE FUK phly you’re good how do you even spot those tanks while i couldnt even see anything

  18. Phly, the evolution of warfare has gone beyond tank treads and simple kinetic weapons. Play Mwomercs and take out the signature mech of death the Atlas onto the battlefield. (attempt 11)

  19. hey phly how did you manage to change color of team nameplates but to stay with default blue on minimap . i am unable to do that , every time i change color it apply on both things ( minimap and name plates)

  20. Play the independent and Mosquito xvi. And shoot down a plain with the independent.
    Or come fly with me in sim planes.
    Otherwise the puppies don’t get fed.

  21. Take out the T-25

  22. Phly there is new russian tenk very strong the IS-7 Make stalin proud

  23. hi guys um have u ever done the ho-ro? because its the jap Kv 2 at tier 1

  24. Hey Phly can you give me Cobra King i never win any giveaway please… may god bless you

  25. the royal army needs your help bring out the swing fire and any spitfire of your chossing attempt #1

  26. BrokenHeadPVP 123

    Take out the 14m gazaaa and the yak15p if its to hard take the diskh gaz

  27. Is there any M4A1 76W video in the channel? I don’t find any.

  28. Challenge time Phly ! try to get an air kills using the calliope rocket launcher attemp #6. please !

  29. Take out a biplane against jets and try to get a kill

  30. Play the 75mm M3 2.0 Truck and the F-84! Show how much you love your country! + If you want drink a local drink from America!

  31. Here is a new one. Play the ✙Infanterie Kampfpanzer Churchill.

  32. Boi have I got a challenge for you!
    Try to kill any enemy vehicle with the Japanese AP bomb.
    Rules: Killing Armoured Cars, Planes, or AI does not count. All player controlled tanks DO count.

  33. I don’t like american tank because they didn’t have bias like RUSSIAN BIAS

  34. Challenge from the Soviet German forces

    Kill an enemy tank in tank RB with the DO-217 N-2’s Schrage Musik cannons :3 Take any tanks you want

  35. Black Knight gaming

    Hey fly could you do a combo in honor of my grandfather. He used an M3 Lee and a M60 is what he drove he also drove an m29 but that’s not in the game

  36. The struggle bus is real with this tank.

  37. There’s nothing with having bush in your mouth.

  38. The Japanese beasts combo: Chi-Nu II and A6M3 #Attempt3

  39. B57-A?!?!!??????

  40. Dimitris Patsiaouras

    play the t-80

  41. bt 7 and yak1

  42. Hey ply can you up the bitrate of your videos by a fair bit (badum tss)
    This one was especially blurry

  43. you are really good at playing high tier tanks dude

  44. So, for April Fools day, what says you to the Russian Flying T 60? Yes, it is stupid. But it would be hilarious. It’s just is a tank attached to a glider.

  45. Challenge time
    using tanks with high speed like M22 and M24 to “RAM” a low flying plane.
    try biplane first.
    end with Jet.

  46. Do use only HE challenge choose any tank

  47. i was beating the shit out of a t32 on kursk custom battle yesterday, shot trapping and hitting his lower plate at 1000+ meters

  48. Phly please check out the 29-k,it’s going to be added in the 1.67 patch. This thing is absolutely ridiculous

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