STRONGEST Tank In THE GAME | STRV -122 (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

STRONGEST Tank In THE GAME | STRV -122 (War Thunder)

In a more sensual way 🙂

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  1. *Help phlee buy war thunder. help him raise funds by using this link for 3% off ur mom*

    • Phly, you should understand that not many players like you can play vehicles and crew members are fully research. It is why players think even big map and single capture point map are fun, people still play smaller map and 3 capture point map more. Normal players need to claim exp, money and spend so many times to get these parts and top tier vehicles. Although players already spend money, it’s still not an easy work. The maps which you don’t like really help players a lot. Or why don’t you make videos, and play vehicles only with fix part and fire extinguisher.
      I think as your fans. we all knew you like bigger map from few years ago, but you can see what maps are players dislike. Volokolamsk, Vietnam, Kursk…. These are bigger maps, and one of them is already ban. Kursk have been fix so many times. That is the result of these big map, so I recommend you say some concrete idea is about what kind of big map you want in your video or send to Gaijin. It will be more sensible. In my opinion, I think you will like the map is such as Mongolian or East African.

    • StuG 42 H with Ostketten

    • hey phly i used your link for the xm1 pack, decal is very ebic

    • Gajin doesn’t accept discover, sorry I can’t phly

    • Hey fly I just noticed you are playing at such a low mouse sensitivity I don’t know how to change it but I would recommend making it a bit higher so u don’t have to keep lifting up you’re mouse and move it back.

  2. *laughs in T-26*

  3. Challenge suggestion: Use the Tiny Tim/Uncle Tom/Red Angel and the P.108A 102mm in the original intended anti-ship/boat role. Attempt #23

  4. Benjamin Ziemann

    Funny how War Thunder has almost the same problems as World of Tanks.

  5. If we get bigger maps I will play WT again until then I’m just gonna watch phly almost have fun

  6. so… strv 122 doesnt have the cheeks fall off when shot… yet 2a5 does

  7. 9:56 T-Shirt Idea: “That is a… Type Something”

  8. Mental how the armour seems better than on a challenger shows they just make it up at top BR

  9. ITS JUST A LEO2A5 CMON!!!!!!!

  10. Minority opinion here, but I strongly dislike large maps. First you drive forever to get into engagement range, then you sit behind a earth mound and scan the horizon for a tiny white blip on your thermals, which you then shoot at while hoping you’ll be able to scurry back into your ditch quickly enough before the same happens to you. Riveting.

  11. TheHellPenguin LordsOfThePenguins

    Phly, I saw an horrible thing today, your meter… it was written “Fun” and “Not Fun” without PH

  12. thing is in Sim u get those 3500km engagements it´s just that those are mostly only in sim and not in rb for example

  13. gaijin has the maps thei just don´t use them

  14. Phly daily wanting long range . Him with thermal scopes and an excellent range finder Me: how do I turn on thermal scope and rangefinder???

  15. Thats basically a Leopard 2A7 variant 😀

  16. long range maps don’t make any difference for me, I always get sniped through my barrel and get one shot killed, no matter what tank i’m using leo2a5 or m1a2, but when i play the T80U it’s a completely different story

  17. Teerapat Darathip

    Is that Thailand flag on the thumbnail?

  18. You should play play the red angle in the british

  19. I saw a Thai flag, I click

  20. Constantin Alexandru-Ionut

    War Thunder – **IT’S ALMOST FUN!**

  21. Constantin Alexandru-Ionut

    Release “Long Range Yeets – The Musical” already!!!

  22. give us big maps when we have FCS

  23. I agree… I love long range engagements in modern vehicles

  24. anticorruptionkz

    what about a ground-only mode? would you like to have it in the game?


  26. Phly do the sm 92 plz and love your vids

  27. Boy The Polite Man

    play Mi-4AV in helicopter battle #1

  28. Camping aka sniping maps get really boring for anyone not top tier say a 9.3 xm1 vs 2a5 it’s a joke.

  29. Phly😲😲😲😲 Yo need new video on the Panzer 2 H plz

  30. Phly, check out the MASSIVE sim version of Tunisia. It’s something like 5x5km size. I have no idea why that map isn’t in top tier tank RB

  31. You can dodge any kind of projectile at 3.5km tho, bc you see them coming and ATGM vehicles will be useless. So in order to this being phun, everyone would need to play as sneaky as possible and shoot before being spotted


  33. TheOverlordGamer

    STRV -122 Thailand?

  34. I’ll give you 10 bucks on your next stream, much better investment than paying those clowns

  35. Finally a realistic view of flaws of the maps and balance.

  36. the summer sale is such bullshit, i cant afford $50 fucking packs that they peddle now instead of making the tanks half off

  37. Leopard 2A5 is that you?

  38. Play the t95 again

  39. PhlyDaily thank you so much for used my picture,i’m honored.❤😄

  40. Personally feel, Ground RB should be reserved for Ground vehicles, have a separate game mode Mixed RB with Helicancers and Planes and Ground Forces.

  41. kristijan medved

    War thunder is sumply not a game for modern stuff

  42. obviously gaijin should get bigger maps but in the meantime if u like long range so much why don’t u play tank sim? Even small maps like factory have the spawns further to the east and west making everything bigger

  43. How can I tripple like the long range rant ? 🙂

  44. What about is 3

  45. I dunno what it is but War Thunders had a hate boner for me recently. Had a KT absorb 3 rounds from my M103, 1 hit the ammo, no detonation, 1 hit the turret ring, it stopped there and then the other, despite being slightly higher, somehow all the shrapnel was absorbed by the transmission. Oh, and T-44s have twice today bounced 105mm L7 APDS to their front turret cheeks, then turnedd around and 1 shot my M60 frontally…. thanks Gaijin. And this is without mentioning the constant uptiers, premium spam, strafing and bombing that I’ve been receiving….

    We need a ground only mode….

  46. No matter how different it may seem, just another great leopard variant

  47. Thai flag?

  48. Agreed . The Maps need to be redone. WHY THE FLIP ARE WE USING MBTs THAT CAN SHOOT 3,500 meters easily. PLEASE STOP.

  49. Did it and happy got the American xm-1 plus a saber plus the decal worth it

  50. OnlyPhans69

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