STRONGEST TURRET – Stillbrew Armour – Chieftain Mk.10 (War Thunder)

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  1. Rafael Alfonso Margallo Castillo

    Phly the kpz be like “mine, mine, mine mine mine”

  2. 8:42 *”Hello darkness my old friend…”*

  3. Fuck I accidentally superglued me left eyelid shut

  4. Phly please play the jagdtiger and b2

  5. Longest intro

  6. Soon I will buy the new french tier 4 and the fw190 d13 for a friend with your link. Oh and how’s the p47 m cause I want that too

  7. 8:41 the moment Phly relized, he fucked up.

  8. 6:52 that moment when u bounce side of IS6

  9. hot3 can go thru 1250mm
    a METER!!

  10. Am I the only one that thinks the 120mm on the Chieftain is better than the 152mm on the MBT? If it weren’t for the autoloader I’d much rather have the 120mm.

  11. Can you please do aircraft tanks are boring to me

  12. The HOT missile system does in fact employ a tandem charge HEAT warhead as stated on the Wikipedia article

    “Weight 24.5 kg
    Length 1.30 m
    Diameter 0.15 m
    Warhead Tandem charge HEAT”

  13. Chieftain : oooh enemy
    Enemy: ohhh for fuck sake

  14. What if a chieftain mk 10 mod where the tank is the same but the stillbrew armor was also included on the front and the fighting compartment of the tank. The invincible tank

  15. Phly get “Epic Thunder” sound mod. It’s pure awesomeness. try it out)

  16. claro hijo de re mil puta al ser parte de WAR THUNDER te dan 20 millones de aguilas y sos feliz pero nosostros la gente normal se parte el culo para que no lo maten y vos te reis lo felisitas y aplaudis no te mereces nada forrooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  17. FV 4005 vs everything

  18. That’s a sexy tonk

  19. Jonatan Qvarnström



    Phly, what modern tank are you looking forward to in War Thunder? T-14 Armata (Russian), M1A2 Abrams (American), Type 10(Japanese), Challenger II (British), or Leopard 2A7 (German)?

  21. I saw a is2s turret going to space today I wonder if Ivan was the first man in space ?

  22. People be like “british armor is shit and probably the most useless nation in game”
    *hears about the Chieftain Mk.10
    “did I say shit?? did I really? Nooooo way i could have”

  23. Thanks Phly, now I can survive my mum’s slap

  24. Players defending in war thunder? Is phly delusional lel

  25. Finally after requesting this countless times! Can you please go back to the request series and play the T25?

  26. if the atgm hits ur turret hatch u go boom

  27. 6:53 the sound of horny dogs

  28. i was fapping to the day youd take this beauty out.


  29. If only they added the M1A1 & M1A2 in the game I would be so happy.

  30. The HOT 1 is not tandem, and tandem warheads are not anymore effective against spaced or very thick armor than a common single warhead, it only makes a difference agaisnt ERA

  31. I’m gonna buy this tank in real life in about 15 years

  32. The chieftain wasnt made to invade only defend and that is why it doesnt have the best engine or hull armour

  33. Stalin commands u to take out the IT-1 with TU-14 or go to gulag
    attempt #2

  34. Amphibious Assault combo, PT-76 & Be-6!

  35. Make more Top Tier Tank videos

  36. It’s not a tandem warhead. As is explained clearly in the wikipedia ( : The key to the effectiveness of the hollow charge is its diameter. As the penetration continues through the target, the width of the hole decreases leading to a characteristic “fist to finger” action, where the size of the eventual “finger” is based on the size of the original “fist”. In general, shaped charges can penetrate a steel plate as thick as 150% to 700% of their diameter, depending on the charge quality.
    Indeed the missile launched by tanks like Sheridan, MBT 70 usually are less powerful because their maximum diameter is equal to the diameter of the barrel, but in vehicles like the Hot 2 you haven’t this constraint, you can carry less missiles but bigger with more penetration.

  37. Phly, pls British Striker or Americano T114

  38. mrcoin the yoy pop tk

    PhlyDaily can I friend you at War Thunder!! so I can help you battle and you will never esyly die~

  39. phly,phly out the ju87d5 cannon bird. But not with cannons this time, with 12 7.7 machine guns ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and try to get 2 kills. Good luck

  40. the 3% off with your link is new right? Damn, i already bought stuff with it weeks ago lol

  41. Vanboneio | The gamer with oldschool wheels | /

    *You hear that? the pay to win KPZ driver’s are smacking themselves on the head with the keyboard, being rekt by a non-premium.*

  42. Valentin Mihalescu

    6:52 Phly mating sounds

    Take the Bias-6 into a downtier battle, and bounce enough shells to spawn a bomber. for mother bias

  44. How does one contact the infamous Phly. As someone who is a armored Crewman would love to shoot the shit sometime with you about tanks and being a beast on WT.

  45. Phly, I’d love to play a match with you. Notice me senpai. Pls.

  46. Nooooooooooooooooo

  47. Foysal Arifin Warasi

    u really went through the house!!! i saw it on slo mo

  48. 8:43 who could say where the road goes

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