STRUGGLING FOR FREE in World of Tanks!

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Today I'm talking about all the about recently playing for Free in !



  1. Missions marathon=paying
    I’m sorry QB I love the thought but you’re not a real Free to play account

  2. The crazy thing about world of tanks is that for the game to actually be fun it’s one of the most expensive games in the world to play. This is a huge part of why I quit after tens of thousands of games getting to the level of super purple recents at tier 10. There are better things I can do with my life.

    No doubt there is obviously some core under the heaps of disgusting psychological manipulation, and that’s why I keep up with the game watching videos on this channel, but it is dead to me and my life has improved for it.

    I’ve now picked up other CHEAPER hobbies such as 3d printing, cad and Robotics. Just that fact is amazing to me. World of tanks is worse than drugs because it not only takes your money, but your time. It’s a bad escape.

  3. I won’t touch this game without premium time, at the very least. Fortunately, I rarely have to spend money to get it. If I plan on spending more than an hr minimum grinding, I gotta have those boosters. Otherwise, meh. I’ll contribute to the dwindling player base.

    I am currently grinding now, though, thanks to the Xmas event.. and I’m doing unexpectedly well.. avg damage in several different tanks is around 2.5k, which is a nice, and contributable, improvement.

    Now, to take my 9 year old account out of orange/yellow and into green!

    Cheers, QB!

  4. Imagine playing for free and being a noob at the same time. The horrendous time when you buy a new tank and have no money for not even a 75% crew. I think that’s shit.

  5. Unless you suffer frmn a crew where the only skill you have is 6th sense on the commader you do not know pain.

  6. Way too often you end up with a tank 2 tiers above firing gold at you. Theres no angle they cant pen and no angle you can, and if your team can get an angle your just waiting to die >< .

  7. Well, I do not absolutely agree with you, that in today’s wot it’s much more difficult for free to play players. Think about before 6 oder 7 years… With free to play you don’t even have had the possibility of e.g. 1h booster for XP or crew books for credits or Prem tank for free (if you have enough time for the marathons). Before 6-7 years every grinding through one tank needs such more long time than it needs today, even if you are free to play.

  8. The tank is struggle!

  9. why do he not use an automatic fire extinguisher? if you use an automatic fire extinguisher you save credits in the long run so its better for free to play players lol!!!

  10. recently i’ve been playing t69 quite alot with standard ammo and consumables… im achieving great results but i have to try harder than i would when i’m playing in one of tier 8 premiums… i’d say it’s not so much about tanks and consumables but about how you play… ofc game is pay to win but i have no problem playing against premium shitters it feels good when you shut them down

    • as the other comments say the thing that pisses me off the most is that F2P player cannot obtain 100% crew from the start. i really dont care about other players’ tanks or ammo or consumables just give us 100% crew

  11. arty_lover EBR_hater

    Stock tanks, stock crews, no purple equipment, obviously no premium days but the one we get in drops occasionally, no food; the list can go on. F2P is a jungle. I stopped caring about my WR and “focused” on marks because, in my opinion, they are the only way to see how one plays and not how the MM or RNG like you. And when I get frustrated, I go and watch QB!

  12. I am not a regular player and I spend a set amount on the game from time to time. Mostly I buy gold, but sometimes I will buy a premium account for something like 14 days.

    I have to say that I have learned a lot from your channel over the years, so please keep it going! Your videos about the consumables have been of immense help, especially what to use with what to get that edge! I have never bought a single premium consumable such as fire extinguishers. Those I have all won via the game when WG have some sort of event. The non-premium consumables I buy when they are on special, but then I buy like a 100 of them at a time! Also, a tip from your channel I believe!

    Yes, the premium tanks are a pain, especially when you shoot gold at them, and you cannot even damage them! Some of them is a nightmare to fight against; completely overpowered, but if you work with your team and just spot and track them, then someone on your team who has a more powerful tank can hopefully kill the nightmare! WOT’s are probably play to win and unfair, but that is life; GET USED TO IT!

  13. I feel like stock grind should not be a thing anymore. There is not a single good reason why you should grind 100k xp just to make your tank playable. They could increase the amount of xp needed for next tank or attleast make field mods to be “stock grind” because they add a choice and not having them doesn’t make your tank unplayable like stock guns.

  14. remember this line being absolute pain in the ass to keep any kind of expierienced crew while progressing thrue…. it was LT’s up to T7, then 2 MED’s and a HT at T10….. any retraining costed so much exp for someone who doesn’t buy gold….

  15. Aleksandar Zivanovic

    Some very nice talking QB, keep it up!

  16. Not so easy as a Top tier in T54E1. In tier 10, is a different story…especially using regular ammo…

  17. around 3:50 you described my life as a ftp tanker. I watched the Japanese heavies dominate while I struggled up the tech tree. by the time I got the type 5 it was nerfed into oblivion. Similarly, the obj 268v4 line (except that tank is still relevant. The FOMO pressure to spend $ is strong with this game

  18. where can i get some free time of premium in wot? thx

  19. What would you suggest is the best thing to spend gold on?

    I have collected a few thousand from the large boxes.

  20. I had been unable to really afford using gold rounds and refused to use them. But recently, after all my heavier armour was made useless, I had to give up and use gold on my most played tanks.

  21. we all know it is really free to pay!!!

  22. QB, I’m struggling to figure out how to play the T57 Heavy, and you seem to have a great understanding of how to play these slow autoloading heavies. Any tips? I mainly can’t fire premium ammo, and since it was my first tier 10, I thought I might be able to enhance my experience with it a bit more. It is supposed to be good, but all I see are the weaknesses.

  23. I have 90 mil creds and still dont use food

  24. And not to mension players with high ping like me that missed shots that 100% should have hit and missed. I don’t play anymore so I don’t care but it’s nice to see that ppl are atleast showing that WOT is pay to win.

  25. Watching you tip toe around calling this game a P2W game is amusing to say the least. Being a Veteran Beta tester and casual player I have only managed to afford 3 tier X’s. WG has the worst economy structure in any game and makes it not worth progressing beyond tier 8. Then you have the OP Meta tanks that the P2W player is strutting around the field chewing up players.

  26. wander im from argentiina happy cirsmas

  27. being f2p with occassionally premium account rolling and being a beta player , well…..i can say it has ups and downs , 1 major issue is the credits

  28. Qb should sell all the premiums on his f2p account. Many players don’t have time (full time work or school) to grind out the marathon tanks or money to spend on pixel tanks, and are still playing with no prem tanks.

  29. I was going to say that wargaming has to encourage players to spend money because there’s no subscription fee but then i realized that there is a subscription fee with premium and then they do everything in their power to make playing the game as painful as possible without the use of additional premium content. It really is amazing at how predatory wargaming is as a company. They utilize every underhanded tactic they can. Everything from straight up gambling to sunk cost fallacies and bait and switch tactics. These games really aren’t healthy for people.

  30. Found your channel yesterday and never played the game, been going through the videos and i’d say this is a perfect topic to cover for people like me who got interested in the game through your channel. I’m lucky this is the video you decided to post right now.

  31. Wasn’t the point to only use the resources that the game gives for everyone. No one has time to grind every marathon tank AND let’s not mention the lt-432 that you bought with gold, because everyone can play ranked so well that they can buy one of the best tier 8 premium lights. I like the idea, but you have lost the spirit of the challenge.

  32. As a new and casual f2p player, it took me 2 years to get my first tier X.

  33. This game started to be way more p2w than it should since defender came out. From since premium tanks started to be better than tree tanks

  34. Is super conqueror an t110E4 still worth the grind?

  35. If we go into the small details, rerolling your account is the biggest advantage one can have, isn’t it?

  36. If you enjoy playing a game and then should invest real money into that game. I don’t actually see how one can enjoy playing this game with not investing as it would be a hard slog day in day out. I have spent a fortune in WOT and WOW and I dont regret a single penny spent. If its worth my time playing day in day out then its worth me spending real cash so that I enjoy the experience even more.

  37. i think WOT needs a CLASSIC mode, just up to Tier 6, limited PAY TO WIN add on’s and just good old tank v tank and player versus player action, trouble that will not meet wargamings demand for profits, how long before another company challenges war gaming and creates a tank game where skill is the key element not your wallet size or your parents income ?

  38. No matter how grindy this game gets, I’ll never spend a cent on it, pay to win bs. I ll just play when I feel like it and stop when I get bored

  39. It took me 3 years to get my first tier 10 tank. Last year for Christmas I managed to get from tier 1 to tier 10 = 60TP in just 25 days… crazy…

  40. Play for free or Pay to play in WOT is about expectations. I played for years F2P and I enjoyed it a lot, but I played most of my games at tier 5 to make money and gradually played higher tiers for research, while, constantly, playing tier 5 for money (no premium vehicles). I usually played 4-5 games at T5 for every game at T10 to compensate for credit loses at T10, and it was fun. Truth is, if you want to play higher tiers constantly, you need premium T8 tanks or/and premium account. You don’t need to put money into WOT to enjoy it but if you want to be “Competitive” you must understand that “Competitive” in any sport or situation means an investment of time and money. It’s unrealistic to want to play on par with the best, enjoying the best equipment and perks, without paying for it. “Competitive=Investment” anywhere. You want to enjoy WOT find a tier witch gets you money even on a lose (for me it was tier 5) and play it to compensate for higher games. It’s really fun.

  41. Im play WOT for 10 years, how to manage credit is painfull.
    So I spent my time play SPG and TD just for farm credit, I put no premium ammo in tier I – IX.
    Lucky they give free premium LT, i can farm in it too now.
    what make it fun? Its the time when you kill someone with premium ammo or WIN the game in top 3

    My dream is collecting all tanks in teach tree, just to watch it parking in garage when Im eating or relaxing after work.
    Sometimes play it, win is fun, lose is no problem. Will play until this game close service

  42. I think that switching gold ammo to cost gold would make this game very different game

  43. Another aspect is much faster crew training with premium account which is very powerful advantage.

  44. I’m ashamed at how much money I’ve sunk into this game after 9 years and 25k battles, but I’ve nearly researched all t10 tanks and I’ve got loads of premium tanks.

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