Struggling through my old dream tank :(

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  1. Are you fucking high? Play the WZ-120 for 10 minutes on my account and you’ll give up. Trust me, it is so, so fucking bad.

  2. How do i play wot now, after two years break, when i have to face chieftains, ebolas and 3 arties every freaking game? Like, how do you guys play vs tanks with no weakspots frontally?
    Seriously, is it just me or this game feels so much worse in current state? Tons of new tanks with great armor, you are almost forced to use gold.
    I was never a true violet player, but i felt about myself as a decent blue. Right now im trash

    • Chieftain is super super weak armor… Even it’s strong turret has a giant weak spot on top.

      So either you are confused or are playing with a tank that should be shooting HE instead of AP.

  3. Player of medium tank mindset. :):):) Regardless if you play a TD or a light or a heavy…you always play like a medium tank player. 🙂 I said this many times to you and I will do it over and over. On the first battle, you left all south flank with no vision. That was a scouting job! Then you went to the hill in the north just to have 2 snapshots with your low damage , no depression gun while you did not let Leo play that corner with his more superior / powerful gun. No offense Lemming but I bet most of the teammates hate you :):) because you simply just play as an aggressive medium tank no matter what tank class you play and you do NOT DO YOUR JOB in providing your team with the tools a scout must provide. Or a TD… Whatever. If a team have only 1 scout and that scout does not do his job…scouting…but plays like a medium instead, alongside heavies in towns or such crowded places where scout vision is not requested…how the team will work? How the TD, or arties will play with almost no vision? I noticed this every time I see your games. Or many other unicum players games. No matter the tank a unicum play, unusually he plays like a support tank, in the second line, using teammates as a meat shield, or diversion just to score few hits and boost the stats. Maybe I play too classic and this is why I am just an average player and maybe I will always remain in 50%-51% win rate. But when I play as a scout I do my job! Other then that your video is nice. You are skilled but you play most of the time just for yourself and not as a team player. Just my 2 cents.

    • Scouting in WoT isn’t a particularly consistent strategy nowadays unless you’re playing a T-100 or an armored car. High tier mediums and heavies tend to have just as good, if not better view range. Because of this, they can generally spot things for themselves just as effectively. I can only think of two or three maps where scouting is vaguely relevant. Focusing on firepower over spotting capability in light tanks seems to be a perfectly sensible option.

  4. Lol if you think that a light tank with 2.3s aim time is bad good luck with the WZ-120s 3.4s :3

  5. You play it as if it were a light medium, which it isnt. Its a light

  6. I think your shitty teams where a bigger issue than the tank itself. The more and more wging nerfs and power creeps other classes the more lights are being less and less relevant anyways as well.

  7. Boy is lemming in for a shock with the 120 and 121.

    Also side note, but kitting out the worst damage doing class for doing damage isn’t helping fit into the upper tier meta. Your one potential advantage is vision while even if you aim a bit quicker you’ll still be basically a poor medium.

    • That’s generally true, but the Chinese lights are designed to be the knife fighters as LR calls them. If you want to scout, the T-100 LT or the EBR 105 are better at it. The Chinese lights are better poke and harass vehicles due to their higher alpha and somewhat reasonable armor (although the EBR 105 kinda also took that role), so LR plays to capitalize on that

    • @C0mmand3r27 and yet used that way is not working for lemming by his own standards. There’s no question they aren’t as good at vision compared to maybe 5% of the tanks he’ll face, but he will still outclass the other 95 (unless he uses a gld lol). Meanwhile as a damage doer it’s the other way around.

    • @Eric Zehner You’re probably right, although the example games in this video showcased more of really dumb teams as opposed to an improper build on his tank. The role he tried to fill, he ended up filling fairly well. Just couldn’t carry hard enough

    • @C0mmand3r27 at least partially because lights are very difficult to carry with by direct damage in the upper tiers. 7 and below and you can still carry teams of specials but beyond that and it’s going to be a big struggle.

  8. EpicHunter117 Gaming

    BS. I dont believe u kept ur cool after what that leopard did ?

  9. 121 is garbage. Has heavy tank gun handling like the 430U, but without it’s armor. It’s just a terrible tank.

  10. Thomas Desjardins

    always runs away from a fight

  11. These seem to be the popular wargaming setup, lose more than win no matter how hard you try to carry

  12. Send that first clip in to Claus for the Biggest Assholes contest.

  13. It’s funny that you’re complaining about the WZ-132 being weak when it’s actually the best tank in that entire Chinese light tank line and arguably the best tech tree tier 8 light too. Definitely don’t go play the HWK 12 or Bulldog if you think the WZ-132 is weak, because you’ll be in for a truly miserable time.

  14. Feels Amazing Man

    121 is one of the stronger mediums? U wot lemming

  15. Intentionally awkward is one way of putting it, feking useless is another way of putting it

  16. Why y’all hating on the man for wanting a 121. It’s one thing if he wants to try to make it work in clan wars or something but he’s not doing those anymore. Let the guy play whatever tank he wants lmao.

  17. Wtf using APCR on ferdi it has 85mm side plate armor

  18. My friend was playing on my account yesterday and he got in a game woth you yesterday lol i was jelous and ebarrassed couse my stats suck but he just bum rushes so not a good example to a good player. You were in a tier 5 td inside a platoon he said

  19. Lemming Rush: I have a shitty win rate 55%.

    Me: I aspire to 50% in any tank and think it’s awesome.

  20. papitosr is the player who blocked u in the first game

  21. People say the 121 is complete garbage, but imo it’s still playable. It has a better gun than 430u and u never know maybe it will get buffed soon :p

  22. Beach .. 2 entry trap?

  23. Pretty sure you’d have better results in this tank if you could actually spot things. Gun laying drive on a light tank is kinda pointless instead of optics.
    More spotting means you can win more situations (better winrate) and the miniscule advantage gld gives you would be offset massively by the extra shots gained through a usable view range. By using gld you’re playing a garbage tank of your own design.

  24. everyone go into your client and report that shitty leo PT that pushed him out, people like that need to be banned! that’ll totally work with how amazing the reporting system is! lol

  25. I love my wz120 so far,really needs it’s top gun to not feel like a 8 1/2

  26. 55% WR is BAD……In a shitty tank……in this meta…… OKAY

  27. Azegul Star Rider

    Nice block by that idiot in the first game….
    You see a lot of these entitled idiots these days…

  28. Stephen and Tony Auckland

    Ok, so what your strategy shows, when it gets too hairy, you run away and leave your team to die. Got it!

    • If something is too hairy why would you stay?

    • Stephen and Tony Auckland

      @LemmingRush I am reminded of the saying, ” United we stand, divided we fall.” As did many
      Kiwis and Canadians who fought side by side in Europe. You and Claus Kellerman are always a good watch. BTW, I note you sometimes appear to gulp while talking, as if you have acid reflux. If you do, its something you should consult your Dr about. It can lead to some problems as you get older. Keep them coming!

  29. The problem you are having is the WZ. It is obsolete. You can’t brawl or hold a position with it.

  30. everyone, report the leopard that blocked him. bullshit like that needs to be punished.

  31. Lmao “121 is one of the stronger tanks in today’s meta” it’s a pile of shit, and it needs a buff.

  32. 59 16 with the autoloader was my go to have fun tank

  33. Never go beach! Ever!

  34. Hi lemming what is your biggest tip for grinding??

  35. To everyone complaining about him not suicide spotting. You are stuck at around 50-51% winrate while the unicum playstyle gets him what? 65%? It’s obviously better for the entire team that he plays that way even if it seems selfish. At the end of the day you unfortunately can’t rely on your teammates in wot. You can play a support role while your team does fuck all. Besides, if you survive until the endgame with a light tank you have a huge carrying potential because of mobility, camo and viewrange.

  36. Didn’t you make a proclamation during last winter: ”no more money spending on WG’s scam” (aka not buying any tank og upgrade)
    And still u are ….

  37. so all ‘good players’ do, is let the rest of the team be their meatshield

    got it

  38. Fucking beach….no it’s not a good move because most people aren’t LemmingRush. Just don’t go there yes it works occasionally but most of the time it just cuts you off from your team you can’t support or get support.

  39. WZ-132 was the first tank I 3 marked. It was an amazing tank to play but now it just cries in the corner asking for a buff 🙁

  40. Cheers bud! I’m grinding this tank too! I don’t enjoy it as much as the 131. Cheers!

  41. “I really struggle with this tank.” 2 seconds later: “55 % winratio”
    Me: [sad noob noises]

  42. I chose to go down the chinese LT line to finally reacht the WZ120 because one of my favourite YTers (MrFalkers) used tp play it.
    Also because the T-34-2 used to be an awfull tank to play. Is it still a turd or finally playable?

  43. my dream tank is a random tier 8+ tank ;c

  44. Lemming do a guide park of the type 5 Heavy

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