STRUMTIGER 380MM ROCKET GUN | One of the craziest German WW2 Weapons

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Source: PhlyDaily


  1. Big meme 8:53

    • i wouldn’t even be mad tbh

    • what the…..

    • Hey phly I have had the worst week my partner and mother of our two beautiful children passed away suddenly and have not been able to cope to well and today I saw you phly motherf_&$ing Daly is back and I smiled my son Bryce yelled phly is back yes and we grab a snack and watched and just yeah felt normal thank you so much dude glad to have ya back

  2. We have waited for this moment for a very long time and finally, it’s here!

  3. 23:26 it wouldn’t be a Welcome Back if you don’t get Gaijined

  4. only 83mm pen? wtf?

  5. Can use this as artillery and drop some shells on top of enemy far away, take some practice of course but will be great advance if you can master it.

  6. WOOOOU OMG what a shot…

  7. you don’t mess with an independent male mother in a sturmtiger

  8. Armor penetration is for penetrating rounds.

    You are firing an explosive round which takes much of its killing force from the shockwave it produces. Not the penetration.

  9. I am totally new to this game and have a question. I purchased the KIng tiger pack and it does not show up in my list of available German tanks. All of my tanks are level 1 and 2. Do I need to gain more tanks and experience to use this thing that I paid $20.00 for?

  10. 9:07 try to send it to thundershow

  11. 0 Crimson Pheonix 0

    I think I am going to hold of purchasing the centurion mk 1 not that I could I am broke in terms of sl don’t want to meet this thing I will probably be upteired anyway so not looking forward to getting a 380mm rocket in my face as soon as i spawn

  12. Gotta be honest, the shot on that poor M56 was a bit heartbreaking… or hullbreaking as the rocket is as big as that tank x)

  13. They loaded the mortar every time with the crane after every shot if im not wrong

  14. ac-130 being added is shrimply a matter of time

  15. Only the 35000 missionpoints from the chalange tomorrow and I have it. Can’t wait to let it rain death and destruction

  16. That m41 player will be submitting a ticket complaining about the sturmtiger right now

  17. 🌊Tomioka Giyū🌊

    I just realised that the title says Strum instead of sturm

  18. sorry my wallet I need this cool tank

  19. 0:30 finally awake?

  20. Hey phly, do you ever do GE giveaways?

  21. 8:53 impressive…

  22. 2:02 a little MWII upload as well, Phly?

  23. it’s actually 83 *cm*, not 83 mm, simple typo really

  24. We have Phly doing thundershow content after returning.

  25. 28:35 then just give it a realistic reload time, not the 1 minute we have

  26. they need to give this thing the biggest fuck-off ammunition blowout with the amount of explosives it has honestly

  27. 9:11 rip to that person lol


  29. SturmTiger is like an actual isis SVIBED in WT xD

  30. It’s a Dream comes true me watching Phlydaily rolling this Tiger way, way back when he tell us about this

  31. Spawn tubing noob 9:00

  32. your videos aren’t enjoyable now, you speak too much for nothing and you hype on the bad things like a kid based youtuber

  33. Don’t scream like that, man. This isn’t the barracks yard, and you’re not an drill sergeant.
    And by the way, who shouts usually has nothing to say

  34. Proof that stubby but girthy can still get the job done well

  35. Next is the gustaf gun

  36. If you explode you turn into another sun

  37. lovely sturm *muhrserrrr*

  38. This intro music gives me Krieg Marching vibes

  39. Could you make a How to play Leopard 1? Im very close to research the Leo and i want to know how to play it. Love your Videos. Lovly Greeting from Switzerland (With much chocolate)

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