STRV 103-0 review!

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  1. Look at that, who would have thought: No artillery so a good match was had
    by all :)

  2. Tharaka Wijerathne

    On a non related topic, I do have a T30. And should I buy E4?
    I love T30 and got all my TD missions up to T28HTC with honors with ease.
    To me it seems like the upgrade from T30 to E4 is not worth it (credits and
    effort for new crew). And things I don’t like in T30 seems to be worse in
    E4 (Poor accuracy and DPM). I love turret TDs and I can’t play non Turreted
    Tanks :(

  3. I really dont understand why they nerfed these td’s so fucking much.

  4. Steffen Aggerholm Kristensen

    Happy new year. Good to have you back you salty basterd :)

  5. Tortoise FeelsBadMan

  6. Foch, I would appreciate if you added how to fight these new tanks. You
    cover how to wank off in them, but some info about how to reliably pen them
    would be great. Does HE to the face work? Or do you have to flank them?

  7. ares354 ares354 (Ares)

    What tier 9 are close to this stupid pen, APCR or not, 308 is joke.

    SU 122 54 258 pen, Tortie and Conway 259mm, JT, WT PZ4, T95, T30 276mm,
    Foch 257mm, 704 has 286 and it’s closest. This TD has broken pen, how this
    make armor more relevant> I need to ask WG, they said armor will matter

    This broken Td has 84% chance to pen Type 4 in front, on normal APCR. Well
    balance Comrade.

  8. I guess i’m a lucky wanker because I aced it lol :D

  9. Shameful 1st class

  10. >T95
    >75% win rate

  11. In this tank, the third crew member is considered a loader for some reason
    even though this tank has an autoloader that holds the entire store of
    shells. The gunner and commander also both had a full set of both driving
    and shooting controls.

    Interesting little piece of trivia, the extra thick zones are actually what
    is known as rib armor, essentially slats of thicker armor over the base
    armor. Because of how steeply angled the hull is, incoming fire would have
    to travel through them almost like spaced armor.

  12. Fuel tanks on the side. That was one of the big things about this line of
    tanks, they used their fuel tanks as armor. That’s why it’s a no dmg zone.

    At least that’s my guess.

  13. I still don’t understand how comes that Foch is not way over 200k
    subscribers by now. This channel is hilarious. I mean, you come here to
    rest from Jingles´ salt mines and arrive to even more salt. Oh, Foch,
    please never EVER change, this is so refreshing after all the political
    correctness spreading all around Europe like plague =).

  14. gentleman not mentlegen

  15. i alos have this td if you want to try out that stuff i am happy to help
    you out

  16. Today’s review brought to you by the words “Wank”, “Wanking”, and “Wanker”.

    Don’t ever change Foch.

  17. Still no Acewanker on BC 155 55 arty. .__. Ok im ready to get punished like
    a scumbag. :(

  18. Only once

  19. A first class is fck ok

  20. 0.3 accuracy that still gets fucked over? sounds a lot like a german t10

  21. *These look like weakspots. But… once again: Wargaming. Little indi
    company – they did not have enough money to actually modell in these.*

  22. Crew in this shit would have constant motion sickness due to all this
    wanking forwards and backwards

  23. You should do an AMX 50B HD review, maybe AMX 50 120 or 50 100

  24. we enjoy your bitching foch 😀
    Keep em up !

  25. What does he have against russians XD

  26. Foch’s way of explaining things is fucking brilliant

  27. HAHA, i liked all the wanker talk XD

  28. “Hello ladies and mentgelman

  29. “Can’t nerf Russia.” Pretty much World of tanks in a nutshell.

  30. Spooky “Bones” Skeleton

    This game is fucking garbage and it only gets worse. Why do you play it

  31. No shit-talk all balls

  32. Foch – Always awesome, honest & informative and not bias = )

  33. QB will tell you “you HAVE TO SHOOT HE ON THIS THING” Kappa

  34. “We spot a bunch of wankers in the forest” Fucking kek

  35. Lol when did Foch get the Batchat arty? 9:24

  36. T28 prot did zero damage, can’t say I am surprised

  37. not first!

  38. CantStumpTheTrump

    I just love how plain talking you are Foch :D

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