STRV-103 IS THE BEST tAnK DeStRoYeR EvEr :) (War Thunder )

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Source: PhlyDaily

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-103 IS THE BEST tAnK DeStRoYeR EvEr 🙂 (War Thunder )


  1. Best Tank Destroyer

  2. It’s dual GPMGs, not LMGs…

  3. 5:24 O_O you said WHAT phly? xD

  4. According to Gaijin, it will survive with only one crew member still alive.

  5. Flat is justice

  6. I never seen you so happy lol

  7. This thing versing 6.3 is just sad. With better/smoother hull traversing I think this thing can move up.

  8. Test drove it. Despised it.

  9. does he not notice Gaijin removed the spawl shield in the merge to main?

  10. I didn’t get the phly decal even though I used phlys link to buy golden eagles 🙁

  11. I find this thing super easy to come against (in the centurion mk10 and even mk3) I just aim lower hull and ammo rack it and sometimes even pend it front on up top

  12. this thing performs like that in real life ???

  13. I need fucking maus back??

  14. Flotter Austrotter Otter

    That m26 in the last round was such an idiot

  15. I agree aiming this thing in war thunder is horribly. We have this thing in world of tanks as well and it works really well in there in terms of aiming. Tbh its op as fuck

  16. Centurion mk 10 and Vickers MBT are 7.3 and have 303mm penetration with APDS. So get Phacted checked.

    (Edit: The Conquerer Mk 2 also has more penetration)

  17. With the lack of an ability to aim quickly since it has a fixed gun (and with how choppy the system is at the moment) I do believe this thing needs to be able to bounce shots to be effective in it’s environment… Because more often than not, the enemy will get an accurate shot first.

  18. every game i play i feel like the sun is in my face too, i relate so much to that :))

  19. Is no one gonna talk about the fact that this thing can be played with only one crew member alive?

  20. 7:35 – i dont play ULQ (in fact i play on maximum except -> ), but Particle Density should be lowered to minimal by every player, because on certain maps like Sinai its just neckbreaking.

  21. Hey Phyl idk if your gonna see this but I’m wondering how do you display your ammunition count and engine temp and all of that stuff when your flying. I can’t seem to find it on the settings yet I see you have it in your videos. Also I love you content its whole some and funny and you really got me into war thunder and for me to enjoy it. I started off playing the game not ready liking it because of all the bs that happens in the tank battles and how shots apparently don’t penetrate. But when I see your videos I always enjoy you playing this game.

  22. 4:10 paket datang

  23. Phly please like this post, watching this video drunk at 2am

  24. lts your friendly neighborhood gamer

    That scream when the bomb dropped was funny af

  25. Great vid I love the a-10 braaa braaaaa

  26. It is a very sophisticated mbt but the swedes who created it realy saw it as an mbt that’s no joke or anything for them it was a normal tank

  27. Is it bad i mainly watch @phlydaily’s videos just to fall asleep at night

  28. Phly can you please try the Russian T26E with added armour on it BR 1.3? Attempt number 16
    PS: because the strv on real life can be operated by only one person does that work on war thunder too or when you reach one crew member you get knock out?

  29. I wish I had a pc so I can actually play the game and get over 30fps that console offers

  30. That tank should be at 7.7 imo so its armor still counters many tanks but not nearly every single one.

  31. S tanks are so sexy

  32. Tank destroyer?!!!!! It’s a Tank!!!!!

  33. “What I I do this… no one will be able to penetrate me” my wife walks past gives, me a weird look laughing…..

  34. STRV in WoT:
    One of the most accurate TDs in game, and smooth aiming
    STRV in WT:
    Damn what a lag ?

  35. The s tank should be the smoothest gunsystem around bur warthunder screwed up thats why aiming is cancerous right now

  36. 4:10

  37. RIP swedish tree if they dont make hull aiming more realistic. if i would have bought this tank without checking the hull aiming id rightfully feel scammed af

  38. The s tank is op af my British railgun cant pen it

  39. The tank is a turret

  40. Dont realy agree that it is realy powerfull, wery survivable yes. That does not make it powerfull. The aiming is just nope….

  41. By the final production model i bet itll be smoother

  42. Phlyman, you really need to get into watching the Inside the Chieftain’s Hatch videos and the Military History Visualized videos. Chieftain has a great vid with a tour and history of this tank.

  43. phly please Keep the scream when the bomb landed next to you.. Like a clip of it lmao.. that shit was so funny..

  44. Wait , what the Tiger 2 BR again ?
    … ? , Oh wait a min I quit playing the German tech

  45. Bushes on this would be disgustingly scary

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