Strv 103B Review/Guide, Covering Weak Flanks For the Win

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Source: Taugrim

I review the Strv 103B, a tier 10 Swedish tank destroyer in World of Tanks (), with a replay of a Live Oaks battle.

The last time I covered the Swedish TD line was back in Episode #45 when I reviewed the tier 9 Strv 103-0, and I talked a lot about brawling.

In this episode, I show how to leverage the incredible vision and DPM of the Strv 103B to save two failing flanks – first along railroad (0 lane) and then later covering the exit from city (A lane).

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Superb frontal protection against AP shells of 120mm caliber or less
+ Superb max gun depression (-11)
+ Superb accuracy in siege mode (0.25)
+ Superb silver shell velocity (1500 m/s)
+ Superb reverse speed (45 kph)
+ Superb DPM
+ Excellent silver penetration (308mm)
+ Excellent forward speed (50 kph)
+ Excellent camouflage
+ Only frontal weak spot against AP is small cupola
+ Very low chance of fire (10%)
– Transitioning between Siege and Travel modes leaves the TD temporarily unable to take action
– Unable to aim gun when tracked
– Very low HP (1800)
– Side hull armor is very thin (30mm) and easily overmatched
– Vulnerable to shells due to thin armor (40/30/30)
– Highly-sloped but thin frontal armor vulnerable to HEAT, as HEAT won't ricochet unless the impact angle exceeds 85 degrees
– Low caliber (105mm) gun for a TD, limits overmatch
– Lack of a turret hampers fighting around buildings and rocks

Recommended Equipment
1. Binocs
2. Rammer
3. Vents

I talk through how I'm reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. First 😛 but please do more medium and light tanks as those have the highest skillcap in my opinion. Strv isnt the scrubiest tank and it definitely needs skill to play, but lights definitely need more

  2. Because many of you will ask the question without reading the video description, here’s the equipment I recommend:
    1. Binocs
    2. Rammer
    3. Vents

    So Unicums prefer Camo Net over Vents for maximize ninja’ing, although I find the Camo is so good that I’d rather have the overall benefits from Vents, especially given that you have to brawl at times in this tank, and in those situations Camo Net is useless.

    Also, I’m very psyched to share with y’all that I’ve reached Super Unicum on my original account with 100% silver ammo in Random Battles 🙂

    • Binocs for sniping TDs, yes.

      Binocs for brawling TDs, not so much since you have to move up and get close anyway.

      Binocs for light tanks between tiers 6-10, no no no no no. Use Optics, it’s always on, whereas Binocs require you to be stationary for several seconds. The typical trifecta is Optics/VStab/Rammer for single-shot lights, or Optics/VStab/Vents for lights with autoloaders. Anyone telling you otherwise is recommending a sub-optimal setup.

    • Congrats!

    • a salute to your achievement sir….and a big thanks for your work in bringing us this vlog. being a horrid player who just can’t seem to get any better i still watch in awe..

    • Sadly I had to use gold recently due to fighting stupidly armored tanks with a low pen gun

    • Congratulations! That is amazing. Definitely the best WOT player out there

  3. F***ing Gold noob only shooting Premium ammo


  4. Congrats on reaching your goal 😀

  5. Congrats on the silver ammo super unicum 🙂

    Helpful video as I recently got the ikv 90b, getting closer to the UDES. I assume it plays pretty similar to the 103B?

    • I hated the UDES. It has ninja camo, but the armor is 20/20/20 so any gun over 60mm in caliber (which is basically everything) will overmatch your armor. So the UDES can’t brawl effectively.

      Whereas the Strv 103-0 and Strv 103B both have 40/30/30, and that 40mm of frontal armor with the sharp angling make it an autobounce against AP/APCR for guns of 120mm or lower caliber, so you can brawl with the tier 9 Swedish TDs. It is worth nothing that the cupola is pennable, but it’s a small target.

  6. Nice, congratulations

  7. Yay, I bought mine about 3 weeks ago, and I’m loving it ?

  8. Congratulations!

  9. Congrats on reaching super unicum m8, it’s a real *super* achievement!

  10. Oh thank you so much…I was the one to do this bc I’m grinding the line thanks

  11. Just in Time – unlocked and buyed this Tank today.

  12. Well done on achieving your goal. Love all your content.

  13. ” invited to Frontline platoon ” … when was this recorded? :O

  14. Not cheating? LIES! Uniscum cheat skill hacks! You were in relic, I saw you type in /enable Relhax.

    Awesome video like usual Taug. Keep them coming! Everytime I see a video of yours uploaded I am like a kid on Christmas morning, I get all giddy!

  15. I haven’t played either German TD line.

    I’ve considered going up the paper line, as the Rhm looks like fun, but I prioritized the Swedish TD line over it.

    I’m not really a big TD player, as their playstyle tends to be much more narrow compared to lights and mediums.

  16. Congratulations.
    Your videos have been such a great help.

  17. Great video keep it up mate

  18. 2.9k wn8 POGGERS. GJ, only using normal ammo.
    I have one question, when u are playing cw’s, are u using gold or not?

  19. Congrats dude. When I started playing on console I found your guides super helpful. Although console and pc are very different games now I can still pick up a lot of good tips from you. Thanks sid

  20. Congrats on super uni, always refer your vids to people willing to learn and not just thinking the game is full of hackers and cheats.

  21. Luís Augusto Panadés

    This is not a turretless tank destroyer in the sense that it does not lose its cammo

    • That is true, it’s unique that way. Part of the thing is that technically the hull has to rotate for the gun to aim – there is no arc of movement without moving the hull.

  22. Today’s message was one of the best you’ve done….thank you.

  23. You’re the devil, i’ve learned so much on your vids, i stopped the game and now you’re motivating me to give it another (well… at least the 5th one) chance

  24. I thought I remember when the 103b wasn’t in the game yet the purpose of the grilles in front of the tank were to block heat shells. Guess they must have removed it because then Russian Meds would have trouble against something, or it was just a rumor.

    • The grill in the front doesn’t block the entire hull.

      I haven’t heard of it being removed, but I’ve been pen’d by HEAT plenty of times.

  25. Lemmingrush will be mad of your comment on lemmings xD

  26. Thanks for another great vid Taugrim! Do you think you could still do a video on the RHM Panzerwagen? I have the RU 251, and I want to know how the play the RHM when I get it. Thanks!

  27. Congrats on super unicum! I pretty much refuse to use gold ammo, and it can get frustrating as I move to the higher tiers, but your videos definitely give me the inspiration I need to keep going and learn how to play smarter so that I can still do well with just regular shells.

  28. I got kicked out due to insufficient CW participation.

    It’s fine, I told the Commander prior to joining YOUJO that I would likely not be able to participate in CW / premades on a regular basis, and I was right.

  29. Congrats. Super uni with silver ammo only (and not by seal clubbing with OP tier 4s). That’s awesome. Meanwhile I’m struggling to break 2000 recents using whatever ammo it takes. lol

  30. Super Unicum status was never in doubt for you but with without using gold ammo was a fantastic achievement. Great tutorial thank you.

  31. Well done on you super unicum keep up the vids.

  32. Taugrim good to know, I was invited to that clan but have a tight schedule, sad to see an opportunity to join a top clan go away 🙁

  33. Bravo Super U!! lol. I really enjoy your tips and strategies. You and Lemming are like the advanced courses in WoT. QB covers the basics.

  34. How come you don’t zoom in more (with extended zoom option)? Seems like a lot of shots were missed because of this… Not doubting your skills.

    • I haven’t tried using it. I find the standard zoom is usable, but I may try the extended zoom option. Thanks for suggesting it.

    • It is incredible! Life changing even. It probably won’t do a lot for you but I enjoy the game much more with it.

      You lose a bit of situational awareness naturally but it helps with pinpointing shots on cupolas 😀

  35. Congrats taugrim and thank you for all the contents!
    there’s a French twitch streamer ZeFeKa who uses only silver ammos as well. You two are so inspiring.

  36. You cant be a good player in Wot if somebody hasn’t raged and sent hackusations after battle at least once a month or more.

  37. Do the 5a fam it just came out on xbox

  38. Grats on hitting 2900+ Taugrim on silver ammo and random matches! Thanks for your videos! Always awesome!

  39. ‘gardening” lol

  40. LOL i know trojanmann i used to be in that clan

  41. Hi.why u made pool than if u did not one to review that rhmpzw. At all????

  42. I really wanna see you do “bad” tanks like the Type 61, STB, Etc.

  43. I am new on this channel. Great work with that vids and strategies. I used to be SU but lost about 100-200 WN8 because of a long break I had (like 1,5 a year). Now I am trying to rebuild it by watching your vids – there is so many new tanks and maps that I don’t know yet. Your replays teach me how to position in order to farm some damage. Keep the good work :).

  44. Congratulations on reaching super unicum. I’m very impressed that you found a way to get a legitimate “First Shot Advantage” moment in a tank in which having the FSA is pretty much a given. 🙂

  45. Good on you for that achievement. It won’t be long before wg comes knocking with some form of sponsorship.
    I don’t even know how long I’ve been watching your vids.. I feel I subbed around the 20th mark.

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