Strv 103B review! Is it worth the grind?

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Source: TheFochYou

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  1. Hey Foch, do you mind sharing what software you use for youtube replays and
    twitch steaming

  2. You should carry some premium ammo in your t10 tds. It will boost your wn8.
    The base pen on the strv103b is pretty lackluster, less than the t-54’s
    heat shells.

  3. I Climb Everything

    0.27 accuracy for Leo 1 or 30 B would be nice. Fuck E50M.

  4. I don’t care what anyone says, but in a 1 vs enemy team situations, 263 is
    so much better. Also, people complain that they don’t bounce but don’t
    realize that it still has 260 mm effective armor in the mantlet, so the RNG
    is on your side when it comes to mediums and heavies. Not to mention that
    it has 3rd best camo in TD (I think) as well as bouncing anything 300+
    meter range.

  5. Going by info of the the test-server changes, and assuming there were no
    further adjustments between last server test and live server, the reload is
    the same in siege and travel mode, and gun accuracy is 0.25.

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  7. so basically this tank is like a tier 10 e25

  8. It really does not fit your style Foch. I can’t say I enjoyed this replay
    as much as I enjoy your other replays, but it is very well informative as
    is the rest of your videos. I’m definitely not gonna grind this line till I
    finish the HT line.

  9. how did you get 160 million credits?

  10. jesus christ that E100 teammate is such a fucking useless cunt.

  11. Νικος Χριστινιδης

    excellent review.

  12. are Swede TDs all trash on urban maps?

  13. No Tank Sniper?

  14. If I try to make the same play on lakeville in a light tank I get spotted
    everytime and I cry everytime.

  15. nice rewiev

  16. As far as I knew and tested, shows you the live armor model based
    on the tanks you have selected to compare it with (button on the top-left
    of 3d model page), their gun, the ammo type you select and it’s pen. If you
    add a tank with a high-caliber gun, like the FV 183, it will show you
    pretty much a full light-blue model => auto-pen everywhere.
    If you select nothing, I believe it’s compared against it’s own gun (in
    this case the Strv 103-B’s 105mm gun) and it’s standard ammo.

  17. will you start doing reviews for kranvagn line now?

  18. i love you man

  19. These things are really effective against any tank that isn’t Russian 122+
    armed or German 12,8, which is actually quite a lot of tanks (US only get

    I’m glad they added the cupola weakspot on it otherwise this thing would be
    completely imbalanced in most engagements. Not calling it OP because a
    static gun TD can never be OP in the current game meta.

    Nice review Foch!

  20. Apart from this tank, feel same way about the grille gun, the accuracy on
    that tank too feels really good.

  21. You talk to much shit about arty tho tbh

  22. honestly that cammo and gun handling on siege mode makes that td
    overpowered in my opinion, i dont feel the normal drawbacks of a cammo td,
    that normally dont have armor or mobility, that td have excellent cammo and
    excellent mobility, and excellent gun handling too when on siege mode, and
    siege mode changes dont take so much time to change its just a second.
    The armor is trollish, sir foch is right its not great armor, but anything
    that shoots you less than 121mm in medium, long distances will bounce a
    In conclusion i dont feel the siege mode an huge drawback i terms of
    flexibility and mobility, its a very powerfull td because of the cammo, and
    their exagerated DPM

  23. true, I have the tier 8 and I cannot help my team so much except snipe. if
    enemy is dominating it is useless, if youre flanked by lights and meds,
    it’s useless. but it is really good in wide open map.

  24. I’ve bounced loads more in my tier 10 than tier 9, that’s one of the
    benefits of getting the tier 10. The 263 is such a shitty td, I can’t
    remember ever not penning one.

  25. 122mm from tier 7s go through this thing like cheese with overmatch. Only
    the 60mm little bar saves you. You have to fight the 105 meds. You’re
    fucked if you see a 121

  26. Loving the E100 on your team. E100=Best sniper WoT!

  27. Since the Soviets had goat fucking cabbage farmers from the Ural Mountains
    for tank gunners and their barrels were machined by near sighted 70-year
    old guys suffering from Alzheimer’s because all the young guys and gals got
    conscripted, War Gayming believes that *everyone had* to have such shyte
    accuracy as the Commies. So 25% RNG for all…

  28. Strv 103B It’s good until WoT the decision destroyed him,like all destroyed
    TD RIP WOT …

  29. The tier 6 and 10 are the pretty ok tanks in this line.

  30. Gateway tank for arty playing faggots trying to get into the real game.

  31. Say what you want about the 103 tanks, but I think they are the coolest
    looking tanks in the game.:) Can’t wait to get my 103B and is currently
    grinding the 103-0 which I somehow do worse in than the UDES…huh?!

  32. Nice video. keep them up

  33. So it’s kinda shit, then.

  34. “reiview”

  35. Live on twitch ey, nice one

  36. Yet the kv-2 hits all the shots

  37. Nr 14 Ohhjeah baby

  38. First to say first

  39. alredy can tell from.the thumbnail
    fuck no cit

  40. “52 seconds ago” Holly shit

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