^^| STRV 74 – GOD TIER TANK – Swedish Tier 6

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Source: SirCircon


  1. what a work out this must be

  2. I was not intending to play any of the mediums since I want the heavies,
    but I lacked the free xp to get to the Emil I, so I landed on the Leo. The
    struggle is real… that 105mm gun is trash. Any tips there? Maybe once I
    get the Emil I will move the Leo crew back and buy this tank.

  3. Can you post a link to that “Text book” So I can read it? ;)

  4. That gun depression lol… Not only is the gun handling good, this thing
    can shoot its own toes…

  5. Well, cool Circon ! ! I liked to see the branch of swedish tanks performing
    by you so far !
    And appreciate the hard quite working you must have done ! Cool !!

  6. This thing looks pretty decent!!

  7. not played WoTs in a few months but i gotta give the buffed Lowe a try so
    fingers crossed

  8. nice fight !

  9. ffs SirCircon makes it look do easy

  10. imo the best tier for both lines is tier 7.

    The Leo feels amazing, great mobility with a more than great gun and good
    enough armor. And TD, idk, on paper its not better than the other TDs but
    in practice it feels extremely accurate, the shells are so fast and the pen
    is so high, this tank is what a TD/Sniper should be like.

  11. The gun is insane for a tier 6

  12. Great gun and very good gun depression plus mobility? T6 strongholds will
    love this beast.

  13. lol saw this one live

  14. Do I go hill or nutz :^)

  15. This tank’s DPM is kinda shit, and the mobility is shit, but the gun
    handling is excellent for a tier 6 med. On flat ground it’s decent enough
    purely because of the gun handling, but on a map with lots of hills and
    opportunities to use your 15 degrees depression is becomes god tier.

  16. That crew though man. :)

  17. Nothing OP at all about this tank, except the player.

  18. The Sanity Assassin

    “Well thats pretty much a textbook game if I ever saw one.” Circon 2016

  19. yeah, so that’s me doing both lines then rather than just the TDs

  20. Need to get myself all patched up so I can start playing these new tonks.
    Really love the look of the TD’s but unsure how viable they will REALLY be
    especially at higher tier. These mediums and the later heavies look awesome
    though. GG as always Circon.

  21. Circon care about new swedish tanks while QB making T-44-100 videos
    promoting WG sale

  22. Textbook play = EZ boys =)

  23. When I saw the swedish tanks in game, I immediately bought gold just to get
    this beast of a t6. Shame the reload is quite bad, at least in comparison
    to the cromwell, but those 15 degrees of gun dep make up for it

  24. I watched you for hours play this on stream, you had a load of sh*t teams,
    as I always do at tier 6. I went for td line cos frozen shoulder means my
    movement restricted (very). Tier 6 td great, I have 18 games and 77% wr. I
    outscore tier 8’s and chew up Lowe’s. I’m expecting a nerf real soon :(

  25. That thing is better at firing on the move then some tier 10 meds

  26. God I want this tank now

  27. lol @ end of battle results. 3.3k dmg.

    Next highest on team is 772. :P

  28. Looks like it plays like the Vk30002M might have to get it then. Also i
    think the broken engine sound is loud and annoying to be a “audio cue” to
    tell noobs there engine is broken maybe.

  29. Seems very accurate but a bit slow, I’ll probably like it.

  30. And SEA can play this tank…..2 days after the patch went live on the EU

  31. great game circon, congrats

  32. do you live in the server sir?…what a ping…

  33. WG again top notch with their understanding of “Ammo Capacity”

  34. watched it live, and now i’m watching it again, feelsgoodman

  35. William Taylor Payne

    It’s great how people thought it would suck and now it’s a great tank

  36. I luv the strv 74— so broken

  37. I totally agree about the Engine sound! Its awful!

  38. don’t complain about the broken engine sounds It’s just wargaming making
    their product more realistic kappa

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