^^| STRV-74 Learning from mistakes. (World of Tanks Gameplay.)

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  1. Awesome video! Would love to see more educational videos like it

  2. Shit game, you lose it :O lol

  3. I love this tank but can’t stand these fucking bot tiers. 3k wn8 and 44%
    wr, 10k left to Leo. Uh.

  4. Circon, I have one I would like you to see if you could explain how I could
    do better.
    It’s a 7.2k game in the UDES but I still screwed it up (mainly because I am
    a terrible player), You’ll see what I mean.

  5. It’s call fighting withdrawal

  6. Thanks for uploading your “bad” game- was helpful. Didn’t get the Swedish
    female gunner at Holiday Ops- so still unsure if I want to go the MT/HT
    line :-/

  7. Love the tank, but give me 10 more shells just 10 more and I’d be happy.

  8. Why do people keep comparing this to the Cromwell? It’s more similar to the
    VK 30.01 D!

  9. ラー油美味しいチャーシューめん

    Or defense in depth…

  10. Great vid, verry useful for someone who hasn’t played much in ages. Keep up
    the good work!

  11. Circon! Thanks so much for this type of video. I really appreciate you
    providing an explanation of your thoughts and tactics, as well as showing
    that you are in fact human 🙂 Your narrative is really good and most
    definitely educational. Please keep putting these up.

  12. Good to see a real game for once. Like the raw honesty.

  13. I loved this tank to. But even with a full female crew the DPM vs other
    tier 6 mediums is lacking. So it did not take many games before I figured
    out that the key is distance and avoiding open ground like the plague. Heck
    even tier 5 premiums like the Ram II will out dpm you in a one on one in
    the open due to their larger HP. As long as you keep your distance vs most
    targets. This tank is gold.


  15. And there I was getting 1st class for 1350 base xp in this machine… Nice
    M though Im a bit salty .)

  16. If you play the VK 30.01D, you’ll realise that the gun on the Cromwell is
    kind of bad, it has marginally higher DPM but is worse in all other areas
    except damage. And the shell velocity on its AP alone is good-I found it
    good for hitting moving Cromwells in SH, especially with APCR loaded.

  17. I have 2 replays I’d like to show you Circon! One in the T26E5 on himmels:
    And another on Swamp in the Panzer. 58 which was an EXTREMELY close game!

  18. Good video. Too many videos seem to be of wins via domination. I’d like to
    see more about losing gracefully, map strategy in retreat, how to utilize
    the benefits of a particular tank in this type of situation, playing tier 5
    and 6 tanks, etc. What’s even better is realizing many random battles will
    have some weak players, maybe some AFK players, players that are not taking
    it seriously, etc. I like it when guys don’t make a big deal out of players
    that aren’t helping. Save the criticism and analysis for clan battles. The
    magic of random battles is that it really is a roll of the dice. I admire
    players who don’t complain and do the best they can regardless of the

  19. WTF have you done!!! Do I see a Norway flag where the Swedish one
    was!?……..You have destroyed the tank!

  20. The only problem I have when playing the Strv 74 is arty. It’s quite an
    easy target due to the thin armor and low mobility. It’s mainly a support
    tank and it’s great at it. Something that I have to remind myself from time
    to time that it’s not a Cromwell. For the replay I guess I’ll share one.
    Lowe on Malinovka, hill fight with 3 arties. Enemy Hummel decides to fire
    HEAT the whole match. Didn’t work out well for him. There are glaring
    mistakes in my play there that can be pointed out.

  21. He who doesnt dare, doesnt win…

    So I’ll just post my wz-131 replay here 😛 (It’s a replay about how rng can
    fuck your game up ( and I’m not kidding)

  22. Why is this not in 1080? :O
    Love your commentary videos btw!

  23. do you have any ideas about crew skills ??

  24. You art sircon dude is your kind of humor dying? lol im still sub :)

  25. mistakes :o

  26. Layered retreat is a perfect description. I need to work on that when I’m
    on a failing flank.

  27. Why didn’t you kill the Ikv 103 from the bush @08:15 ? (H1/H2) Just

  28. more of this!!

  29. That’s not 720

  30. how did u get ace tanker, i had like 1250 xp(basic), 2.5k dmg and spotted
    1k, still dont get it, with same tank :/

  31. Thank you man, it´s great to learn from others mistakes ;)

  32. Love the Strv 74 as well, even the stock tank has nice gun handling

  33. Keep the good work Circon. One of the best tankers I’ve ever seen :)

  34. Just love the tank, in alot ways the tank is better than the cromwell. Dont
    know what is better: cromwell is better for SH tho.

  35. Circon, you are awesome! Not only are you an excellent player, you’re
    fucking hilarious and very informative in videos like this. Love all your
    vids man, shame I can’t make it to the streams most of the time :(

  36. nice vid appreiciate it

  37. Thanks for a very informative and for me educational video!

  38. 11:34 Thanks for trolling my ass :/

  39. Load the Skill rounds

    Nice vid!

  40. The education streamcasts are my favorite on your channel!

    Why didn’t you go for the Ikv at the end? If you got the counter down, the
    defender medal – does it not give a lot of xp?

  41. “I don’t win all of my games. Here, it’s my latest game I’ve lost … from

  42. Wait Dicker doesn’t lose camo while shooting? First I hear of that

  43. A good E-25 game, totally balanced tank da. Cyka blyat rush B

  44. Great game by a great player. Just lay off the coffee and monster
    cocktails…. you talk so fast that your rapid camera changes are having a
    hard time keeping up.

  45. Circon is the Kranvagn better than the AMX50B for you?

  46. lmfao, how did you miss the Toaster Haus?

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