STRV K – Tank Review – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks is releasing the first Tier 9 premium tank, the STRV K, a Swedish medium powered by Sabaton – here’s all you need to know!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. It’s like old premium tanks like T34.

  2. Cent 7/1 was buffed a while ago in terms of max speed, Before buffing that snail of a tank was barely going 40kph, like this one now….

  3. This will sell really well, not. What a joke tank.

  4. only 75€ 😀

  5. Alexander Superapple

    A long long time ago tier 8 premiums were all underpowered. To make money the Magic Fairy had to make them more and more powerful until shit hit the fan. Thus the fairy moved to tier 9 to start again and make loads and loads of money.

  6. Cash cow… Guess what’s gonna be in loot boxes at Xmas …tier 9 prems… Wait and see

  7. Wargammings art department has always carried them. WoWS and WoT are beautiful looking games.

  8. QB, I enjoy your videos and the way you show the world of tanks atmosphere as it is…. But I feel like in this case you give the impression that it’s a bad thing that WG didn’t make the tier 9 premium better… And I don’t think that’s the right tone for this situation.
    If you said previous that you don’t know where this new tier 9 premiums will go forward then you should have mentioned that this is the only way to do it… The tier 9 prems should not be better than the tech tree ones

  9. When I saw the stats on this I was thinking this is just a tier 8… and it is. It would work well at tier 8 because that’s what it is.

  10. I want it, because it is from sabaton.

  11. in other words, the tank sucks, it’s not worth wasting so much time on a shit.

  12. This is good,the premium is worse than tech tree

  13. They shoulda made the primo Victoria a tier 9 as the one in the actual music video was a centurion with a 105

  14. Wait a minute… KRV hull holds 1 man, and Centurion turret holds 3 men, that’s a total of 4 crew members…
    Where is the fifth guy sitting? On the engine deck?

  15. Why isn’t WG selling upgrades for tech tree tanks that increase the credits gain to that of a premium tank. Drive your favourite tank and earn shit tons of credits with it.

  16. I will get this tank because it is what a premium should be. worse than the tech tree counterparts.

  17. Great video. I suppose it was going to happen at some point, tier 8 can only have so many tanks! Upside is that it buffs tier 6 as most of the top players will move to tier 9 for their credit grinds. Downside is it does nerf the value of all tier 8 premiums. I’m abstaining from the current marathon as I don’t like the vehicle stats but will pursue future ones more to my play style (fast damage dealing tanks with low armor). The bond value is huge, probably the greatest value to the tank next to the +1MM values.

  18. The Zesty Lime098

    I havent played world of tanks since they completely decimated the console version and made it horrible.
    but it speaks to the powercreap in the game where this tank is considered bad. imagine the poor fucking e75 nowadays.

  19. Thanks QB you just saved me 40+ quid as I would have probably reached 3-4 by the end of the 10 days so this tanks stats are just not worth it especially with the lack of teamwork i have seen lately.

  20. So the tank is indeed mediocre at best.
    GOOD! put it in THIS way and then those who want to have a special tank can have one, but it won’t overpower the battlefield.
    That, I have no issues with. I do have issue with the likes of Skorp/Defender/Borat/Spaghetto which are just plain OP cashgrabs.

  21. maybe we should not complain how bad the tanks are they add or else they will start adding OP tier 9 premium and everyone will start complaining that is to Overpowered never ending cycle

  22. Shit tank lol, oll laugh at people buying this.

  23. basically, the tank is garbage because today every 1 shoots gold…but it’s ok because its the only T9 premium tank in the game ATM 😀

  24. Does this mean you can earn bonds in Frontline, plus it feels like it will do really well in Frontline

  25. I’m glad they put the tank in in such a poor state. Hopefully it’s bad enough that barely anyone will want to get it, and it makes them think twice about T9 premiums.

  26. When QB bangs on about not fit for purpose the tank is either bad or he’s been binging Jonathan Pie videos.

  27. Yeah I’m skipping this tank…..

  28. I’m getting real sick of the Sabaton s$hit

  29. They literally grabbed the worst hull and the worst turret they could…

  30. This bodes poorly for the future.

  31. They made the first t9 prem tank pretty bad in order to have an excuse to do so!

  32. Put a like if you wanna see QB transitioning to other games.

  33. It’s Sabaton tank, idc =P

  34. Why do some comments in this video were already liked by me even though i’ve never watched it before?

  35. I want to like it … but it’s just a bit poop … a lot

  36. I wont buy any t9 as wargaming only care for t6-8-10, thats just another joke to spend money, as they got no idea for improving the mm and the game they can just makes new premium tanks in tiers that serve to nothing.

  37. 19 batles and 2 wins…. RNG make difference even more than usually….

  38. Quickybaby: WG needs to stop adding op premium tanks
    Also Quickybaby: This new premium i shiiiiiit

  39. The tank is garbage always going to be being the 1st t9 prem in a couple of years the new t9 prems will be great

  40. QB, u aree in this game from the begining, how was first tier 8 premium compare to tier 8 tech tree tanks? After 10 years we have is3 compare with defender, i think this is only the first tier 9 tank and WG dont want to scare players for the first time. Days are grey for wot, bring more tier 9 premium better from tank to tank. I start to search alternative game.

  41. Every time you read a comment saying this is it and WoT is now dying or dead you have to take a shot.

  42. The power creep of tier 9 gotta start somewhere…

  43. Just put the Centurion 7 stats next to this and you won´t even bother to get this.

  44. There’s no point in even hoping the game will be fair anymore.
    Tier IX Premiums will become more common and people will get fed up of this game.
    All they’d need to do is provide a classic option. Like RuneScape or WoW does.

  45. So what you’re saying is we want “the other half of this tank” ie the Kranvagn turret on the Centurion hull… ie this tank isn’t OP enough to be a QB fav…

  46. Community: “Wargaming, please stop pushing out all those tier 8 premiums! We have enough of those!”
    Wargaming: “Roger that! Here you go!” *tier 9 moneygrabbing intensifies
    Community: -.-

  47. $91.00 lol suckers from wg

  48. i get 96.000 credits with my scorpion

  49. Can’t wait for people to buy this tank so I can destroy their jewelry :)))

  50. Well done WG. Once again you highlight your ineptitude balancing skills.

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