^^| STRV M/38 Swedish Tier 2

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Source: SirCircon


  1. “Better than IS-6 Black confirmed!” ~ SirCircon, 2016

  2. Scout the whole enemy team !? How’s that possible ? You got very buffed
    skills or wheat and why ??!!!

  3. Where’s the nice Province ????

  4. If you dont mind me asking, why did you turn off server reticle?

  5. Dont mind me im fine

    I got a kolobanovs in my 1st game: stock, with a 50% crew, and with 8 kills

  6. It’s like watching fox in a henhouse… rofl.. xP

  7. OP tank confirmed!!!!!

  8. Сергей Климчук


  9. Circ had mad live stream yesterday! so many aces in tier 2-7 swedish tanks,
    including 2 Fadin
    medals. His wn8 was probably sky high :)

  10. Unfair plane!

  11. poor baby seals

  12. The Sanity Assassin

    “Rip all the puppies” Circon 2016

  13. Playing 9.17 yesterday, just a few hours after patch update, was absolutely
    hilarious at tier 1 – 3. Swedish tanks everywhere and almost nothing else.

  14. I love this maggle !

  15. How did he already have sixth sense?!?!

  16. Nice Meme!

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