^^| Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2 First Look Replay Cast

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  1. where the grille, zarya?

  2. Team chat gone? Is not bug. Is feature!

  3. Patrick “Kryptic775” Krypt

    Circon needs to name this tank:)

  4. How did you get your crew skills so quick?

  5. The Sanity Assassin

    “It was a bit of a stomp, but at least you get a feel for it.” Circon 2016

  6. Malicious Activity

    Hi guys, I’ve just started my own World of Tanks (and many other games, see
    my channel trailer) channel and I was wondering if you had any tips for me?
    What do the masses want to see etc?

  7. First session Ace tanker. Just Circon things!

  8. The Scorpion's Den

    Looks like an interesting vehicle. I’m excited. Autoloaders naturally do
    more damage on average than regular tanks, so the profitability should
    remain consistently decent. Very cool to have the first autoloading Premium
    above Tier 3.

    Also looking fowards to those Swedish TD’s, I’m extremely excited about
    them. Should be fun stuff!

  9. I’d love to see a game with a “real” crew in it as it’s a new tank and new
    line no one will have a super crew like that available for some time.

  10. I am Swe and i am hyped for this update with my own countrys update

  11. 5th game in this tank and I get my first radley walters medal, soo yeah I
    like it :D

  12. How do you have a 3 skill crew in your first game, wut…

  13. Circon, is it as good as the Chi-Ri?

  14. How the hell do you already have a crew which has begun training their 3rd
    skill ?

  15. Kepler “Haloofnorway”


  16. I would actually like to see some of your bad games, Circon
    I think it would potentially be even more educations. And would finally
    allow me to feel a bit better than a complete noob.. :)

  17. All crewmembers are named Ek. Kek.

  18. Somewhere, snooze is masturbating ….. :D

  19. how to have two line vehicle slot?
    I have it but it’s minimised.. cant get normal one

  20. what is the food on the swedish tanks meatballs?

  21. nice aimbot

  22. almost as good as Chi-ri almost

  23. Just got my Radley-Walter’s with the strv-m42-57 on my 4th game.. I don’t
    think i’m going to beat that soon.

  24. This is pretty nutty.

  25. Gross Domestic Plums

    earliest I have ever caught Circon’s video

  26. Why you dont use the hitlog?

  27. Ahhhh! Fresh Swedish memes! Excellent!

  28. I leave wot after this patch ; / That hit indicator is really op.

  29. Selling memes on the internet for a living. Now that would be a life worth

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