^^| Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2 Stream Highlight

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Source: SirCircon


  1. The Sanity Assassin

    “This is a good tank, it isn’t great” Circon 2016

  2. Is this guns dispersion really so little you can fire most shots without
    fully aiming in?

  3. I use to watch these all the way through but ever since the chat change I’m
    so done with wot I can only muster enough to skip through till I find find
    the funny bit.

  4. Turn tank sideways then bush works

  5. Who’s Lisa?

  6. GOT HIM !

  7. Got my ace in this earlier this evening. 4022 damage with five kills
    (denied the top gun by RNG – left a target on 2% HP and another took the
    kill shot). Got High Calibur, Tank Sniper and Invader. Last tank was an ELC
    who I wouldn’t be able to chase down but he didn’t try to take me on for
    some reason. Was an awful team but managed just over 1500 base XP.

  8. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying this tank, it feels like it racks up damage
    quickly and is very capable to carry a teir 6 and 7 game if played
    conservatively exactly like every other autoloader.

  9. Does anyone else think it’s a bit like a Matilda with a French turret?

  10. When you think you’ve seen pretty much everything… if he got those kills
    from that position I’m very impressed.

  11. Pretty bad tank. Id rather save couple more Euros and buy a T-54 Prot,
    FV4202 etc.

  12. instead of “team” on Circ’s shoulders, put “Snooze”

  13. i want a mod that makes the crew voice sound like the Swedish chef from the

  14. this tank wont meet tier 8 ?

  15. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    8:15 That guy would have been on the other side of the road when you
    spotted him in 9.15 😀 #KempBush

  16. The only thing this tank dont have is Russian Bias RNG

    The gun ony the Rudy has the same pen, but oh boys,it is troll AF

  17. Circon stop playing with your food Kappa

  18. How wargaming is going to make millions:
    Rename KV-1S to KV-1S prototype or something like that
    Sell Prem KV-1S tier 6 with 122 gun

  19. EARLYYYYYY!!!!!! nice memes….

  20. well played Sir. Bring the emote snooze was talking about. So true


  22. Huiy circ nice vid yet again never fail to entertain me

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