^^| STRV M/42 Swedish Tier 5

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Source: SirCircon


  1. hey @SirCircon do you think this tank is any good? Wondering if I should
    free xp to the 74 instead.

  2. I’ve had that chat problem a lot. I just hit Esc twice and it fixed it for
    that game.

  3. Got to say probably in my top 3 for tier V tanks right now just due to the
    gun depression and the 150 alpha

  4. If I’m to grind the sweed line, which tier should I use to grind the crew
    skils? I’m planing to use same crew until tier 9 or 8 (im not going to keep
    the lower tier tanks)
    for an example, I used Hellcat to improve my crew who are currently in my

  5. Is it just me or is the shell velocity on that gun really bad…?

  6. Thanks for sharing the videos of the Swedish tanks so far, they look like
    fun. I will get started on the Swedish tanks as soon as I am done with the
    ARP ship collection in WoWs (tonight probably).

  7. could you imagine tortoise going 45 kph?

  8. The Sanity Assassin

    “This might be an ace…I dunno what tier V aces looks like anymore” Circon

  9. Thx for these vids. Lets me decide what tank in the line are worth grinding

  10. Chi-nu – evolved

  11. Why was chat not working?

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