STRV S1 review! Is it worth the gold?

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Source: TheFochYou

System specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. Lol great video

  2. I have to admit the naked t28 gave me a chub

  3. Quickybaby, Circon and Foch review the same tank on the sameday eh

  4. george spiliopoulos

    damn foch,the horrible t25 missions kept u awake ?

  5. Thanks for content foch 🙂

  6. Uploading earlier than usual because the NDA got lifted at midnight.

  7. what td is the aids td he mentions

  8. If only they had made these mediums instead of TDs the 103 could be like a tier 10 elc.

    And this one time in my conqueror I had to put three shots into an ISU-152 before he reloaded, but the conque has the hesh pen, so I switched to HE and did it in two and was able to beat his reload.

  9. More cats definitely needed in future videos.

  10. time to ace the aids03 as well

  11. World of Tanks: The Point and Click adventure by Telltale Games

  12. Wow more TDs with retarded pen but brb let me complain about tier 8 prems with sub 240 gold pen who shoot gold.

  13. I hate these tanks.

  14. Luiz Felipe Rodrigues

    How the fuck they still charging 50$ for pixel tanks! idiots keep buying at this prices

  15. Foch keeping tank destroyer gameplay real

  16. 4999 damage, and 49.99$ for the tank xD

  17. Best one yet……. Cool cat!

  18. Haha nice ? Tankporn ^^

  19. i like the pictures

  20. Ehhhhh nice video Foch. OMG this is actually funny as hell lol.

  21. Sounds like A bad day at the office…sorry you dislike it so much.

  22. Precambrian Rabbits

    Dawww what a silly cat

  23. For honest, morning coffee flied to my shirt when tank pron started

  24. Foch gone full stand up comedian 😀

  25. pretty balanced release actually, worse speed, camo and gun traverse than the tier 8 counter part, while it retain its DPM, and play style of the line. a good tank but not OP, much like the relationship between IS3 and IS3A

  26. People still buy premiums in this game? Lmao.

  27. Yeah man, HE appears to never work against skorpions, guess it’s the sick German angling. Great game mechanic. Shot same spot 2 times, get 200 dmg one time and 500 the other, because fuck you, that’s why

  28. Thanks SirF for your contribution here at your channel, without the “tank porn” this game would be indigestible.

  29. More pictures of cats please! ??

  30. I believe you actually topped your Ferdinand review here 🙂

  31. Šašo Počmáraný

    will this tank be for actual gold in tech tree???
    btw pretty fun commentary foch :ppp

  32. finally a new tank to play while touching my self! i got bored of arties!

  33. SirFoch, what do you think is the business plan here? I am no expert, but for me it seems they made quite a few pretty overpowered/unbalanced tanks, but now there is this mediocre TD. Who would buy this instead of the Defender or the Patriot? Even some of the other premium TDs look better, at least for me.

  34. Your videos are just getting better. lol

  35. I asked QB for tank porn and he banned me from the chat for life…and I would have been happy with that cat pic….go figure

  36. Wargaming should sell a second or third monitor in a bundle with this tank!
    (Well done Sir, one of your best reviews yet!)

  37. looks rather good, if we all played meds it would be a rather boring game, variety is the spice of life

  38. Always guaranteed a definitive “none shill for WG” review on this channel, if only other content providers did the same

  39. I love my Swedish TDs, but Foch makes me laugh every time he reviews one 😀

  40. Thanks. Signing off after 4 minutes. When even your replay/review is boring I can safely skip all of the others.

  41. Well this reminds me how to play Arty. Just sitting there and wait for something to happend

  42. “Haven’t touched the keyboard for a couple of minutes now”

    So basically like playing arty but in this vehicle you can’t shit on people from across the map and you need a direct line of sight?
    Riveting gameplay I tell you dear chap!

  43. not playing the game and staying subscribed is a win-win

  44. hilarious commentary today, SirForch you made my day! 🙂

  45. Welcome to the WOT minigame… Bushfap: Pixelhunt Edition.

  46. my lord this sarcasm is boss! Best S1 review! Keep it up foch!

  47. Best review ever

  48. Anyhow redline jerking gets rewarded huh? Ultimate red, orange, yellow tank lol

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