STRV S1 Review! (World of Tanks)

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  1. There is a lot of things i want to improve upon in this vid, but this is the direction i want to go to for real yt content along side the highlights. Hope you enjoy regardless. <3

  2. The mouse cursor would not escape my view for the entire video

  3. Here’s my two cents on this vehicle you get tier 10 pen with standard ammo nearly same orMore than e50m a med sniper, I believe if you like panther style gameplay of sniping then you’ll like the strvs1 otherwise you won’t

  4. Nice!

  5. Really nice video sir, it was unfortunate that you couldn’t stream today, but I don’t blame ya

  6. But Circon, dont you know? This is perfect for the window lickers to buy instead of grinding the actual tier 8 tank so they can XVM snipe purples like you all day from the back of the map =P Nice video all the same lol

  7. Nice review man, enjoyed watching it. I’m glad you didn’t go into all the statistics and stuff like that, just showing the gameplay and giving your opinion makes a refreshing change from how a lot of other youtubers do it

  8. #SirCircon WG changes maps to discourage camping then they bring out all these camping swedish tanks. On SEA server every fucken game now has 1/2 the team camping retarded TD’s that can’t use a W key ever. WG doesn’t know if its Arthur or Martha !

  9. Swedish TDs have way too much camo… The fact you need to be within 100 meters to spot one in a BatChat is just fucking dumb (assuming they know how to drive into a bush).

  10. Little constructive feedback, the cursor has had its few minutes of fame ?

  11. Another OP tank destroyer to turn the game into a total camp session. Power creep and pay to win. Wargaming fail.

  12. It’s hilarious the people who call this tinfoil doorstop OP while it can get 2 shooted by any high alpha t8 and up TD. Can’t wait til I farm the idiots who decide to buy it cuz so many ppl say its p2w. Hilarious

  13. Yet another premium?

  14. best tier 8 premium med?

  15. Was that a dig at Mr Quickybaby when referring to going over the stats when we can do it ourself? Hahahaha. I actually prefer how Circon has done it, once I have an idea what the tank is like I skip the stats anyway, want to get into that gameplay!

  16. If you lived next door to Russia, you would specialize in Defense too?

  17. There are 30 different premium tanks in tier 8 that you could buy right now or could have bought before. Not counting in the doubles with different camos, reward tanks nor tanks that arent yet added but are known. How can you say this game is pay to win?

  18. finally they add stuff at the front of the tank 😛

  19. true kemp bush prem waste, ty

  20. Good video Circon! For me your two strongest points are your gameplay (obviously) and your opinions, you don’t care about any WG politics and just say it as you see it. Keep up the good work! Already my go to streamer and becoming my go to YouTuber!

  21. No tier 8 premium Slav tank makes me sad.

  22. The thing I like about the UDES is the speed and the fact that the gun is not locked to the hull. So you can do fast shots without going into siege mode. This has the gun locked to the hull 100%. So this still don’t seem “worth it”. Thus it can’t do “ECL” drive by’s either, as the gun can’t “aim”, even just a little when driving towards your target. As vs the IS-3, the UDES could potentially do that without using siege mode, as the gun can elevate with auto aim etc, even with the longer aim time. Thus you can get out way faster before he can turn the turret. Thus this seems like a turn off for me. Even as a crew trainer.

  23. I liked the cursor most in the gameplay video :oP
    This kind of format is better than having to skip 10mins of techtalk. Keep it up!

  24. whats wrong with the frame rate

  25. I like this type of vid , some real talk

  26. i personally dont enjoy the Swedish TDs, thats entirely because of maps that dont have any long range or stealth to them. i like tanks that are better rounded.

  27. Like the basic format. Informative and no BS.
    Stick with these basics and you will do great!

  28. Just an idea, but maybe show a few small clips of some of the bad experiences you’ve had with a tank as well. Like, with this replay I get where you’re coming from, but only showing a good replay where being aggressive actually works out for you makes your comments about it being only defense oriented seem contradictory to the replay you show. Giving a 20-60 second clip of you being aggressive and it failing would help solidify the point you’re making. But overall, I think the new format is great. I’ve been watching you for a long time now, and if you can iron out the small problems with this format (For example: the mouse on the screen all battle, and you saying “the post game stats” like 15 times at the end 😉 love ya Circ) you’ll be in a good spot for your youtube content. Can’t wait to see what improvements you make for your next video 😀

  29. Nice job! Looked great.

  30. I don’t understand why WG gives the UDES and S-tank no armor at all despite the fact that, in real life, the only reason the tank would have that kind of sloping is if its armor was sufficient to deflect enemy tank shells with that sloping. It also kind of defeats the point of siege mode, since you can’t take advantage of the low profile and excellent sloping.

  31. Tier 8 premium that autobounces any gun smaller than 90mm, has 288 standard pen and 2700 dpm, and the only thing they can do in game is camp in bushes and run away. The entire Swedish tech tree is pure cancer.

  32. and FV4202 and Centurion 1 is the only tier 8 medium tank that can’t shoot this tank frontally, because of their retarded 20 pounder (83.4mm) gun

  33. a new premium tier 8 tank which is not OP????OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Just before I start watching the replay you provided I would like to say I really liked the new way you did you video, but at the same time maybe if you have the time you could make a video summing up what the tank is good at and bad at like this but also make a side video for the lazy people who want to see all the stat comparisons etc etc. Would get views I’m sure 🙂 anyways love the videos have a great day/night

  35. I like this version best amongst the three reviews of this Circon, useful and honest. I really like the siege mode tanks especially the 10. When do you think it may come out?

  36. wargaming claim they have spg to combat camping yet bring in tanks like this POS that are designed to camp all game. Russians aren’t the smartest.

  37. You’re baws man. Thanks man, no shitters like me should buy it. Right on!

  38. i gotta say this is a refreshing kind of review. i like it.?

  39. #SirCircon I just completed watching and liking all of your vid’s

  40. I liked this very much, there was no unnecessary information and you kept it interesting while giving your overall feel for the tank. Thanks

  41. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    TRAVEL MODE Circon ^^ not “Un Siege” xd

  42. Circon, why don’t you use bush transpericy?

  43. Henning Horn Galtung

    I really like the pro/cons

  44. I think it is kinda sad that the swedish tanks are so one sided, at least when it Comes to the tank destroyers. Then again it, should not surprises us considering that they were only build with defense in mind.

  45. SirCircon, learn to play a bit, and use more head in gameplay

  46. Really noticable that you improved a lot on the whole talking part! Much less ‘uuuh’ and ‘eeeh’ compared to earlier reviews, instead calm, straightforward and informative. Good stuff!
    Also thanks for not making me sit through a 10 min lecture of numbers and stats that I most of the times already looked up myself. Really liking the simplified approach you took with those pros and cons! Maybe an idea for improvement: When you point out things like ‘High DPM’ or ‘High aimtime’ as a pro/con, maybe still add a value to it, i.e. ‘High DPM (~2-800)’. I think, this time you mentioned it whilst reading out the pros, but having it also on the screen kinda makes it easier to see what ‘high’ DPM actually means, makes it easier to compare to other tanks, etc. …

    Hope that helps, keep up the good work 🙂

  47. hey @SirCircon nice video there! 🙂

    Positive critics:
    -fresh format with new ideas
    -no ehms, I really like fluent speaking
    -no use of tank stats sites, cause its boring indeed and everybody can look it up him/herself
    -the pros and cons list, 9/10 because: it looks so clean and simple, but you made yourself the effort to make those windows pop up and show relevant arguments for the tank. 10/10 would be if you include some the numbers (only of your relevant arguments) of the S1 prem tank in comparison to e.g. the udes. the clean look of your pros and cons list will not suffer and you have some hard facts in numbers for people who did drove the UDES already (plus people like numbers in reviews)

    negative critics:
    – you still speak to fast ocassionally, I know you from ^^ so Im used to it. But since you received more and more subscriptions over the last month you should give people a chance to finish a thought and catch up with the next argument of yours
    -“you know what I mean”-sentences: I hope you, circon, know what I mean with this MiniK, these sentences are redundant to pleople who just started WoT or dont know about siege mod or whatever the reason is have no idea what your argument is. I dont want to say your whole video contains this sentence but from time to time I hear it and I think… what if people dont know what he means….
    – I saw the mouse cursor in your video and constantly got triggered and checked if my own mouse was in th way circTrig, please put it out next time 😉

    hope you feel better btw!

    greetings from theenemy

  48. T110E5 literally cried for cap.. shame on you.. 🙂

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