Stug IV Ace Tanker (1.5k Subscriber Special : Premium Tank Giveaway)

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Source: osirish

First game in the Stug IV. Should I review it?

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  1. do a super pershing tank (t26e4) is it worth it.
    my name on wot is kefwars and i am on the eu server.

  2. Is it worth it KV-5. I dont know if it worth it, my kv-4 is pretty much the
    same whit a good gun and less weak points. 

  3. I would like to see a review of the T-34-3.
    In game name is Orumus server is NA.

  4. definitely do AMX Chasseur de chars ! french medium without armor (30 mm @
    tier 8) but with good gun.and no preferential MM.My name on wot is
    vimorain,playing on EU server.cheers and keep up great videos! 

  5. Hi Osirish! How can I send you replays? I couldnt find your email address
    anywhere! Regards, Csaba

  6. Is it worth it for T26E4 Superpershing , cause I’d like to have it but have
    no money 🙁 My WoT name is killertume and I play on EU Server.

  7. Easy Type 59. Is it worth buying on E-bay for stupid money or not. Is it
    that good as others claim or are we just seeing the highlights. You did say
    what’s in your garage as regards to prem tank. As to that I don’t know you
    have you never showed us or told us. Maybe after making this video you
    bought another one who is to know. Honestly is it worth doing special
    events to own or are we just wasting our time. I don’t mean for you to give
    one away (would be nice) lol. You did say what’s in the gift shop. I am a
    little disconcerted about what you said about other servers (like PHJ or
    Jingles)… It’s easy just open an account with other servers (it is a free
    game) and gift someone. Just my thoughts. One personal note what Irish
    Whiskey Jamie or Black ?
    The_Black_Rose S.E.A. server.

  8. Do a Jagdtiger 8.8 🙂
    I’m GileTheGreat on EU server

  9. Is it Worth it for t34-3 and im playing on eu server IGN 2A90gQ

  10. IS-6 would be great 😉
    (McGarnickle – EU-server)

  11. M6A2E1 (M6 Mutant) because it is the rarest tank in WoT,if WG decides to
    sell it sometime we should know if to buy it or not and how it is like…
    Chernov_Dreadnought from EU server(yeah i just moved from RU server)

  12. i would like to se Pz. IV Schmalturm, since its one of those old prems that
    have no reviews what so ever… its johnthenoob on EU

  13. T-34-3 going up the chinese medium line, and wondering if this would be a
    good crew trainer. ( ofc_boom NA server )

  14. Lowe,I have that tank,but I want to learn a little bit more about him.
    My nick is zalarturas and I am from EU 

  15. Hi osirish, I would like to see your review of the SU-76I, if it’s really
    so OP as it was removed from the premium shop just after its release. But
    it is difficult to get it so you could review the new AC/DC. Such tier 8
    premium tank hasn’t been in the game so far. It is fast, maneuverable, with
    no armor and decent gun. It would be pretty correspondable with my
    playstyle as far as I play mostly light tanks but I would like to hear your
    opinion about it before I buy it. My nick is duffajfka (EU)

  16. Review the SU-100Y

  17. T-34-3 en than super pershing like to have some info

    In game name ikesoldier
    Surver eu

    ( I like you video’s hope you wil make many more ) 

  18. I believe a 112 review would be interesting, since you’ve never reviewed it
    so far. I’m on NA server, harumafuji is my player name. 

  19. i would love to see review of t-34-3
    my ingame nickname is SERBIANDESTRUCTOR95

  20. I’m edwired from the EU and I would like to see a T26E4 review. Thanks!

  21. well first i must say i like the review style of videos the most..i’m a bit
    of a tech nut (stats,etc.) but hey replays are fun as well. As far as the
    review i would most like to see would be the Lorraine 40T that tank is like
    a unicorn to me, i have been grinding the French 12,13 series for what
    seems like an age. I really don’t like the lights very much but i can’t get
    to the French mediums any other way. So for my entry in the contest it’s
    the Lorraine 40T. And i am tenholewheels from the NA server. Thanks for the
    great videos and keep up the good work!!

  22. Hi orish ,
    I really want to see a review of the SU 100Y . The SU 100Y was my first
    premium tank in WoT. When you think “he has the tank , why a review ?” I
    want to see other oppinions of the SU 100Y, because not many YouTuber makes
    a review of it and lots of YouTuber say its bad , because he has no cammo ,
    is big and no armor.
    That’s the reason why I want a review of the SU 100Y 🙂
    My name is BobBexter on the EU Servers. Sorry for my bad englisch I come
    from Germany 😀
    Greetings from Germany ,

  23. i would love to see review of t-34-3
    my nickname is serbiandestructor95(all caps) and i play on EU server

  24. Review the tier 8 american premium tank T34 and my name in wot is
    snowmanplays and i play on EU server.

  25. TOG II for the laughs. We need some humor. Osirish, If you need help
    getting anything to review or otherwise, PLEASE let me know as it’s the
    only way I can help since I don’t use PayPal. – ForestGreenCamo NA

  26. I’d like to see a T-34-3 review because I only read bad things about it and
    I’m wondering if it is still as bad as I often hear.
    pacman94 on the eu-server

  27. I would like if you reviewed the SU-100Y, it was my second premium tank and
    I played alot of games in it and I want to hear your opinion about the
    tank. I am jorn175 from the EU servers

  28. I would like to see an AMX CDC review or a Panther 8.8.I think both are
    good but I don’t know what is worth it 😀 My nick is phat007 on EU server.

  29. I would like to see Panther 8.8, is it worth it.
    Tonza11 from EU :)

  30. I would like if you reviewed IS-6. Wsip79 from EU…

  31. Hey 😉
    It would be really really nice if you could review the KV5 since it’s one
    of the most troll high tier premiums I know and I would really like to hear
    your opinion on it! 😀
    Oh and I am chinaman1234567890 on the EU cluster xD
    Haha and congratulations on the STUG IV :D

  32. I would like to see the T-34-3, especially how it handles after the
    accuracy changes. Is it still worth it?

    My name is GoldInYourFace from EU.

  33. Can you review the T34 american tier 8 heavy? Because i have been thinking
    about getting it for a while,
    – ooostindrew from the eu server

  34. For the next “Is it worth it” please do the mighty TOG.

    Why? It is TOG, ask not why. It is TOG.

    Smooth_Beaver on NA server.

  35. I think you should try to do a superpersing review, you ve got a lot of
    games in it and even after the nerf its all right. The armor is good when
    you angle it with the Side against a wall. The penetration of the gun with
    AP looks terible but I only strugle with kv4’s and tier 9 heavies. My
    ingame name is jurjohnes1 from the EU cluster

  36. T-34-3 becose i wana know more about it before i maby buy it.
    Username:Cylais Server:EU

  37. Would like to see a review of the FCM 50 t, particularly in context of how
    it’s aged compared to the newly released CDC.

    JaceUK – EU server

  38. AMX CDC would be great!

    Striker_ltu on EU server. 

  39. Review the 112, and how it copes with the accuracy nerf… sniper00734 EU

  40. I’d like to see an “Is it worth it” review of the T34 American Heavy, if u
    happen to own it. I have been wanting that tank ever since they made it a
    premium tank since it’s kind of a beefed up version of the T29 and I don’t
    think there are that many good reviews of it around atm. Seeing your take
    on it would be very interesting.

    My ingame name is Cptn-Greger, on the EU server.

  41. id like to see the fcm 50 T 🙂
    server EU name MisterMalik

  42. I think the Löwe would be interesting. It has quite a reputation as a lot
    of less experienced players buy it as their first higher tier premium and
    then fail miserably in it. Let’s see how a professional uses it!
    I play on the EU server as Procrastinator7

  43. You going to be doing a 2k subscriber giveaway there Irish? only a couple
    hundred more to go 😛 lol. I kid, I kid. I find it kind of funny by the
    time you’re done with the 1k giveaway you’ll have 2k subs 😛 lol.

    Good luck to all you guys who enter to win! 

  44. I’d like to see a review of the new medium premiums, but particularly the
    STA-2 as I think it is very underrated.

  45. Hi osirish!
    I want to see your review of SU-100Y, lot of people say that its only a big
    target with no armor and unaccurate gun. I think, the gun is good, armor
    isnt best but it works. So I want to know what that machine can do in hands
    of PRO player as you.
    My nick in game: Lord127
    Server: EU
    P.S. I love your videos, I was watching you when you had less than 200
    subs. Now I hope you will get 10.000 subs ;)

  46. MushroomOfMushyness

    hey Irish
    I would like to see an is it worth it review on the KV-5 as many other
    youtubers don’t review it because it is ‘underpowered’ 🙂 or just don’t
    take it seriously at all. my name is mushroom_of_mushyness on the EU server

  47. Hey Irish I would like to see the M103 for a review as I am nearly able to
    get it and was wondering what sort of play style that it has my in game
    name is Coookiee and i play on the EU server

  48. sabaton ghostdivision

    i wanna see rev obj 140 and name on eu server kapetanJageta

  49. I would really like to see if u could review the STA-2, But u already said
    u will get it after patch 9.7 But i still would like to See it.
    ( TacticalEnforcer ) EU-Server

  50. I’d like to see cdc is it worth it. I’m grinding the 1390 now and I’m going
    to put the t28 females into the Lorraine 40t so would like to see if cdc is
    usefull trainer for them too.
    I have the fcm50t already so I’m used to the fast supporting medium
    playstyle I believe it will share.

    I’m cjacey on eu server

  51. I want to see the SU 100Y, that tank is absolutely lovely. I like the
    design, and the cannon is awesome. I’m sure you will do that in the future

    Another one I would like to see is the Panther with 8.8 gun.

    Surprise surprise, my ingame name is Xozzen. I’m a beginner, currently
    researching a lot. Playing on EU server, I’m from Germany.

  52. It would be nice to see the FCM 50t in comparison to the CDC (Ant-Eater) –
    those 2 seem to compare nicely.
    (PapaRatzi101 on EU)

  53. I guess I will back up others on “do compare of AMX CDC with FCM 50t”.
    d3adm3at on EU server

  54. i’d like to see the fcm 50t
    server EU name wot_archer

  55. I would like to see a review of the American tier 8 – T34.
    Nickname: Anonymous_VA EU server

  56. I would like to see a review of the SU-122-44! I think it is a good tank
    and would like to see your oppinion on it!
    server: eu
    IGN: sheepkiller36

  57. FCM 50 T would be nice :)

  58. Hello Os. i would like to see a review for the tier 8 Pershing…not the
    premium one..
    I bought it few weeks ago and i just can’t play it…i know the Pershing
    could be a very good tank , that’s why i would love to see a review in
    that tank.
    I am AlinSt from EU server

  59. You should reveiw the Panther M10, it might seem slightly underwealming,
    but it is actually quite good. It’s a quite unique tank, and I think it
    would be a great starter premium tank. I also don’t see many people driving
    it either.

  60. After consideration I would like to see a review on the FCM 50 t French
    heavy, simply due to the fact I keep thinking about getting it but then
    stop myself due the tank being one of the older premium tanks around and
    with the changes that have arrived since its release may have resulted in a
    downgrade in its performance. That said it does have preferential MM and
    the rumours are these type of Premiums are about to be removed from the
    game, so review quickly on this tank would be very handy. 🙂

    XBaggers EU server

  61. Id like to see a FCM50t review ! Nickname:Stefan0611 Server:EU

  62. Please review it and show the strenghts and weaknesses of thw tank

  63. I’d like to see FCM 50t

    – juho996 on EU server

  64. Would like to see a su12244 is it worth it video or the stug 4 which could
    be nice. Server EU username: fireking2000

  65. Please review the type 62 ( name: vipertox . server: EU)

  66. i would like to see review on FCM 50t, because lots of players does not
    know how to play that heavy(medium) tank. MnamikCZ from EU.

  67. Hi I would lovet to see a review on the 112. (seems like a better IS-6)
    in game name is: *Obi_Two_Kenobi*
    server is: EU

  68. Pls i maybe want to buy the The Pz.Kpfw. IV Schmalturm or the tog2 or the
    type 64 by

    Nooit genoeg

  69. do the review on the Fcm 50T because i would like to have it. looks like
    fun tank

  70. AMX CDC would be great!
    DjeneralMisic , EU server.

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