STUG LIFE! (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Thunder Gameplay !!!

Thanks for watching!


  1. what happened to the intro

  2. Tovarishch Iván Sidorenkov Советский снайпер

    German Bias

  3. Nice! game play keep it up.

  4. Joshua Rathbun (IDon'tSellCoke)

    why don’t they release the stug IV?

  5. Use the KV-1 ZIS-5

  6. try jagdtiger

  7. do the t1 heavy

  8. Tankery challenge: shoot down a bomber with the m10’s 50cal coax.

  9. Für das Wasser Land?

  10. Yo Baron! I was your squad mate in the second game at Normandy
    (SaltyDawg88). You stole my kills! J/P I disabled those 2x M4’s and you
    finished them off like you said saving me… In the chat I said thanks.
    Later when I died you saved me again in an AA when i was flying my Stuka G.
    It was a pleasure man.. Hope to see you again out there.

  11. I dare u to try the gepard

  12. why’s the tiger e so underpowered? is it matchmaking? seem to be playing
    more and more cold war era tanks nowadays

  13. baron u didnt have 2 repair, just a glitch i’ve been getting w warthunder,
    the retical goes red often after i’ve made a stupid shot on a tank… it
    just cancels the reload and gives me an extra shot :/ quite weird

  14. theoverworked farmer

    Take out Ze ferdidand and show zem Americans a proper tank

  15. Next, you should boss it out in the M3 Lee

  16. I didnt choose the stug life….. I got drafted by the wrimacht

  17. and could someone help me with the spelling of that

  18. baron, u complaining about frame rate when i normally get 15… -_-

  19. Majestic Pumpkin

    What do you use to Record?

  20. Hey Baron im new to the war thunder and I wanna know how to play whit tanks
    and planes. Can you answer plss

  21. P.S. your videos are amazing

  22. I prefer the StuG III G actually, it’s got more armor. But to each their

  23. m36 jackson. i just got t and i want to see some tips and tricks

  24. Play the stuh42, worst german tank

  25. where is the intro song :(

  26. tanks become shit why are they so slow even in arcade mode

  27. Lazy Productions

    Yo what happened to world of warships

  28. my favorite tank is the smk,people dont know where to shoot me

  29. Best gameplay is for set at BR 3.7-4.3, German or Russian tanks. T-34s
    agains Pz. IVs. Also 6.0-6.7 are good IS2s against Tiger IIs.

  30. The Gaming Facist

    Hello People of YouTube!
    Please Subscribe to my YouTube Channel! Comment down Below when done.
    I will Sub Back within 24 Hours!
    Thanks :D

  31. Sturmgeschütz 3 The beast!

  32. Do you record in 480p and then edit it to 1080p? Text is unreadable, grass
    is like painted with brush… Doesn’t look good.

  33. what is thew best ammo?

  34. Das stoog

  35. Panther D pls

  36. i am a stug kller… i kill stugs with t34 🙂 #stuglife #T34life

  37. Stug gonna stuk!!!

  38. Wish they removed planes from tank battles. Since when was there millions
    of AA blowing you up in plane battles, ruining your game?

  39. Welp, I was in that last clip… Well played Baron, well played.

  40. E96x - наблюдение

    I like that the new intro has no music.

  41. Favorite BRs. Soviets 5.0. Germans 6.3 and 7.0.

  42. Baron, are you an Mürican?

  43. hack reload :v

  44. Frans Meltovaara

    fyr das wasserland means vor waterland if you want to pronouns it correctly
    its vaterland

  45. I love it when you speak german Baron…. XDXDXDXD

  46. what happened to into music?? :(

  47. i wish i could play Tank and plane in 1 game, but i dont know how to do

  48. Do STRV-81

  49. Vincent Ericsson

    Stop Hetzing around, Stug Life.

  50. daniel ekhorugue

    your german is just excellent.

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