Stug Life! War Thunder Tanks

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Tanks Ó Stug Life!

Thanks for watching!


  1. cool stugs

  2. nice


  4. You’re the best baron!!!

  5. Keep up the great work man! Love the videos?

  6. The stug life chose you.

  7. you look like a nazi

  8. Hi baron!

  9. I didnt chose the StuG Life,the StuG life chose me.

  10. 420 mm nice canada

  11. Gotta play the hetzer again!!! HETZER GOTTA HETZ

  12. Chemistry´s the best!

    how do you get in this kind of games?

  13. 14th comment

  14. Shrek The Psycho Therapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  15. Shoot stugs in the driver port. There are 2 crew members and ammo behind it
    I think. Also easy to pen.

  16. stugging and chugging along

  17. im pretty shitty at WT so im wondering how to play for instance my rank 2,
    without getting the matchmaking of the rank 3?

  18. m6a1 for next tank video plez

  19. I didn’t choose the stug life, I was drafted by the Wehrmacht

  20. I owe you my life baron

  21. I owe you my life baron

  22. Dayum, i wake up at… 9:23 and there is allready a video up, Baron

  23. Why the germans did not advance fast enough to russia…well, because they
    got Stug in the mud…

  24. Yo baron could you upload something else other than footages from your

  25. You should play CR.42 Falco with air target ammo

  26. Baronvongames bane of transmissions, Stug life ain’t easy

  27. Hetzer plz

  28. Stug Life FTW

  29. Next time,use the long barrelled L53 75mm version.Snipe @ 1.5km,fun fun fun
    fun and fun!!!!!!!!

  30. I should be sleeping, but this vid just came out and i was like, Who needs

  31. Stug Life for dayz!

  32. idea for CB , only HE jagdtiger vs Jagdtiger

  33. I have a good idea you should have a death turtle on each team and your
    team has to defend it while it moves to the other side of the map or who
    ever kills the enemy turtle wins

  34. Gunther van Deutsch

    Wow, you’re really bad at this.

  35. Idea for CB, it got to be RB and it is Stuarts vs Panzer WW2 true combat
    starting on the D-Day map Stuarts on the beach, Panzers on the ridge in a
    line battle (they may charge so the Stuarts may kill them like in real
    life) :D

  36. Stug life??? More like your gonna get fucked up if you don’t hide life lol

  37. is it just me or is the audio off by a few seconds?

  38. 100% AA truck battle

  39. Άκης Γκεμίσης

    Thumbs down for kicking people without warning!

  40. I love the thumbnail. I love the tank. I loved the Wehrmacht. And now I
    love Baron even more for putting all these things together in one video!

  41. You’re actually really bad at warthunder

  42. do the T-26E with its ridiculous stronk spaced armor next.

  43. This Stug reminds me of a disgusting cockroach

  44. Aim for the right corner where the driver port is, but I’m happy when I
    play against people that just shoot anywhere I have survived like five
    shots before in a m10 thats fucking horrible aim and horrible tank

  45. The stugmacht is honored by your commendation.

  46. I did not choose the stub life the stub life chose me

  47. jew tank made me so angry

  48. when does barron stream?

  49. 1.53 dev is out

  50. You have way too much patience with that ally who was riding your butt, if
    it’d been me I’d flipped around the second time and blown his shit in.

  51. Baron your fucking horrible at this

  52. ._. to kill stugs aim for drivers port = 100% kill all the time

  53. In lower tier battles, you gotta take out the crew. Fires, fuel, and ammo
    kills are rare to say the least.


    what is your opinion of World of Tanks ?

  55. hello baron :)


  57. I was there, I’m at the bottom of the blue team when he first check the
    scoreboard in the beginning

  58. Baron you are doing giant mistake fighting german tanks ESPECIALY
    stug…you have to aim on the right side of cannon so you can dissable
    shooter captain and maybe cannon or 1 shot him. (sorry im not english so
    grammar is not the best)

  59. Why don’t you do a custom battle where it’s basically D-Day but with some
    bombers and fighters and not just tanks ?

  60. plane request p51 mustang dem 4 20s

  61. the obvious American

    Baron i know this is the whole reason you moved into the powerhouse but
    please don’t turn into a streaming channel

  62. After reading one of comments on 10:11, I completely understand why he
    hides comment section on his videos.

  63. that wasn’t the English flag

  64. custom game where you can only have the Maus

  65. pleaseeee panther battle tooo

  66. +BaronVonGamez Do Tiger 2 H vs IS-2!(You as the Tiger 2 H) It’s the
    ultimate show down!

  67. 2:46 You got Jewed m8

  68. Stug life: smoke Heat everyday

  69. i would trade this game to be on xbox than world of tanks

  70. Custom Battle Idea: Premium tanks vs Normal tanks

  71. Neacsiu Demostene (dEMMosTEnE)

    Baron has blue eyes and he is blonde NAZI NAZI BARON

  72. Play the HETZER Hetzer gotta hezt

  73. Derp tanks, M4 105, Stug 105, SU 122, HE ammo only.

  74. Stug life!?
    KV-2 is not impressed

  75. baron i always liked your videos, but this video deserves a dislike because
    it’s almost painfull to watch how bad you are in driving and killing StuG’s

  76. How does ‘Thug’ rhyme with Stug (Pronounced Shtoog

  77. A tank u should play is the American T-28 premium.

  78. Do you know anything about War Thunder adding the P-61? My favorite plane
    of WW2

  79. Does anyone apart from me laugh at those dumb cunts who get kicked cos they
    can’t even drive/fly out in the right vehicle?

  80. Brother Ptolemaios

    ZiS-30’s and Marder III’s?

  81. Stug with British and Israeli flags. Love it.

  82. stug squad!!!

  83. BBz represent!!!

  84. KV-2 squad vs. more large light tank squad.

  85. Ain’t nothin to it, Stug Life made me do it.

  86. Hey baron , I’ve been watching your videos for a while and have always
    wondered how I know when your going to do custom battle like this one, I
    would love to play with you, I live in uk so do I need to change servers to

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