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  1. phy i honest to god don’t see how people play RB in warthunder it is straight ass. RB is so slow paced it is boring and you have an I win button playing as the Germans seeing how their guns are. so why do people play RB the most when its the inferior game mode compared to arcade and sim? like for real tho arcade takes significantly more skill because its faster paced with aiming assist you have to have better gun skill than your opponent more than RB. those factors cause you to have to think on your feet more than in RB. in RB you can just rush with a Russian tank and win or bush camp with a German and have an I win button. it just doesn’t make any sense.

  2. Pro tip for when playing night battles. Go to options increase Gamma Correction. It brightens your surroundings.

  3. i loved it when he said “good luck okay you got it.”

  4. yáll know the stuh 42 with add-on armor is literally a mini Ferdinand on steroids   man it’s OP

  5. April Fools Project: Gaijin fixing the game instead of adding tanks that the majority will never reach.

  6. 12:23 I would love to get Phly to penetrate me from the front

  7. this April Fools will be my first with the Gaijins

  8. >Gets one shot by hellcats 10000x games in a row and then spend 10 minutes trying to kill a meme pershing that one shots you also

  9. Please use the “flackpanzer 341 “

  10. More Sturmpanzer II attempt number 2#

  11. Azareel Serrano galarza

    Impressive……most impressive 👏

  12. April fools will be like: f35 vs sukhoi 31

  13. Play the A-5 Sabre at top tier plox. GL

  14. ChrisTheAmazing g

    This video gets a like just for the title.

  15. April fools in WT: tank and aircraft BATTLE ROYALE

  16. I ALWAYS put my bushes on my tanks the way the i can use it in SBs, meaning clear gunner and optics.

  17. 12:24 *too

    Only because I care. ❤️ U Phly

  18. Can you tell me your pc specs?

  19. Phly I watch a lot of your stuff and I notice that, even though you probably cut out a lot of your fuckups, when things go right for you, they go REALLY right. Like, you survive for a very long time. That vid you did with the Pak Puma had me going “if I did that, I would have been dead, immediately”.

    The hell is your secret? Do you just stay closer to your team? Do you know the map by heart? How can you jump between so many tank types and somehow make it work so well?

    Im only level 18 in WT but Ive come as far as 6.3 with my Germans and…tbh my KDR is likely DEEP in the negatives right now. I wanna get better, but idk how.

  20. April Fools should be Leopard 2a5’s real armor back

  21. April fool
    StarWars play with jets

  22. Phly, play the premium 3.7 Japanese death cannon, the Chi nu II.

    Attempt #1

  23. *claps*

  24. TheMaster99 LEYENDA

    its 2019 and thuglife…?

  25. Ground forces a.k.a boots on the ground, April fools!

  26. TwistedSkillz Gaming

    Hey phly how does it work with the 3% off and custom decal? Like can you buy anything in the store and you’ll get the decal in your inventory?

  27. T-35 please

  28. Remember when the americans was introduced and the sherman was the best tank in the game?

  29. For April Fools this year, there will be none.

  30. April fools: BM21 grad artillery ? Would be nice

  31. Was watching the last bit of the video outside and i couldn’t see shit lel

  32. April fools of this year? I think it will be modern warships and test of naval guided missiles and modern aa systems (I mean lock on missiles) OR battleships, either way I think it will be either air or navy, ground not so much

  33. lol i can't think of a better name

    The stug 3 f is my fav tank

  34. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  35. April fools will be targeting center mass hitting sprockets each time.

  36. April Fools Prediction: INFANTRY GAMEPLAY!

  37. What’s up my stuga?

  38. Imagine helicopters powered by bicycles and you throw m80s at each other and bb guns

  39. Man that’s brutal

  40. April fools: modern ish jets, F16 F18 SU35

  41. HE Pumpkins? – If there were APCR carrots

  42. If the April fools is a serious one I’m fine with it because it’s always cool to see what’s in development which is always fun/fucking terrifying

  43. 30 vs 2 R1000

  44. How the Phuck did he see that ? 10:51

  45. Regarding the different names of the gun:
    The Kampfwagenkanone (KwK) 40 and the Sturmkanone (StuK) 40 are indeed the same guns – just different names because they are built into different chassis`.
    Side note: the basically same gun (but with L46 barrel length) used as an anti-tank gun (Panzerabwehrkanone 40 / PaK40) used a different round than the tanks (75 x 495mm in the tanks and 75 x 714mm in the AT gun).
    Reason for that was the limited space in the tanks.

  46. Play the Chinese T-62 Light Tank while fighting Modern MBTS
    Attempt Numbah #1

  47. PhlyDaily Check out the War Thunder Live Missions Tab haha

  48. That Spicy Black Guy

    The coolest April fools would be Space Shuttle vs Buran in Space (MY OPINION)

  49. April Fools-no tank has armor xd prove the no armor best armor xd

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