Stupid Expensive Tank in 1 vs 9 Battle | World of Tanks SU-76I Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

SU-76I, Tier 3 Soviet Russian Premium Tank Destroyer. World of Tanks Rare Tanks. World of Tanks Black Market Auction 2020 – SU-76I.

Today I am going to talk about one of the most expensive tanks in this game, which is actually a tier 3 Russian tank destroyer. 15,000 Gold for a tier 3 is a lot of course, but it is one of the rarest tanks in World of Tanks… But still, it’s only a tier 3!

Let’s talk about this tank a bit and why it is not anything special besides its rarity.

What do you think?


  1. New drinking game… Take a shot every time I say 15k gold in this episode! 😀
    Anyway, what do you think about this? Have you seen it on the battlefield?
    Have a good one, Legends!

  2. It was not selling for 15k, it was selling for 500 or something, can u stop with clickbait?

  3. Luca the chappie

    Hahahah i thought it was the chinese one

  4. Hey dez !
    Just went on your discord… I’m a bit afraid to say hello, as I don’t speak quite well in english… maybe one day, when I feel more confirtable…

    Love your work ! ❤

  5. Game has been broken for years.

  6. stupid tank and insane cost for a tier 3

  7. dez you weren’t clubbing poor seals with camera off? 😀

  8. It’s strong, but balanced strong. It just hits that sweet tooth spot when you want to have fun and yet can get you the win for some reasons unknown

    • TheUnconventionalDeal

      Bouncing every round isn’t “balanced”, pay to win makes the low tiers trash for new players.

    • @TheUnconventionalDeal The armour is pretty shit versus pretty much any same tier tank. In fact, even tier 2s have a decent chance of penning it’s lower plate.

  9. The impaler Vlad

    Against marder it would be in garage very fast. 🤔

  10. Whoa, the 1.75L bourbon bottle now empty. feelin good tho!

  11. Load of bullshit…over paying to screw over the new players that know nothing. Pathetic

    • Obviously your reason is honest…for community footage but others that buy it just to troll new players is soo bad

  12. I person must be a tea totaler…

  13. krystian szymczak

    Dez:”50k gold” Me:”Ivan give me more Vodka” Ivan:”u Drinked a full two bottles” Me:*dying at the floor* “worth it”

  14. I understand that you bought the tank so you should play it but damn…seen soo many players with 50k+ battles just trolling low tiers to pad their stats but it’s gonna kill the new player base. My brother started and had 20 battles and went to armoured warfare lol

  15. Perfect for seal clubbers who are afraid to meet matched players.

  16. I like your accent, where are you from ?

  17. GOLD NOOB… Disliked.. this One ..

  18. Meanwhile, tge Su-76i is all over the console version.

  19. TheFlyingDutchman

    I got one…. fun little tank if you end up in tier 2 😅

  20. I couldn’t buy this because i had the tier 4 tank in the garage..

  21. Balc0ra's Gaming

    I did pay 1k gold for mine 7 years ago. It’s not worth 15k to see 3 maps all the time. Nor are games like that common… Anymore

  22. By stats that tank is nothing special tbh… I got the fcm pak40 last blackmarket for credits and boy it is so op it doesnt feel right to play it… with binocs I have 500m view range at tier 3 I can outspot everything at 445 meters…

  23. Still… people that had Chinese TD could not buy it…so WG failed with so simple task.

  24. If you buy and play this tank you are extreme seal clubber.

  25. branden bednarski

    I bought this tank for 12$ like 5 years ago 😀

  26. DEZ BABY – You super SEXY DEEP VOICED GUCCI BATTLE MASTER . Seems you always “ penetrating “ so many many things , that’s one BIG reason we all Love You So Much, ( you such a beast )

  27. Of course, 15k Gold is all relative. One of my clan mates asked his family/friends for WoT gift boxes for Christmas this year, and he got over $313K Gold from them. So for him 15k Gold would be pocket change (if he wanted this tank).

    “Them that’s got shall have, them that’s not shall lose” as the song says….

  28. I dont see SU 76G FT in this video??! Clickbait.

  29. I think that’s a reasonable amount of gold. I mean if you think about it, all low tier premium tanks ruin game experience for new players. I don’t think it should be cheap to get a premium tank at low tiers. Someone may be new and enjoy the game but then comes across a super unicum or unicum who plays low tiers only and gets destroyed because of the skill and amount of skills/perks the super unicum/unicum player has on his/her crew

  30. Decided to play wot a little earlier. Tier 10s game were filled with T95 FV and ebrs.
    If play heavy or med the t 95 fv would fuck you like literally I can only dmg it with he since that pos have no turret weakness and – 10 dep.
    If your in any other light than ebr it would rape you with hesh and would Contiously spot your TD for arta.
    So it’s like every game with 2 or 3 Fvs on one side along with 2 or 3 ebrs and 3 arta.
    The game was fucking cancer man. It’s even more unplayable. All either broken special tanks and this ebr is killing the already arta killed game.
    And everybody is playing t92 and conq those two fuckers still hit very hard for 600.
    Fuck this game iam out for a few months again.

  31. The tank is not OP the price is. Lol

  32. Oh, yeah? 15000 pixel gold for 1 pixel tank. So where is ur logic now?

  33. Each time one of these got sold, devs were laughing for sure. Easiest money they’ve made oooof, your gold ofc, do what you want ^^ more that, they know they can do this stuff with tanks and just get easy gold sold, I think that’s bad tho

  34. my cruiser eats this thing for breakfast 😛

  35. I was luck enough to get mine for £3.99 when it first came out and it was really good back then but power crep has got it, I only played a few games with it, but it was nice to think that only a handful was on EU server, now gold spam is killing its numbers in and out of the game.

  36. This is way better than Panzer IIJ, my panzer IIJ has a 20% wr becuase all it FUCKIN SEES are tier 4s that shit on it and it can’t do shit to.

    Su76i can pen everything it meets with ease, it’s fast, auto cannon resistant on rear and front, some high pen guns like bofors can pen you however but that’s same with p2j.

    Only downside is poor gun handling and weak side armor everything else is amazing about 76i why else would they take it off sale after 4 hours

  37. When your paint job is worth more than the tank, but I guess you need it when you’re killing bots.

  38. The Grisha Inquisition

    In defense of the Panzer II J…

    In modern day WoT, the Panzer II J isn’t quite the seal clubbing monster it used to be. There are plenty of tier III tank destroyers that can penetrate it frontally (without premium rounds) without issue, and then there’s also the fact it can still see tier IV mm. Owning one myself, I can 100% say with complete certainty that the II J is absolutely worthless in a tier IV game. Your armor is meaningless, you have no HP to take any significant hits (two shots and you’re done for in most cases), and even spamming the crappy APCR rounds won’t do you much good. If anything, the II J relies heavily on the mm in order to get a monster game against tier III tanks (assuming there aren’t any TDs on the enemy team, or if there are, experienced players driving them) because of all the new tanks added over the years. I wish people would stop calling the II J overpowered or broken, because it’s far from the truth these days…

    • Most of the time you won’t see Tier 4 (which is too bad, actually; I loved killing PIIJs with my Marder 38T) so in that context, yeah it is OP.

  39. definitely a rediculous price, just a collectors item in my opinion, leafblower was perhaps best deal last black market

  40. So this is Wargamings way to improve the experience for new players in low tier?

  41. Laughs in Cruiser II when I meet this tank

  42. oke guys, if some one miss, this wee creep cost only 15k gold :))

  43. 100Euro PZ2J laught on SU76i 🙂

  44. I picked it up when it came out I’m pissed they sold it again it’s some bullshit

  45. It’s crap today just like the pzIIIj the power creep,more gold and mostly seal clubbers on low tiers made all the seal clubbing tanks obsolete

  46. Lol i nix this Tank aß je was in Shop for 8 € …

  47. “This vehicle is easily getting penetrated” – at the same time in video – barely anyone can do it.

  48. Do they have black tanks for Xbox consoles?

  49. this tank sold once in EU server about 2 hours in an early morning years ago. i still remember it only cost around 4 GBP at that time. only a few old players bought that op tank at that time.

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