Stupid Uniscum Tries Sniping in His Leopard 1

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. Lemming Idk how a noob like you, has unicum stats. You must have bought your account. You CLEARLY have NO CLUE HOW TO SNIPE. You broke the GOLDEN RULE OF SNIPING. You LEFT THE CAP CIRCLE. Come on every sniper knows beyond the saftey of the cap circle is SUDDEN DEATH.

  2. A lot of people salty because they think it’s a serious video. 56 dislikes? WTF?

  3. hy nice video haha. i like u long videos frome streams do u have more frome doos

  4. I will never run out of salt after this video.

  5. In addition, the leo also misses alot of well aimed shots. I’m always on the frontline with my PT A brawling heavys, it works.

  6. ShredderProductions

    G O O D G A M E W E L L P L A Y E D

  7. I don’t get it. Who actually says that the Leopard is strictly a sniper in the way that you portrayed?

  8. can you make a guide to mediums on kharkov?

  9. dude, uncool.  I was in a game with you today where you ‘weren’t playing’ on purpose for a video.  Cost me a rank.  Again, uncool…

  10. And i thought the sarcasm was never gonna end xD, i do understand you had to clarify tho, some people just dont get sarcasm some times.

  11. I lost it when you tried to go hull down behind arty ? and Lemming, you reached a new level of awesomeness for making this video.

  12. Skybird Projects

    You know what is funny, I knew the player on your team that did the worst, the T-62A. That clan is so bad, and to think I was part of it once. Glad I am not part of that hot mess. I have this funny feeling knowing that I have been around the block with WoT enough for this sort of stuff to be happening.
    Also Lemming u n00b, leopard 1 is a yolo scouting tank. Stop kemping bush and go spot for the team. It is so obvious: No armor, easy ammo rack, better viewrange than all the new T10 light tanks, how can it not be the perfect yolo scout??

  13. This vidéo really help ! tks a lot !

  14. Frederick Burkert

    I took it as tongue in cheek humor from the start. Would have been fun to see comments without the explanation.

  15. Man I like your vids, but this is shit… Complete fail

  16. Moron. Unless you are spotting you need to be further back than that, so you are hull down behind the rise and far back enough that you are not going to be spotted. You want to position yourself so that your max visuals radius just covers the areas where enemy tanks are likely to be spotted (ie the line just behind the ruined buildings, assuming any of the enemy are inexperienced enough to hang about there of course). Also, when doing sniping from that position, only stay long enough to take opportunistic shots on tanks spotted early on, then move to better positions supporting the hill.

    You might be a skilled player, but looking at how you started this match I was just cringing at the poor tactics you were using. Trying to prove a point by playing stupid is not proving anything.

  17. I can’t get the leopards gun to behave, Im sure my obj 140 is more accurate even though the numbers would suggest otherwise.

  18. Okay, but how is this different from over 90% of my battles?

  19. So lemming, if the leopard 1 isn’t a sniping tank what would you define it as? What role would you assign to this tank based on its statistics and handling?

  20. Hmm, how do I put this so nobody gets offended.. You are doing great work explaining us potatoes pretty awesome and ballsy tactics, so that we can maybe learn and hopefully become better players some day, BUT is it really that necessary to coat the actual 2 minutes good content in end of the video with 8 minutes of “Fuck you Quickybaby” turd? Like it is his fault that huge portion of WoT players are still clueless in their T10 tanks.. I mean frustration hits us all from time to time, but in my opinion you are at your best on those videos where you explain the good and the bad points of things without ranting and pointing fingers.

  21. What a stupid clip. You clearly have not understood qb. Sadly your videos in the last time show this bad quality. Stop this shit. You can do this better.

  22. Better edgy than PC

  23. ranked battles are all about sniping in mediums not only leopard,everyone prefer 0bj 907 or obj 140,there is no point of rushing,suporting or flanking its all about camping in mediums in a good bush and forget about spoting for ure team on maps like malinovka or prohorovka its all about sniping and carefully watching on ure circles on minimap to know ure enemies cant spot u and every fucking blue or purple players dont care about readly wining the game and try just to ne in top 3 on the loosing side and that where WG fucked up.Ranked battles should be included in overoll stats so it could be played like it should.

  24. I do not understand your attitude. You played bad after all standards, just to prove QB is wrong. Maybe he is not right every time, but you messed up this game on purpose. You did not play sniper, you just played nothing.

  25. One of the best videos you made!

  26. You have proven nothing in this game. Sniping does not mean redlining, it doesn’t mean deliberately taking your gun out of the game the way you did, it just means do not confront heavies or TDs head-on. Sometimes your attitude is quite passive-aggressive, tbh.

  27. too bad your team was bad and you couldn’t snipe properly

  28. people like those destroy games all the time because they sit back with top tier tanks and do not use their HP and armor.
    i ducking hate it when you get Mauses or JpzE-100s who sit behind while your tier IX heavy tank get torn apart by a Maus and called a “400dmg retard idiot” and told to “stfu” if you tell them to support you and then they end up dealing 750 dmg in the whole game while you did 2.8k dmg within the first 2 minutes, heavily outnumbered and Maus’d at.

  29. Presly Entertainment

    But I am get spiner title 300 m from M6 HT

  30. “this is not World of tanks” scraplords , so what went wrong in this battle? …

  31. I am also a BIT disappointed in you! You obviously have no clue how to snipe

  32. This video was amazing, please do more. :’D

  33. uhm… I’m just working on my first T10 tank. Thank god it’s not a Leopard 1 but a real sniper. So watch out when I get u in my Rhm.-Panzerwagen!

  34. Always played my Leo 1 aggressively, didn’t even know that people thought it was a sniping tank. But I was only a cheeky 1000 WN8 scrub back then, my average damage was only 1600. Got it back recently though. Hopefully it’ll go better this time.

  35. Vũ Lương Lân

    The game is Ranked battle
    Keep saying top tier tanks
    Lel more pls

  36. Hexagram Photography

    Level of sarcasm 1000

  37. Great vid dude!

  38. who is this vid inspired after m8

  39. you are a f*cking legend dude… i love your videos
    i used to listen and learn from qb but u are just better and much simpler

  40. I loled.. thank you

  41. Omg Lemming, did I just waste 11 minuttes of my life? Oh well, you are super unicum, so it’s alright, superunicums rocks!

  42. Bahahahaha! Love it. Thanks Lemming. My stomach hurts from laughing so hard.

  43. Seriously funny. How anyone could click “dislike” is beyond me.

  44. heh, I do a fair amount of sniping in my skorpion g and revslorise, and I must say you’re not doing it right XD

  45. I’ve just unlocked the leopard pt a so could you please do a video on how you think the leopard should be played

  46. BodyGuardOfLies1

    Reductio ad absurdum

  47. Better focus on doing your own thing instead mocking others. U seem really fixated on this sniping thing.. Also u were driving like an idiot and that ” proved ” sniping doesnt work?

  48. Hrafnkell Haraldsson

    Love this video. Just the right amount of snark.

  49. Here we can see a perfect example of: i care only about my own stats. Let other spot and die. Staaaats , no matter small or big, wn8 has to be right. Gota do them damages.Unicum has to stay unicum, else he would be just a normal camper.

  50. this video is a work of art

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