Sturer Emil Loaders…

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  1. @souravsekharnayak

    Awarapan Banjarapan

  2. Hanz became the ammo

  3. Was that sound from HL?😂

  4. What was the song that played at the end? It sounded nice, and vaguely familiar like a 90s song by a pop artist, but not one of their hits lol.

  5. @herrflammen6487

    “Mien fucking balls” – Hans

  6. @FalkoAlvaro-cy6lq

    I’m muslim

  7. @martinsonneborn6820

    He wanted it

  8. @swedishwildlife916

    The masive gut punch

  9. @dirtyfiendswithneedles3111

    What’s the name of the song at the end? Sounds like a 90’s romance. Is it the red hot chilli peppers?

  10. The entire central area of his body will never be the same again

  11. Beautiful.

  12. @SweetbabyraiseBBQsauce

    Famous last words: wow wow wow wo

  13. @user-dq4rm9ql6y

    I feel bad for ze hanz

  14. Nien, ze best in ze entire division

  15. Oh every bone in my body is broken

  16. Oh shit, not good!

  17. RIP to Hans’ ribcage

  18. Yeah, that’s not where he’s going

  19. R E C O I L

  20. Friendlyfire

  21. I’m pretty sure the breach recoil stops just before touching him. Wich is arguably worse since every time the gun is fired, the loader see the breach approach him at mach fuck, stop at an unconfortable distance then go back.

  22. Really clears out the lungs and sinuses dont it

  23. the small group o replacement crew waiting outside for their turn…

  24. Engineer who designed the tank: I hate loaders sooooo much.

  25. @manuelhausmann6422

    Rest in Pieces 😂

  26. @derbabagamer1856

    Hans Willy is made from 1a quality kruppstahl

  27. thats something you cant walk off

  28. @yuribernard3109

    Now that was one stupid design for that tank. Poor Hanz😅

  29. @supermanmnb5754

    Don’t worry guys his Skeleton was replaced with Titanium, you should worry about the Gun it’s been damaged with that impact

  30. what is song at end called?

  31. Por Klaus

  32. @basicallybobinxv7255

    bro got loaded into new dimension 💀

  33. Только не ханц😢

  34. God I wish they’d animate the crews. Lol

  35. @erneststyczen7071

    straight into ze ai generated heaven

  36. @warbossgloppygit1545

    This is great but NOW we need one where it does a mortal kombat x-ray insted

  37. 🇩🇪✙ 💀💀💀

  38. Asserting dominance

  39. Shouldn’t it show stairs to hell?

  40. @Delta_Command_07


  41. @nightmarepurple8356


  42. The breech of the panzer 4 70 clips into the loader

  43. enlisted is a W


  45. Nice of you to use the Half-Life sound

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