STURER EMIL vs Nuke Tanks (Men of War Mondays)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Thanks for watching!



  2. no comments?

  3. Are you all ready to be smacked in the face by this thing once it’s brought
    into War Thunder?

    Supposedly there was a giant version of the Goliath tracked mine, that was
    driven not by remote control, but by an actual person. German Kamikaze?

  4. YES! a Men of war video!!! I love you!

  5. Next men of war Monday do Japan vs Germany

  6. Emil Halvordsson

    My namne is Emil

  7. 02:41 that’s what she said

  8. linkinpark12349

    Yo Baron, haven’t seen you play World of Warships for a long time. Why
    don’t you take both of your T10 BBs and give them a try? Really hope that
    WG will buff US BBs if you give your opinions about them
    I’m fine with the Yamato Montana differences. My only gripe is the
    dispersion on the god damn american BB’s. The penetration values are fine
    because the montana CAN citadel a yamato at range the problem lies in the
    actual DISPERSION difference between the two. Monty gun dispersion at long
    range is silly your very lucky if one or two shots land anywhere near the
    yamato let alone hit a small area where it might cause some considerable
    damage. For a Tier 10 ship the dispersion is awful. As one of the posters
    said it’s an accuracy Issue at extreme ranges the monty simply can’t
    compete with the yammy.
    I personally believe the Iowa suffers the same problem as the monty, the
    guns at extreme ranges have far to large dispersion. I’m not calling for a
    nerf yamato buff montana I’m just saying it how it is.
    With tier 10 games being huge camper fests with shimikaze’s dominating the
    map and carriers destroying anyone who dares move an inch from spawn it
    suits the yamato’s play style more.
    So summary:
    Monty = Good at medium to close ranges but you hardly get to use it because
    of carrier’s and destroyers zoning you. Far range has dispersion the size
    of 4 football fields and highly doubtful you’ll land more than 2 or 3 shots
    that will bounce.
    Yamato = Good all round really accurate bigger caliber only draw back which
    is minor is at extremely close ranges ( And this is if your lucky enough to
    get on the yamato’s broadside ) the extra gun of the montana wins the
    engagement assuming skill level is the same.

  9. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  10. Isn’t it the same gun as Jagdtiger has?

  11. Jack The Killer

    P. 1500 Landcruzer vs TV-8

  12. can’t wait to use it with my jagdtiger, I assume it’ll probably be a

  13. Form German Tank kill compilation vid you should play Ghost Division by
    Sabaton :D

  14. Worldwar Tanker

    Baron, can you do a ISU-152 play tip thingy? thanks m8

  15. Did you ever show the E-100s Jagdpanzer version? With its great 170mm?

  16. Invisible Kartoffel

    Has the emil the same chasse as the dicker max

  17. 777clicks and 111likes???CONFIRMED


  19. aries paddayuman

    The Chassi Is The VK360.01 H If Your Wondering

  20. “Men of war Mondays”

  21. What mods do you use,and if u dont use mods tell us how to get those secret

  22. Baron you won he was to take the windmill but there is no windmill

  23. Baron, Baron! Where do you get your Mondays?

  24. when will u publish ur mod?

  25. Can i Download this mods right know

  26. Baron next week can you guys reanact FURY? Sherman with broken tracks vs
    300 SS soldiers. But make sure to limit anti tank stuff.

  27. skullcruncher1361

    they should add kill marks to war thunder

  28. Lukin Dragovish

    What is the name of this mode? Can i find in Steam?

  29. richie thach (TitanicMan2)

    Can you play more British tanks in war thunder such as the Churchill 3,
    Achilles, Sherman firefly, and more?

  30. All who plays wot, is that dicker max?
    Or an entirely different tank

  31. Second_Medic bf p4f

    Its Not stur emil. It is Sturer Emil

  32. pls do one of the maus vs kv6

  33. This is completely unrelated to MOWAS2 (in fact it is war thunder-related)
    but do you think there should be a T-29 in the T-28 mod tree?

  34. Love these Men of War Tuesdays

  35. dutch mans be likr DEFEND THE WINDMILL AT ALL COST
    i am dutch so no slat lol

  36. it looks like the dicker max

  37. war thunder missed out many vehicles

  38. stephen chandler

    1:36 it looed like that Sherman was saying no please don’t do it

  39. This tank ha my name!! :DD

  40. this is baron

  41. your one of fav youtube’s

  42. sturer emil rare

  43. good old german engineering

  44. This tank in war thunder? id rather have the sturmtiger. aka the mega derp
    tank (more derp than the kv-2).

  45. Emil Andersson (Astarte)

    “Look how long this thing iiis” ~
    Ooo Baron getting aroused

  46. What is the armor specs on the Sturer Emil? Will it be a glass cannon?

  47. would like to see some torpedus tuesdays

  48. Baron are you going to play fallout 4??

  49. Jo Joseph Takahashi

    From now on whenever the Americans are played you should use TV-8’s :D

  50. Also, I say we see Maus or that Kaiju Jeageru (Jagdpanzer E100…and no I
    did not have to just go look that tank’s name up on the WoT Wiki) next.
    Fear the 170mm gun Slick! XD

  51. MoWAS >< WoT tank texture old old WoT stuff though

  52. Baron have the ST-II twin gunned rasha stronk tenk in the next episode

  53. I want to see a ratte vs a swarm of st1s

  54. yay slick finally one a men of war monday

  55. i got an idea for Men of War, the Long Tom artillery piece for the

  56. +BaronVonGamez make the T-42 super heavy soviet tank, its like if the KV-2
    had group sex with the SMK and T-35, it has KV-2 turret and gun, look it up
    on Google images

  57. yaassss i realy enjoy watching it

  58. mowm: ww2 russian anti tank dogs

  59. I know i sound like a potato, but what is the name of the mod that he is

  60. Thomas Wildrabbit

    “I’m not a Communist; I’m a ….Socialist”

  61. Just by reading the title of the vid I can already tell that everything is
    going to go wrong….

  62. Yey those things had the same name as me and my brother. Greeting from
    Germany by Moritz

  63. i remember this map you did it with p1000 landkruzer and slickbee sound is
    so funny

  64. NoneUrBuissness sszszzsss

    I wish to start a clan of haters to dislike every video baron hangs epic
    content in front of us and doesn’t provide any details we could use to
    identify how to get our filthy sinful war loving hands on said stuff.

  65. wow old schoolwaffentragers how about a landkruzer

  66. illuminati is controling that waffentrager

  67. Fail for Slickbee! He had to use nukes to try to win, which he didn’t do!

  68. What mods do you recommend for singleplayer (skirmish)?

  69. carlondus Ardoin


  70. btw baron max got 22 kill ;)

  71. Baron do P1000 Ratte vs At-At the Germans must defend hoth

  72. Baron, what Mod you’re using?

  73. so when will you be releasing this mod?

  74. Wann wird der WAR THUNDER Patch erscheinen?

  75. can you please put the mod download link in the description or send it to
    me right now?

  76. Demain Donovan Smith


  77. Panzer Grenadier

    what is the mod for have all you have in this game (TV-8, Sturer-Emil,
    maus, VK 42 05 a, etc)

  78. The 12.8cm PaK 44 had a longer range than the K L/61, despite a heavier
    shell and a shorter barrel. A longer barrel does NOT always mean a more
    powerful gun. The PaK 44 penetrated 200 mm of armor sloped at 30 degrees at
    1000 meters. The K L/61 will NOT be the most powerful gun in the game, it
    will be the most powerful gun at TIER 4.

  79. Emil Halvordsson

    i am a kid stupid

  80. Tiger II and Panther still had longer barrels :P

  81. I guess we’re gonna have a tank that’ll be able to penetrate the front of
    maus at an 30° angle

  82. YA!

  83. if this is in war thunder as a premium vehicle… im buying it

  84. “So I made it in MoW” like, no biggie, I just popped out A FUCKING TANK

  85. yea slick wait to go


  87. dapoppels doerksen

    Baron, your team should model the 80 cm railway gun the Schwerer Gustav kr
    the Gamma Mörser artillery!

  88. Commander Austin

    Baron can you do a P1000 and P1500 Ratte VS TV-8 Battle?

  89. They should have named the two tanks Gork and Mork :)

  90. That is the literal way of performing ‘Uncle Sam’s Orbital Nuke’ I guess.

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