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Source: OddBawZ

The Sturmpanzer II in War Thunder is a fan favourite and in this part in the series, I take it to 6.7 to try and get the top spot in the team along with the Duck!

The Sturmpanzer is a VERY capable little machine that houses a 150mm cannon that lobs HE shells with 61mm of penetration. It also does overpressure damage. Enough even to destroy the IS-2!

I love a Challenge in War Thunder and this one was an LITERAL blast!

The 15cm sIG 33 B Sfl in War Thunder has had many changes in names but it’s still here and it’s still dear to our hearts. German Tanks in War Thunder don’t come much more quirky than this!

INTRO (00:00)
GAME 2 – I DID IT BUT… (07:47)
OUTRO (23:06)



  2. oddbawz try playing puma on higer br i tried it its good kills most of bigger tanks 🙂

  3. Pls play the horo as well it has similar ballistics and is smaller to hide

  4. Kilian The Builder

    Love the idea of the series

  5. Marco Hornbostel

    The fact that your line ups are sorted by ascending BR….now i feel bad for my chaos 😀

  6. ITS so funny to Hear Americans try to pronounce the German Tank names ( i am German) 😂😂 nice Video at all

  7. Loved this one. Are you still doing the “Worst Tanks” series?

  8. Great video!!!

  9. Mr. Bawz, very good, very good, always look out for the children😃

  10. Sturmpanzernuke would be an ideal sequel.

  11. You earned a subscribe, mate

  12. Pieter Reynders

    This tank and the Nashorn…..spg’s that you can do trenchfighting with! Loving….loving….loving…it!

  13. Try #2! Do some sneaky bush action with the ASU-57!

  14. Carlos Gutierrez

    Do BT5 next

  15. Odd when does the new decal come out?

  16. Do you ever stream? Would be fun to watch

  17. Can’t wait to have odd decimate me and my team at top tier, just for my iron fist and BESH to say 🖕to that

  18. Cristopher Quiroz

    I love doing this with the spj on swedish tree!

  19. A 150mm howitzer can kill higher tier tanks when they’re not shooting back. What a surprise

  20. I love how the two pieces of CARDBOARD on either side of the ammo compartment are sloped to increase thickness.

  21. Sir David immortalized !

  22. Hey bawz, can you play the m3 gmc at around br 5.3+. It is really fun zooming around in a half-track with basically a sherman gun on it
    Day 5

  23. owo my fav tank. so great for shooting over cover with the arcade drop indicator which to a certain point, works over terrain.

  24. Definitely push this to higher BRs if you enjoy it, you should take a derpy AA like the 6/2 milk truck as a just in case so you can actually do something about aircraft instead of just praying you don’t get seen or throwing your duck into a wall of fighters

  25. It would be nice to see you and the boys hook up again in some sheneggins in a “LOW TIER FUN TIER battle what ya say, Mate???🤔🤔🤔

  26. I absolutely love this challenge! Thanks for your creativity in coming up with it.

  27. 8:42 Mate that’s a top 5 German team console player moments right there. Two bots in Tigers just tunnel visioning a narrow sightline together, ramming into everyone and everything.

  28. Poopyhead1290ttv

    I once artyed someone across the map with the strumpanzer

  29. Just a quick note:
    ” in 1927 Ronson began marketing it as the Ronson De-Light Lighter with the slogan “A flip – and it’s lit! Release – and it’s out!””

  30. Lmao “Excavation_Nation”

  31. I love your videos odd keep up the awesome work ,also could you please say “burglar alarm” in your next video ? Thanks

  32. Efe the Captain

    Why would this frustrate other players ? It’s completely their fault that they die to a rank 1 vehicle. If it’s something, it’s just a big favor and opportunity for enemy team.
    I’d like to see chinese-m8 reserve, and one of the Stuartz at higher BRs.

  33. Yeah I hate these guys because they are deadly. I get sick of teammates bringing it trivial tanks to try get stunt kills when their skill level is not up to it. Your skill level makes most tanks seem OP. Love your work.

  34. MadeInGermany94

    i saw today in low tier Air rb (br. 2.7) on the german team a AI Hummel arty tank. idk why it isn’t yet ingame if they have them for the Ai vehicle.

  35. What “Deutschlandlied” cover did you use for the intro?

  36. That was disgusting.

    But I loved it.
    I’m gonna go and roll out in this and my Brumbar.

  37. Is it me or did i just learn what SPG means

  38. Ronson lighters were around long before WWII. It’s the specific marketing slogan “Lights first time, every time” that people attribute to the naming of the Sherman as “Ronsons”, that is wrong – that advert is post-war, so clearly not a correct origin of the “Ronson” tag.

  39. Hilarious

  40. He said “Do-do”!

  41. What the hell kind of speech impediment do you have? Are you eating while you are recording this? Are you a foreigner speaking English as a second language? I can’t tell what the hell is wrong with this video. Perhaps you need to use one of those robot reader programs because I surely can’t understand what you’re saying. Sorry.

  42. Wtf, how did I never know that stump was freakin 1.0????

  43. Day 215: But squeezey boy is better.

  44. in response to you saying it frustrates people who are trying to grind:

    dude.. no. If you kill someone with a Reserve tank… when they are in 5.7+ vehicles, they deserve to die. Your little tank can even be machine gunned to death

  45. росія відстойна

    i took it to 11.0 and got avg of 3 kills smh

  46. I say take a plane with a rear gunner(s) and see if you can get a ace in ground RB. I’ve got one kill in my dauntless but it was a Gaz AA so…

  47. wilco van der heide

    Try the m36b1

  48. Steven Yuskowski

    @20:43 the tiger eating a shell and smoke bellowing from the cannon is such a cool detail

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