STURMPANZER II – Germany’s New 150MM DERP (War Thunder 1.67 Gameplay)

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II – Germany’s New 150MM DERP ()


  1. This is one of my favorite German *ARTILLERIES* in World of Tanks. Did not know it was a TD, but im glad warthunder is adding more early game vehicles that post-ward. Wish they’d go all the way back to WW1 era vehicles and the trenches.

  2. #400k yeeaaHhh ?????????????????

  3. Why? This thing was artillery….

  4. The Ho-Ro has A cousin and the cousin is this

  5. A-26 Invader (3rd attempt)

  6. Congrats on 400k subscribers Phly!

  7. *gasp* This is an ARTILLERY piece!! My.. my dreams are coming true

  8. Sigurjón Torfason

    The lady combo matilda and canberra mk2 attempt 10

  9. No arcade pls

  10. fuck this is a world of tanks throwback

  11. Mr. Koonnot Tank Commander

    it is artillery tank

  12. 400K subs – good job Phly!

  13. Иосиф Steelin

    7:33 Look at the black crew member on the left.

  14. im making a shaped charge 8 guage shotgun round to see if its possible… if it works say good bye to all body armors being used by the usa

  15. that new map looks cool, i hope they dont shrink it.

  16. Its not SPG idk why they thought this would work if they said its a TD, At least give it a special view or something .

  17. they might aswell add player controlled arty seeig how the sturmpanzer was a arty piece

  18. schrage musik on a tank confirmed?

  19. One shot wonder combo: Play Mig 9 and IS-3 (Stalin guides your shells better than puny capitalist vehicle) Attempt #13

  20. Do the HO-RO Japanese tank destroyer, DESTROY THE AMERICANS

  21. this is arty

  22. I love how war thunder is adding spgs, well played

  23. Kinda starting to lose interest in Warthunder with all these one off or prototype tanks.

  24. I’m new to war thunder so what does a “gonk show” mean?

  25. Lincoln please

  26. Don’t worry about the sound cutting out Phly. It’s a known issue with the game that alot of people are suffering currently.

  27. “A biplane can kill a jet”. Yep. Though its not as entertaining as seeing jets trying to turn fight with a Ju 87 which has 37mm cannons.

  28. PLZ RESPOND!!!

  29. For those bitching that this is a slippery downfall to the introduction of artillery to war thunder –


    Besides, at standard combat ranges in War Thunder (500m – 2.5 km) only extremely slow velocity mortars like the Brummbar/Sturmpanzer II’s sIG 33 will have a high trajectory.

    Even then, HE in game performs NOWHERE near as powerful as it does in real life vs armor. IRL, one of the first T-34s knocked out in combat during Operation Barbarossa was by a 105 leFH 18 firing HE point-blank. In-game? StuH42 (which uses the same howitzer) cant even hurt a Hellcat firing HE if it hits the frontal hull.

    Arty, if anything, is only going to be an absolute liability to the person driving it if it were “added” in War Thunder

  30. how do you get on the dev sever?

  31. Armando Rodrigues

    first (well, second) artyllery vehicle in the game, maybe the next one will be the 105mm HMC M7 Priest/T82/M37/M52/M108/T38/T19 that could also use its gunS in direct fire and had a HEAT shell that could pen 104mm
    or the 155mm GMC M12 that could pen 127mm at 450 meters @30º with APBC/HE shells
    or 155mm GMC M40 that could pen 160mm at 450 meters @30º with APBC/HE shells, 152mm at 900 meters
    or the 25pdr Sexton, 63mm at 450 meters @30º with AP shells
    or LVTA(4/5) with the same 75mm howitzer as the M8, 91mm pen with HEAT

  32. Play The Maus with no ammo for both guns but mg is allowed bounce shells to get the ho 229 (try 6)

  33. I’ve already tried killing myself with the brummbar with a straight upward shit. The round just disappears after a time.

  34. so a German Ho-Ro

  35. 4:40 I ask that every day

  36. what is the sturmpanzer 2 ??>

  37. Why was I banned from your twitch? I asked about what happened to you and baron and I got banned like with phly?

  38. why would you shoot HEAT? use the HE it can blow up every tank if you shoot turret



  40. fuck this patch. Between the Ru-251 or what ever it’s called, and this… Germany will be unstoppable. German bias confirmed. Gaijin nazi sympathisers confirmed.

  41. Something is wrong with sound in war thunder it’s same for me

  42. i love the new update O_O

  43. Is this RB or Arcade ?

  44. bro you have 400000 subs congratz man

  45. Great, WoT has successfully branded this thing as a self propelled howitzer in everyone’s mind so now people are gonna want gaijin to add every other SPA from that game. Actual player-controlled artillery would never work in War Thunder, especially with the maps becoming smaller with every patch.

  46. Can I kill myself? omg lets totally do this….smart….

  47. I’ve had the game for 3 years, almost 4 it seems now. I have 2 tier 5 jets in russia, and over 5 months of premium play. The game is WAYYYYYYY too much of a grind and gets way to boring to even bother playing anymore. Good to know I’ll never play as a MAUS or Sabre. 10/10

  48. Phly, the evolution of warfare has gone beyond tank treads and simple kinetic weapons. Play Mwomercs and take out the signature mech of death the Atlas onto the battlefield. (attempt 13)

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