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  1. FeuerfesteUnterhose08/15

    10:28 how did you replenished a mew crew member INSTANTLY?

  2. Commander Porthos

    Hey phlydaily you get a mention by mighty jingles!
    Congratulations on getting Laura pregnant.

  3. Day 20: Lets get a throwback to the Crusader Mk III. It’s become my favorite tank in the game and I still bring it up to my 7.7 British lineup!

  4. Hazwan Hashim Hj Ibrahim

    Im enjoying this phly:)

  5. clu’shunk

  6. phlys weak pull out game

  7. That thing is great but for just a reg player it will be tough if its not ace’d out like yours. Love seeing a pro with the Brumbar. Out of the box the reload is 22.4 secs. Scary stuff

  8. Hey Phly, can you waist money to purchase the Polish Leopard and do a Vid on it?

  9. play the bm13n or the bm 824 like a true artilary vehicle, gor to a point and fire, reload, fore reload and so on

  10. these longrange shots were aaaaaawesome! ^^

  11. Good luck Steve hope you get enough sleep before he gets here because your not gonna get any when he is born.

  12. Смешно)

  13. I am 36 years old an my gf and i desited to throw our baby in the water because it didnt make is happy an began to drove us apart so we stabbed it and threw it out now we are happy again and live like a dream😁

  14. Ja ja, when I first meet this guy near enemy spawn I shat myself, so big and stronk. Next time I was playing it. Zo gut

  15. Bouabdellah Redha

    I hope for you and your wife all the best of time
    We love you and every thing you you do. So thank you for making our lives Bater so thank you from the bottom of our hearts
    And don’t worry your going to be a amazing dad
    I wish you the best of luck and happiness for the rest of your life

  16. I feel like arty is more to annoy people than kill them.

  17. “I didn’t hear him till he was fully exposed” you guys hear enemy tanks?

  18. Phather phly

  19. admril wolfraptor

    kv2 is better

  20. I wonder if a spacex launch will fail, its gonna happen at some point

  21. Imagine taking down a plane with this

  22. I really wish they’d develop the artillery side of the game more, like give you a map where you can click and get the coordinates which you adjust the gun to hit without LoS. It would create some interesting battles between artillery and counter artillery, and would give the planes more of a purpose aside from general ground attack.

  23. i just watch for content and the laughs i dont play 😛

  24. Alexandru-Stefan Talpalaru

    Just listening to the first part of this video i’ve realised that i’ve grown with you, man, i’ve been watching your war thunder videos since 2013 and now i am 20 years old, almost 21, at university, and that made me realise that your presence on youtube has been so important to me. You helped me improve my english skills as well, because i’m from Romania. I’m so happy to see both of us evolve into different people but with the same direction. Congratulations mate, you deserve all the support you have received through the years. An F for everybody who didn’t make it, may them not suffer no more.

  25. When what’s the last time he used the rockets on the me 262?

  26. Jingles n Phly!! Phly D you made jingles once a year war thunder vid lol!

  27. You’re going to be a dad

  28. congrats phly , you will be a great dad, and continue the good work

  29. Ah yes, the Bruh Bear

  30. The reason you don’t get the rangefinder to work properly is because you don’t use it properly.
    The rangefinder work from the first point you aim and click it at, not the last point. So if you look up into the air and activate rangefinder, it will measure the range up in the sky, not what ever you aim it at afterwards.

  31. imagine having someone as father who doesnt absolutely hate every kind of video game on the planet

  32. Why play medium tanks and have to unlock the Artillery mod when you can *BE* the artillery?

  33. I’m fed up with Phly, every vehicle he uses he gets a bunch of kills and I can’t tell if the vehicle is good or not because he’s good with all of them FFS!!!

  34. the almighty sate 10

    Over 10 years we will see a video of his son taking over the channel and playing duos whit his dad

  35. play the su-76

  36. Phly, you are amazing. Keep it up. When it’s time you better teach Phlybaby about War Thunder haha. I’m typing this message as you chat about what’s going on and honestly mate, my heart is so full.

  37. EnderManWiggins Gaming

    Builtmore is totally worth it. I didn’t think I would like, went and thought is was awesome.

  38. Sustained fight no but I think the ho-ro is if not the same a step up with the extra HE damage I take it with me up to 6.7 and even then it still deletes anything with a good placed shot

  39. Nice to hear that you two are doing well

  40. The happiness in Phlys voice at 13:45 when he says “Explosions!” Haha

  41. 06:03 hahahahahahahahahahah shooting actually interrupted the track repair lmao

  42. The spamming of artillery in WT is reminiscent of grenade spamming in Battlefield games 🤣🤣🤣

  43. Soviet Potatoes235

    Laura is not balanced
    Completely OP
    Uncool, nerf her

  44. Its funny how many years phly has used the measure distance wrong all these years xD

  45. Phlys channel is like the dorm room you can go to smoke a spliff play a few rounds of zombies or sumn n leave n has good music the whole time.

  46. They should make artillery gameplay more interesting. Easier, so it can be a play style

  47. Hey Phly I have a question you know where you could just put the cursor over your vehicle for a sec in like menu or something like that and it would give you info on it well in the new update for me I have to hold down left click for it to do that I want to change that back to how it was if you see this please help me out and just comment on this comment and tell me how to do it if you know
    Thx man and keep making the great content 🙂


  49. Ah yes first baby pregnancy, that feeling of “holy smokes I’m gonna be a dad” it’ll be 7 years June I had that feeling and hearing it from you is bringing me back to that feeling and it bring a tear to the eye (literally and happy tears). Congrats on the pregnancy and remember to continue to support your wife she will go through a lot of ups and downs and just you being there will make worth while.

  50. I just cant use that type of aim…
    I have “learned” to know where shell lands when I use normal aim. I never look at the distance.

    So only using distance as number makes me all blind.

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