Sturmtiger – “When You Fire A Tank At Another Tank!”

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Source: Bo Gaming

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I have been looking forward to revisiting the quite a while on the channel and this thing is as fun as ever. This 380mm rapid deconstruction device is a blast to use. Thankfully it was one of the few German in this Rating that did not go up recently.

Music: W. A. Mozart, Symphony No.38 in D Major

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  1. During recording of this video, I messed up really bad and lost about a third of footage due to a audio capture issue. A bit of the footage was used for the intro. I would like to thank Fateisescaped, Max Dakka, Stickboy24, and Hambone for staying on late last night and helping me get this video out to you guys. Without them this would have never happened.

  2. the beef jerky conversation was hilarious

  3. this tanke is not a to who it may concern. its a to who it will concern.

  4. Oh yeah. I forgot the K-4 got the 500

  5. A great video with many amazing moments, glad this one got out!

  6. Can you try to get a kill with the Bf-110’s “Schräge Musik” cannons? I think it would be an interesting challange.

  7. Can u play the t114 pls

  8. what is youre graphic settings

  9. 16:48 your engine decided to out heal the damage from the .50 how.

  10. Multiverse Admiral

    Man I love your videos kinda wish I could join you guys in one

  11. Where theres smoke there’s a fire… or german mains

  12. Dave's Throwaway acc 1

    Uh oh Bo’s on the field. Everyone scatter. Friends and enemies

  13. When you don’t need to hit the target, just hit in the general Zip code to get the kill.

  14. a great tank to play hide and seek with

  15. Please im begging you to play the d.520 it’s such a under appreciated plane.

  16. Made my bad day. Thanks Bo.

  17. Day 2- im beging you to play the d.520 its such a under appreciated plane

  18. Hey Bo, play the vickers mk3

  19. This thing looks like it wouldn’t be out of place in 40k

  20. Day 3- please please please play the d.520 it’s so under appreciated.

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