SU-100Y 130MM DESTROYER GUN (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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130MM DESTROYER GUN (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. super hellcat

  2. Brian Dunning (Mr666Games)

    Phly you should play the is3

  3. T-50 VS Tigers. <3

  4. Why is the SU-100 higher in br than this tank?

  5. phly have u played the b-27 sky fortress it was used as a bomber plane in

  6. play with the nebelwerfer duo=panzerwerfer+any plane with those 210mm

  7. Ólafur Mikaelsson

    M551 Sheridan

  8. phly ply m3lee the house tank!!! pls

  9. Play the T-44-122 tactical nuke gun

  10. Phly take out the Cromwell

  11. T-34-76 please. Also in W.o.T we call the SU-100Y “The box tank”

  12. T92 Light tank, The American Leopard!


  14. петя пупкин

    ну привет комрад

  15. Richard Lumnitzer

    Phly why you dont recording war thunder planes anymore? sry for my english

  16. wolf_raid from twiter Paslaitis


  17. phly is it okay if you can use the grille 15 tank FOR GERMANY AND THE

  18. Poor Tiger I’s, they need to be lowered to 5.3.

  19. Requesting the Cruiser tank Grant 1,
    also maybe someone can tell me why it seems to only get access to half the
    ammo I load into its turret while the 2nd gun seems normal.

  20. Play the Archer “ass tank”

  21. when i watch how good you are i laugh at my wt skills

  22. phsss what russian bias you sre funny dat don exist


  23. All one shots, all day long.

  24. T-26E1 super pershing and F8F bearcat witch tin tims

  25. GRIMREAPERwillEATyou

    M18 Beautiful, Kapitalist, speedy make you bleedy, Hellkitty. Kapitalist
    Stronk bias))))

  26. Russian BigFuckingGun combo: KV-2 1940(or 1939), SU-152 and ISU-152 (Only
    HE shells)

  27. Phly, play the Pzkpfw 38(t), or the LT-38. Stolen Czechoslovakian tank!

  28. box tank!!!!!!

  29. @PhlyDaily The last Tiger E you oneshot was me. It was me an honor, sir :D

  30. Play ze su squad. now ze su100 for ze soviet union!

  31. Я понимаю далеко не все, что ты говоришь, но я обожаю твои видео! Лайк!

  32. American Alien tank pls,T-92

  33. Ianislav Georgiev

    Т-60 i think it s the one with the 20 mm, it s OP

  34. Bobby the builder

    lol this tank just jstu bounce my m10gmc 4 shots he bounce

  35. We have naval guns on tanks, but we won’t have naval guns on ships…


  36. phly; can you play the avenger tank destroyer 😛 :)

  37. phly how to get those eagle? through buying eagle or through a app called
    free eagle for war thunder?

  38. Why is the KV2 a free unit but the brumbar premium?


  40. Centurion MK 10 Glass Cannon please. I just grinded it.

  41. Su -122 P

  42. Kv-2 1940
    Premium Tank
    Order Of Stalin Comrades

  43. hurricane mk 4

  44. try the T-92

  45. The su looks a bit like kv 2 combined with kv 1

  46. Vector Von Verrel A.R

    Play the Panzer 4 F2.

    Clubbing T-34 and KV-1 breeki skrubs.

  47. Its not a Russian Bias, its more the fact you do the perfect “Russian

  48. play su 152 the hunting german weapon

  49. XD i saw you yesterday in the su100y! I was in a kv 220, remember
    ?(Hungarian_Pro is my in-game name). l even asked if it was you. l even
    remember that camo…

  50. can you use t34-57 and t34-85 🙂 pls

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