^^| SU-122-44 A weird one. (World of Tanks Gameplay.)

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Source: SirCircon


  1. Is spotting an instrument?

  2. the SU-122-44 is roflOP, 150+mm of effective armor w/o angling, pre-nerf
    camo, high maneuverability…I feel like im missing something…oh
    yeah…OVER 3K DPM AT TIER 7 with a 122mm gun

  3. Damn Circ, you got some good music going during your streams man. Thought i
    heard myself some Truckfighters in there.

  4. If you guys dig the tunes check out The Atomic Bitchwax, Somali Yacht Club
    and Freedom Hawk

  5. “Can I eat spotting?”

  6. Camo net ChiRi new tier 7 meta

  7. Cheers for uploading more often Circon!

  8. Way to make a boring start into a awesome game

  9. lowest damage during this or any battle in this tank, circon you shot the
    nashorn and did 212damage…

  10. God , what is the name of the song at the beginning

  11. Do a video where you play this at Tier 9 lol, teach me the true unicum ways

  12. Mikael “Temotodochi” Levoniemi

    I had a year long break and after i came back i noticed ALL tanks were a
    lot slower than they used to be. I think they slowed them down gradually
    over multiple patches.

  13. name of the first song?

  14. The DPM is better than all tier 10 heavy tanks (apart from T57) and better
    than all tier 10 medium tanks (apart from Obj.430).
    But, in reality that depends on the pen and the bad aim of the gun which
    makes it closer to the IS DPM as it seems to hit and pen regular shots
    about half the time… 😛 So this makes the DPM half of what it is on
    paper, which more in line with tier 7 tanks…

  15. Richard Gustafsson

    It’s fun as long as you don’t have a alphabetical disorder keeping you from
    aiming lmao

  16. almost as good as Chi-ri

  17. Would you recommend vents or optics for the IS6?
    I almost have Brothers in arms for the crew

  18. Well I love this tank, second prem tank I ever bought, and it is a money
    maker. Of course Circon is correct that at T7 is it OP, it works OK-ish at
    T8 and at T9, well you have to sit back and snipe with APCR and hope the
    gun cooperates.
    I guess I’d agree with Circon that it is an OK tank for a noob like me 🙂

  19. MVP goes to the Leo.

  20. At tier 7, this tank just has to drive forward, autoaim, and shoot. At tier
    8 and 9, you have to kemp boosh and avoid getting spotted. There are much
    worse tanks to be bottom tier in. At least you have speed and camo in this

  21. su 152 with the 122 is better

  22. whats that song in the begining?

  23. SirCircon, how much will you sell your acc for?

  24. You’re playing it like a sniper, while it’s actually a true brawler ;-)

  25. Alright so 5 minutes of this video + one shazzamed song = I am hooked on
    1000mods and discovered few other amazing bands, thanks Circon! :D

  26. stayed for the song what is it?

  27. Su-122-44: ”Too good at tier 7 and too bad at tier 8” – Circon 2017

    This is pretty much exactly how I feel about it, anything with armour on
    tier 8 is frustrating as fuck to play against with a D-25T equipped tank
    without a turret.

  28. What’s the music? Really like it

  29. “if su122-44 had a turret would it be op?” “do you mean IS?” then IS on the
    enemy proceed to bounce 2 shots XD valid point there

  30. nice…soon to be 100k ;)

  31. Unstoppable in T7, useless when over half of the enemy team are T8/9 heavy
    and T9 TD

  32. Thanks for the 73.000 subs everyone! <3

  33. still my best credit grinder tank.

  34. Fuck the Russian fan base they don’t know whats best for this game

  35. why is there a german flag?

  36. how to reach that 6.6s reload ?

  37. it’s not OP, because 8/10 games in this tank is +2 mm

  38. Lol roll of 219 !?

  39. first? what?? hello???

  40. Su-122-44 ma favrt tank

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