SU-130PM vs Skorpion (G), Which one is Better? | World of Tanks Best Premium Tank Destroyers

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World of Tanks SU-130PM Gameplay. World of Tanks G Gameplay. World of Tanks Skorpion G vs SU-130PM, Tier 8 Premium Tank Destroyers.

00:00 INTRO
00:45 WHY SKORP SY-130PM?
02:45 SU-130PM SETUP
10:27 SU-130PM RESULTS
26:40 OUTRO

One of the most frequently asked questions about premium tanks… Which one should I pick – SU-130PM vs Skorpion G?

Let’s play couple battles and let’s try to figure out! 🙂

What do you think?



  1. What do you think about these tanks, if you own them? Were you able to get the SU-130PM for free from the marathon?
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    • Su was way better, because both has same gun yet su-130pm was low profile and slightly speedy than scorpion g

    • @Đeath but look at other way tier 6 can easily pen scorpion g and get high xp and credit

    • i have Skor good as he is.not have chance to play with SU-PM…look at ur Video..both of them is good in they way.

    • I have both. I prefer su130 for few reasons. Far better concealment and better amunition for example. Scorps AP fire arc is sometimes looks like arta (AP velocity 920). So in the role of support / sniper position is shorthanded by a mile. Only correction possible is use full gold setup because there is no good reason (except credits) to use AP above APCR.

    • I do not have any of these two, but I like to go against them in my SU-152 😀 Against SU-130 there is small chance to send him to garage in one shot, otherwise hit will hurt both of them.

  2. how to download the garage mod???

  3. I have both TD’s but have played 3x more games in Skorp G, but had it longer so not really a surprise. I got the SU at 80% discount. SU has the better avg dmg by 300 per battle and that is probably due to the extra dmg per shot. I find both guns to be extremely derpy even when fully aimed in but that has been in the last year (a secret adjustment to soft stats perhaps??). Can’t decide which one I enjoy most. I hate the Berlin map too but already have Ensk and Himmelsdorf banned.

  4. Name; M1A2_Tank_Commander
    Server; USC
    Vehicle if I win; SU 122-44

    I own 155 premium vehicles so there is not much in the store that I don’t have.
    Any way, I own both the SU 130-PM and the Skorpion G as well as the Skorpion. I prefer the SU 130 over the Skorpion for a couple of reasons. 1- The gun. Though it may be slightly slower in aim time by .19 and dispersion is .05 more it makes up for it in gun elevation, 37, and camouflage. I can sit in a bush and shoot all day without being spotted in the 130, but in the same conditions the skorp will get spotted. The Skorpion is the faster of the two although the 130 is listed at 65 I never get it close to 65. The best I can get it on a flat paved surface is around 45 and that is with a crew that has nearly 7 skills at 100%. The 130 also has a better gun and hull travers. Though in real life how tight a tracked vehicle turns is determined by how much the driver locks the turning track. There is no set radius or turning rate. It’s just like applying the brakes on a car to come to a stop. The harder you push on the brakes the faster you will stop, the less you apply the brake the slower you will stop. It’s the same concept when tracked vehicles are turning. The more you apply the brake the tighter the turn, the less you apply the break the wider you will turn. But these developers don’t listen to anyone with actual experience.
    I have 20 years of Army experience on Artillery and Tanks, most of it on tanks. But I have driven many vehicles in the Army from wheeled to tracked. I was an actual M1A2 Tank Commander. The M1 is an awesome man toy to play with. LOL

    They also have ground resistance wrong. Tracked vehicles don’t experience ground resistance since the track is laid down on top of the ground and does not move across it, while wheels have to push earth out of the way and experience ground resistance. Especially when it comes to bad weather or bad ground conditions.
    Think if this if you are having a hard time visualizing a track. It would be like laying a board down across mud and then driving across the board. Would the tires/wheels experience the mud now? No, the board is what the tire/wheel experiences instead. That’s what it is like when you have a track on a vehicle.

  5. Sorry Dez, I’m not doing gleam. I love your vids and want to take part in give aways but gleam is so hard to remove yourself from after. I don’t really want them harvesting all my data (yeah I know, Google already does, but I would like to minimise it). Your WOT content is great, Dez, keep it up! But I hope you can do more giveaways without gleam.

  6. Hello Dez, hello community.Sadly the stats on paper vs. In-game experience are two different things.if the rng works both are good.sadly the game will decide how many fully aimed shots you will miss or won’t pen.It’s not skill based.

  7. Scorp G have sometimes really troll gun shooting too up/down:(
    And SU have a lot better camo 45 and Russian balance.

  8. One thing I love about the skorp is that it can become a pocket medium tank when the time calls for it with the mobility and the full turret you can get aggressive later in the game. And while you lack HP and armor If it’s late game your gun is very well threatening enough to convince people not to try and trade with you as they could be in 1 shot range at that point fairly easily.

  9. I don’t have the SU-130PM but I definitely believe it is better because of Russian Bias.

    I regretted buying my Skorpion. It’s camouflage is almost non-existent. As soon as I fire behind bushes, I am almost certainly spotted. And it’s gun handling is trollish even when fully aimed despite it’s good dispersion values. It also does less damage per shot.

    So yes, typical Wargaming Russian Bias.

  10. I prefer the Skorpion G over the SU, I dont have the best rng in the skorpion g and the shell velocity is a bit annoying, but the su just fucks my ass over and over again

  11. They’re both OP cancer, but which one is MORE OP?!?!??!!!!!!
    Watch the vid 🙂

  12. both tanks were great if i have either of it my favorite would be skorpion g. for me is much more flexible when i had chance to use rental version of it and i really love it when first and few battle after it. but if had chance to have
    su-130pm . surely i will pick su-130pm as my choice

  13. What i noticed after 1700 battles with skorp g, it has grille syndrom. Gun is trolling quite often. Btw i have 0,24 accuracy with field modifications.

  14. Bujor Mircea Iulian

    I only had Skorpion G rental, quite a good crew, and i can tell u it was not fun! I missed more than half shots (58% hits in 104 battles) – fully aimed…. The other one is russian, so it must be better….

  15. Why are Dez and Skill making same videos

  16. your team in the second match triggered me, cannot watch anymore

  17. is it me are does it seem harder and harder to make credit at this game

  18. Dez says SU most players got for free because it was a marathon reward.

    Dez. My man. Do you really think most players complete the marathons?!

  19. Personally I myself don’t have either one. If I had one it would have to be the SU though, I like some of the oddball shots it pulls off.

  20. I play them both in rotation, once Skorpion, once SU. Both are great.

  21. Like them both but somehow *insert tinfoil hat meme* I seem to perform better in the Skorpion B(lyat) – the 130PM.

    One thing I enjoy on the 130 better than Skorpion is the gun elevation – 130 can get into some stupid positions due to that.

    Other than that, on paper, Skorpion G is way better.

  22. I do also hate Berlin btw lol


  24. I would say that su is better, but he has 75% RNG

  25. Thx for the giveaway… I’d love to choose my favorite premium tank for free!
    ps. my Scorpion G used to hit pretty reliably but misses often since the nerve a few month ago… 😢

  26. The Skorpion’s accuracy is total garbadge these days – a lot well-aimed shots to sitting targets just don’t hit or don’t damage and ot ruins the games, I even find myself loading gold ammo without a need for it in order to have decent shell speed and more chances to hit – as happens to many other Germany vehicles (I first noticed it on the Rhm) and accuracy used to be the German vehicles’s point. I find myself rather playing with the Kanonenjagdpanzer 105 despite its much lower DPS (its stupid how low the DPS of this vehicle is but this game is probably programmed by trolls) and credit outcome, so bad is the Skorpion “sniper”…call that a sniper is an insult, lately.

    If I knew then what I know now I would have never bought that 💩.

  27. I am do not like this map Berlin

  28. EU: alexpap73
    Both very annoying when in the enemy team 😁
    Would be nice to have in s marathon perhaps but I wouldn’t pay so much real cash for any of those…

  29. Eu=skoser . I have skorp and it has fun to play

  30. Hey Dez , thanks for this.
    I got su130pm in a xmas box, it is great damage dealer/credit grinder. Lack of fully rotating turret can be a bit of an issue . One of the best things about this tank that you didn’t mention is that the crew fits.
    Gun great , cammo good and pretty quick in a straight line for relocation

  31. One is russian, and the other one is german. Should you ask any more than that? LMAO
    Kidding aside, it really depends on your preference. Higher alpha, better hit box, and camo? Choose SU. Better gun handling, turret, and sleekness? Choose Skorp.

  32. I think all i undestood in this video was “More Penetrations = always better”

  33. I won 3 loot boxes from a small youtuber in 2018, won a Skorpion! While I’ve had good games, the gun handling sucks. Never, ever snap shoot, expect fully aimed shots to fly to the edge of the circle, swear and alt-F4. With a 4 skill crew too…. You must get special CC rng!

  34. I have both tank at 2 gunmark and for me SU-130PM is the best Skorpion G would be good at paper but the gun can mess with you like a Grille15 and i still say Skorpion G is like a Panther II with a huge gun .

  35. I really wanted to buy one of those prem tanks, now there is a giveaway :). GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE

  36. I only have SU but I don’t play it much, that sort of sniper playstyle isn’t something I enjoy much. Personally I despise them both, they are a bush camping scourge on the battlefield because I love to play my close range brawling heavies, and every game I get slapped at least once by some bushcamper skorpion.

  37. My Skorpion G clearly comes from a different factory than yours. My Skorp’s accuracy is worse compared to my SU-130PM. I regularly have my shots go to the outer extremes of my aiming circle. In fact, I would say 70% of my shots go there. Also, it does not seem to matter if I double-bush when I shoot the Skorp. When that gun goes off I get spotted with multiple incoming shots following.

  38. STA1 SU130 and scorpion G are the tanks you load HE as soon as you see them

  39. I find the Skorpion gun to be quite inaccurate. It has fake stats. I prefer the 130PM. You know it’s not accurate and it has good camo. So, uh, the SU-130PM for me.

  40. حسین بنازاده

    eu: k00r0sh i am not td lover but i guess su is better

  41. Both tanks have their strengths and weaknesses but I like the Scorp because im trying to get max skills on my german td crews

  42. Stupid Azz Drivers (SAD)

    Loved the 130 and now it can’t hit shit, six skill crew and rng monster has camped on the vehicle.

  43. Skorp G for me, full turret, more accuracy, APCR rounds instead of heat, it’s clearly more mobile as well despite the on paper stats being similar. SU has better camo but you make your own camo and Skorp is just so more versatile IMO, you can peek in cities whereas the SU is much more awkward, can’t to do the close range support role.

  44. You have 3 marks on many tanks and still sometimes play like a noob that drives through the open, doesn’t seem to care or know about bush mechanics and has no map awareness.

    Around 23:20 f.e…. You spot the WZ and shoot right there even though you have no bush between you and the sniper hill (where T20 obviously waits) and wonder how you got spotted. After that you peak too early while you are still spotted and think the WZ hit you blindly… No, he didn’t and you do and say things like that quite often…

    Drive back a bit and shoot unspotted… Tada

    Everyone has a brain fart from time to time I guess 😉

  45. Skorp G comes with german troll cannon stats though.

  46. Rotation + exhaust + rammer + reinforced suspension for + 15% terrain resists turns the skorpion into a leo pta, SU cant do the same fixes to its mobility that the skorp can.

  47. IRAKLIOS // EU

  48. Day 64 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  49. Got both like them both just prefer skor a bit more because of its apcr rounds but the camo on the 130 is much better and its a smaller target. When i need to build up some money I always play the skor

  50. 3marks the both, I would say the fully rotatate turret of the skorp make it better for city, and his apcr better for long range fire. Now Im gonna watch the video 😀

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