SU-14-1 Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

An arty replay æ don’t hate me!

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  1. A game in my s51 was better 😛 5.8k damage haha

  2. Normally I enjoy your replays, but this one seemed sub-standard. I don’t
    mind that it was an arty replay, but I what I do mind is your choice to use
    a replay that was pretty much non-functional. How many times during the
    video did you state the arty replay was messed up? You knew the replay
    wasn’t working perperly, and still you pused out this video to your
    subscribers. I think most of us will view this entry as sub-standard
    compared to your other higher quality videos.

  3. What mod pack are you using?

  4. MyReligionIs2DoGood

    Hey, I totally hate you now! Subscribed! 😛
    Which of the tanks you already have researched or in your garage did you
    not ace yet?

  5. So your telling the tomatoes to try to blind kill stuff so people not
    clicking and balls grabbing get less xp?
    I see it very often, they WAIT on purpose and then most of the time miss
    cuz the target moved. loss-loss.

  6. Arty is great, don’t listen to the whiners!

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