SU-14-2 Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

Don’t hate the player, hate the game!

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  1. please don’t shy away from posting the odd arty vid

  2. arty….boooo…….still love the vid tho!

  3. Joe Angel Alonzo Trejo

    I love playing arty I have three tier 10 t92,bc 155 55and obj 261 and this
    is on the Xbox one edition

  4. Irish you arty scumbag! LOL keep them coming whatever tank you want to
    drive Cheers

  5. My SU-14-2 is still stock and it is excruciatingly slow! I don’t really
    play anymore so it’s probably going to stay stock. I also accidentally sold
    the guns when I sold the SU-14-1 so I’d have to rebuy those again, bummer!

  6. Key phrase of the video was, “We’re a tier 8 in a tier 10 game, but that
    isn’t as important when you’re in arti.” 🙂 I rest my case.

  7. I prefer the M53/M55, very traversable gun, good mobility, ability to mount
    vents, good shell trajectory, and very scary in TD mode. Oh, did I mention
    the 203mm shells with 8.5m of splash.

  8. When I was working at the Dutch MOD, I remarked about a self propelled
    artillery model sitting on a general’s desk to him: “Nice tank you have
    there”. He looked at me, invited me to sit down and I got a 90 minute
    lecture on the differences between tanks and self propelled artillery. In
    summary, artillery is not a tank, even if it is self propelled. The story
    is not finished. I went back to my department after that lecture, told my
    director (an ex scout tank commander) what had befallen me to have a good
    laugh about it. And yes… he invited me to sit down and I got the second
    90 minute lecture on the differences between Self propelled artillery and
    tanks…. Please do never call artillery a tank in the vicinity of
    military. And so, I also have a good case that artillery should not be in
    World of TANKS…

  9. It’s OK Irish I had to get all the Tier 2-7 arty to grind out the stain
    that is the first class medals on my service record so your not alone.

  10. Irish you arty scumbag!

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