SU-2-122, Object 283, Big Map Changes + Announcement | World of Tanks Update 1.19+ Patch

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Source: DezGamez

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World of SU-2-122, Double-Barreled Destroyer Preview – Ops 2023 Tank? New 9 Reward Tank, Medium 283 Preview. Mountain Pass Steppes Big Changes. World of Tanks Update 1.19+ Patch News.

Video chapters:
00:00 Introduction
00:20 SU-2-122 Preview
04:25 Announcement
05:24 Object 283
09:40 Vacation announcement
12:20 Mountain Pass Changes
17:37 Steppes Changes
20:00 Outro

Information from:
– WG
– WotExpress

Some new MEME tanks are coming, like tier 5 Su-2-122, first double-barreled , which will be able to oneshot higher tier tanks… Also, I spotted Object 283 on the and some big map changes coming to Mountain Pass and Steppes.

What do you think?


  1. What do you think about all of this? Also, as said in the video, going to travel to Africa in 2 days, but I made some awesome videos for you, so stay tuned. If something big happens in WoT, let me know on Twitter or Instagram, but I can not cover it myself for the next 2 weeks, just so you know. Love you all!
    Anyway, here are the video chapters for your viewing pleasure:
    00:00 Introduction
    00:20 SU-2-122 Preview
    04:25 Announcement
    05:24 Object 283
    09:40 Vacation announcement
    12:20 Mountain Pass Changes
    17:37 Steppes Changes
    20:00 Outro

    • Enjoy your holidays!
      If you have the opportunity go for a Safary 😉
      I did it 3 years ago in the Kruger Park and was amazing

    • There is no reason for them to add a TD at tier 5 with 450 alpha and making it a double barrel is just unbalanced.
      It’s a tier 5 limiting the alpha to 350 would balance it. WG needs to stop introducing random vehicles that never existed in any form and are unbalanced.
      I’m happy they are finally reworking Mountain Pass, that map has been a crap show for nearly a decade. There are still areas of the map that are unplayable due to the terrain. They could make better use of the map size just by moving a few mountains back or adding passages through them, which would provide cover from arty.
      The changes to Steppes is meh at best. the South spawn still has its 3-base overwatch positions which can be used to control the engagement, while the north does not

    • Every mapchange is bad for light tanks for the last years. Braindead heavy tank gameplay is the main goal. I really dislike it and I am very close to quit that game. (3moe light/medium player)

    • Have a nice holiday!!!

  2. Looks like they are trying to force faster games?

  3. mountainpass: what’s the use of a bridge when you can drive down on 1 side and drive up on the other side?

  4. DEZ please don’t ask what is hanging from the trees in africa….. hope you a great vacation

  5. Wow!! Huge map changes for mountain pass. Really, really going to change the fights on it. Steppes changes are not as dramatic

  6. Definitely not going to give us a new tier 5 deserved reward lolol
    I think south spawn was massively buffed for Mountain Pass

  7. they need to rework that tier 5 exclusieve map or even delete it,
    you can’t defend yourself in your own base

  8. Safe travels!

  9. New Corridor Pass: now with more corridors!

  10. Enjoy your trip! Sounds exciting.

  11. war thunder better

  12. Enjoy your holiday!

  13. Have Fun!!!! Be Safe!!!

  14. Vinícius Abreu de França

    SU-2-122: Version of Caliban to tier 5. WG doesn’t fool anyone…

  15. Most of millionplug stuffs are out of stocks

  16. I find it funny with map changes, the only one’s that really like the map changes didn’t know how to play the maps. The folks that know how to play the maps did so by trail and error. My guess the one’s that did well will relearn while the others will still suck no matter what. But like anything they will finally learn the correct way to play the tanks and positions and WG will rework it and screw with them too. I just want War Gaming to stop messing around with things nobody asked them to change and fix RNG and MM !! But as we all know that will never happen. Numbers of players just 2 to 3 years ago were 3 to 4 times higher then now.

  17. I love it when they rework the maps. I understand it takes time to rework and rebalance the maps, but we need a lot more reworks on other maps too. I would love to see open flat area in middle of some maps rechanged to trenches, hills, bumps and rocks.

  18. Well, 9 Nov my birthday too.. hope you enjoy your vacation!

  19. Enjoy your time away!

  20. I hope they add more topography maps to play.

  21. The SU-2-122 looks like a Russian tier 5 version of the British gun carrier which is at tier 6.

  22. WG EU is systematically destroying the gameplay for TDs… 😐

  23. happy vaccation dez

  24. Have fun in Africa!
    (AntonioAndolini / NA server)

  25. Pro tip – Stay in the vehicle when there are lions around. Do NOT hold a piece of meat out to get a cute shot of you feeding a lion.

  26. Stopped playing this game long time ago but I still like your videos

  27. Mountain pass changes are welcome. I am glad that they lowered the possibility of getting sniped in the first minute of the game. Not so sure about the changes to the steppes map. It appears that WG are trying to make it more difficult for people who camp at one spot the whole game. Those map changes will pressure the players to change positions and be creative in finding new map spots to shoot from and then take cover.

  28. Cant wait to play mountain pass :)) whoever is in charge of map design is doing a really good job and i think that wg is def taking a big step in the right direction, really looking forward to this!!!

  29. The south base on the Mountain pass was such a pain to push already, with allowing them even better sniping positions on K1-2 area will make it a no-go zone from North which was already a very difficult to push thru… They made a very good changes eliminating some sniping angels, but now it looks that the overall gameplay on mountain pass will be same.. .South base is just made to camp till the end of times.. It is literally impossible to push thru now with 2 sniping corridors being the only way to push thru with the magic forest crossfire as cherry on cake
    Wonder why it is that on Clan Wars the South Base is made an attacker in the final landing battles… (possibly cos the map is so fking inbalanced?)

  30. Have a happy hols @Dez

  31. Enjoy your holiday, Dez!

  32. Didn’t think they could make Mountain Pass even worse for light tanks but there it is. Extreme close quarters fighting only now.

    The deforestation of Steppes continues as well. It’ll bccome Sand River II soon.

  33. Liking the map changes. Happy vacay, Dez!

  34. Happy holidays Dez

  35. Balkan Headquarters

    Dez i just killed lav tank??!?

  36. Big map changes, but again, they change them to boost the hull down meta and ruin the game for Light tanks and Sniping TDs…. Not a big fan of these “one-sided” changes to the maps. There are so many maps that clearly favour hull down play and not that many that favour sneaky tactics…

  37. To be honest the biggest problem of steppes map are south sniping shelves with lots of bushes, that is really hard to dig out. North was not that big of problem

  38. Really hard to say if the changes to mountainpass is good or not. Especially removing the ability to snipe across the bridge from the height, yeah it was a onesided advantage that skewed the sides, but it was often a primary reason to use that snipe position at all, now it seems likely to end up more like the height on the other base, mostly useless except for artillery or when enemy advances specifically from where you CAN snipe there, which means just sitting there waiting for more than half the match, meaning that it’s no longer a realistic position for a slow tank.

    Similar with the ramps for the bridge, on the one hand, it opens up a lot of moves, but on the other, it makes the bridge a big “meh”, because now it can be accessed from below and no longer acts as a “special way” to get around.

    Steppes makes me feel even more amibigious… Yes, they remove several annoying places, but those are also very important parts of having a chance of attacking, there’s a risk that this will result in even more “everyone tries to hide Mexican standoff, because the moment anyone peeks too far, they get instakilled” kind of matches.

    And the Su-2-122 looks more like a tier 6 than 5.

  39. Enjoy your vacation with Family Dez. Have lots of fun! Thank you very much for all the game info and great videos.

  40. I think tier 5 is the tier for all the most fun, quirky or just downright silly tanks, I absolutely love it.

  41. Another Money grab this time at tier 5. Most will buy it just to try it. Maybe in Xmas Boxes which = way more money for WG.

  42. Dez, Enjoy your trip. Make sure to take lots of pictures of – Lowe (German for Lion), Tigers, and Leopards, Panthers. I am looking forward to following you on your trip.. Remember NO Face Shots or you know what happens 😉

  43. I hope Mines will be removed from the game before i die. Can’t stand this POS map

  44. So Mountain pass will become even more useless to play a light tank in with hull down inpenetrable turreted tanks ruling . Good job wg good job.

  45. Once again a good approach, but too little… At least on steppes. I think that K6-0 should undergo strong changes, but these areas do not seem to be adjusted. Pity!

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