Subscriber Q&A (Steam key winners)

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Source: osirish

Finally getting around to answering some questions and giving away some prizes.

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  1. Wow, you look nothing like I thought you would! Haha, been watching your
    vids for around 4-5 months now, (you’re one of the first people I check for
    vids 🙂 ) and this is the first time I’ve seen your face 🙂 

  2. TD’s and arty, two of my three favorite classes :/
    Roll on WoWS release, hopefully with RN and KM

  3. Nice to finally see your mug! I recently (finally) cut off my long hair.
    Then again, I probably have 20 years on you. When folks would ask me why I
    had long hair (ft long ponytail), I’d tell them my barber died, and I was
    still in mourning. :)

  4. PsychoMuffinMuncher

    I love Bad Company as well :)

  5. Love your vids Irish! Keep it coming!

    Do you think WoT has any real threatening competitors such as up and coming
    Armoured Warfare? 

  6. Dave Pawlikowski

    And I win! Thanks!

  7. Irish, if you could change one thing in WoT, what would it be?
    And what is the difference between a green player and a purple one?

    PS, I’m short on time, so not interested in a steamkey.

  8. It is totally weird listen to someone for many months and then suddenly see
    his face. I have always imagined you as guy with glasses, slim and with
    curly hair… Question… Can you please do a video regarding crew
    training? Especially sixth sense. It takes soooo long to get it to
    100%…thank you. 

    • +Michal Valent I covered that a long time ago in my “How I Tank” series. I
      might do a quick revisit, but I’ve got so many videos on the planning desk
      at the moment, no promises.

  9. Re 19:33 Bingo… unfortunately the majority of player base is below
    average intelligence and what used to be a brilliant tactical game
    degenerates to pointless corridor brawls where snipers and scouts no longer
    count. If I did not spent all the money on that game I would probably no
    longer bother to plays it. Still, these days, typically after two or three
    games I am disgusted and switch to World of Warships (damn you WG you’re
    like a pusher).

  10. RNGesus? Just kidding!

    I’m with you on the Japanese tanks. I’m up to the Chi-To and so far haven’t
    found one I want to keep. I think the heavies might be fun if you platoon
    together with other Japanese heavies like with the TOG IIs. I doubt you’ll
    ever see them in competitions. I wonder why?

    If they went to a +/- 1 tier game, most tanks would instantly become
    “balanced” since they wouldn’t be SO over-powered or SO under-powered when
    high or low tier.

    I would recommend getting rid of the Mittengard or as I call it
    “KinderGARDen” map. You wait about a minute and a half to two minutes to
    play, then the game is over in two minutes. Seems to reinforce the YOLO
    mentality into new players. At least give us the opportunity to toggle it
    off like you can with the Encounter and Assault game modes.

    I would lower the ridges on Province so it’s more of a flat map to prevent
    a camp-fest sniper tank game. The team that moves the most seems to be the
    one that loses.

    Although I plan to try WoWs, I doubt I will play it often. My nieces and
    nephews are playing it and asked that I play the game with them. If not for
    that, it doesn’t look all that much fun. I’m not much of a nautical guy.
    So, glad to hear you will remain more focused on WoT!

    So, want to platoon with Japanese mediums? :)

  11. I expected you to have shorter hair. You look like someone who picks fights
    with crime syndicates and crush them to relax and unwind. Still, love your

  12. Thanks for this Irish, interesting stuff. Kind of glad you have no plans
    for WoWs too. I ended up here for your quality Tanks content. Many WoT
    community contributors are putting up more and more ship vids, that game
    just leaves me cold… brrr
    Question: Do you ever think you will be a Unicum/How long will that take

  13. Were you able to live on your counterstrike playing in Korea? I know they
    pay crazy money for pro-players there 🙂 Btw, glad you seem to be fine
    healthwise right now – keep up the great work!

  14. Nice. Been looking forward to ths

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