Subscriber Update and Thanks | SirHavoc #halfgrownbeard

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  1. hope that all gose well buddy.

  2. Bring back the beard!!!!

  3. don’t cut the hair any shorter, or people could mistake you for Jingles?

  4. I’m almost 38 and envy your beard growing. lol

  5. Welcome back haha that beard is legendary

  6. I have a small beard since after the army at 21. I am now 38. My beard is
    my signature. Its who i am. Fuck all who say how you should look and they
    should concentrate on their own look.

  7. Guess we have to start calling you BeardHavoc now…
    Am I right ??? AM I RIGHT ??? Anyone ???

    Ok… I’ll let myself out now !!!

  8. paulius petruskevicius

    Great honest video keep it going.

  9. Looking forward to the fox video ;)

  10. Just a random question but what are your PC specs? :)

  11. hey sir havoc i hope u will be going better soon and allso to ur mom and
    i have a good game in my BC 25T with 7,5k dmg and 9 kills turning around a
    lose into a nice win hope u like it


  12. More AW vids please. Hope your mum and the little lad have got better now.
    Take care ?.

  13. I dont enjoy playing WoT but i like to watch your videos:)

  14. Hi sir havoc

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