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You can help me greatly, specially in october, by subbing for free using amazon(twitch) prime. Check the video on how to do it!
if we reach 300 new subs this month, we will have 5 extra emotes for the subs to use on twitch!
Even if you dont have time to watch my twitch but watch my youtube a lot, this a great FREE way to support me!


  1. Instructions unclear, my Johnny John stuck in usb port

  2. “twitch prime isn’t available in your country” :(

  3. Btw Circon, there is a free Google chrome add on called “Ultra Surf” one of
    its functions is a VPN based in the US, so anyone can get the free 30 day
    trail for amazon prime and sub for free

  4. that was a really well done guide, i mean like one of those chessie ass YT
    vides that YT puts up at the end of the year

  5. tutorial with circon

  6. Available only for <1% of the countries in the entire world, well played

  7. Viktor Woloszczuk

    Such a weird video to get from circon, with happy jolly music instead of
    cussing, beards and metal.

  8. *ca-CHIIIING* circPaid :D

  9. Denzell Rodriguez

    Rip me. I can’t do it cause I am in the Caribbean.

  10. ultimate sellout

  11. Now you’ll be able to afford the highest quality memes.

  12. “Sorry! Twitch Prime isn’t available in your country.” Oh well, at least I

  13. I was going to do it, but you are a sellout.

  14. I can’t do this in Vietnam, even with Hola VPN to change the ip = =

  15. It appears you’ve signed in from another country that isn’t on the list,
    you can go fuck yourself friend! 🙂
    So much for that.

  16. pull out your old gift cards boys its time to abuse free trials

  17. One of the emotes got to be something like circSellout

    Dont let me down circSoon

  18. Neah . This .Bullshit.

  19. So if I have Amazon Prime (which I do) I will never have to pay to be
    subbed to you on Twitch?

  20. nice royalty free music

  21. can i touch ur peepee? :3

  22. PogChamp! Circon this makes me so happy, I didn’t realize you could do
    this. Going to do this right now. :)

  23. SirCellout.

    I’m only kidding Circon, you know I love you.

  24. Michael Cartwright

    to bad Australia doesn’t get prime… :/

  25. The Guy Known As...

    10th like, 5th comment


  27. Basicly, if you have AMAZON PRIME, you get Twitch Prime for free, with that
    comes a monthly free sub to a channel of your choice. This counts as a
    regular sub for all intents. IF we 300 this month, we unlock 5 new emote
    slots that all subs can use. If we drop below 300 AFTER that, we will still
    have the dank emotes. > https://twitch.amazon.com/prime < also monthly goodies/games/skins. Read more @ link 😀 and follow the video on how to sub to me! :D

  28. Sorry cant still not available in my country :/

  29. Fairy GoodMüller

    omg FIRST

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