^^| Such a good map. /s T54E1 Stream Highlight

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Source: SirCircon

Why is this map still in the game?!


  1. Stroke the glorious beard for infinite wisdom and godlike rng ^^ ( ͡° ͜ʖ

  2. good game but still gold spammer

  3. Full premium ammo :-P

  4. Shaking your tail at another tank prior to killing them is Circonflexes
    version of tea bagging

  5. Does SirFoch have a girlfriend?

  6. Why is this map still in the game?

    Gotta do LT mission 15 somehow….

  7. lmao that woman

  8. Hey Circon, I was wondering why the Frisian flag above your cam screen?

  9. Why do a lot of people call Škoda tank Skoda? Should not it be called
    Shkoda? I live in a country which has Š in the disposal ant it is always Sh

  10. 8:50 – 9:15 this is the single greatest position detection mankind has ever
    achieved in a video game.

  11. oi…. E1 crew. GET BACK TO THE SALT MINES

  12. The Sanity Assassin

    “See, thats how you win a game” Circon 2016

  13. Shocking! Jedi didn’t die before Snooz.

  14. You must teach me Circon… How do you play the T54E1 so well…

  15. Damn your not gay then, you handsome man xxx lolzzz …

  16. Can anyone enlighten me who the grill is? Is it girlfriend pokémon?

  17. You’re so fucking good lmao

  18. And I absolutely love malinovka. Now I run lights for the most part, and
    know what struggle heavys can be in this map.

    And I always run my lights full gold if they have apcr as premium round. My
    ELC is quite costly to drive with food and full premium shells except 2 HE.

  19. How come you’re so calm? Most of us would be shaking and panicking under
    such pressure.

  20. Y did the grill turn on the Color blind mode on here hair?

  21. Awww circon is happy 🙂


  22. This stream was the most irritating crap Circon has ever produced.

  23. You should have done Baron Salt for the commander. :D

  24. +SirCircon Honestly overall it was a really good game and carry keep the
    memes rolling :)

  25. I love that the name of every single one of his crew-members is “Salt”:)
    anyone noticed that?

  26. hey circon, is it possible to have a link to your server cross mod you use?

  27. >carries team from defeat to victory
    >get’s punished by losing money

    WG logic

  28. Nice Game Circ!

  29. Mick “TheBlueFox” Olsen

    Nice gold

  30. So much P2W…

  31. Lol she just can’t get enough circon :3
    Btw, where in Norway are you staying?

  32. Who dat in teh background circon you should introduce her

  33. Who is that girl who can touch the mighty beard?
    Damn it sucks to miss the live stream!

  34. Plz no sickly gf shit on here

  35. Grill?

  36. Cola… check, APCR… check, girlfriend… check!!! HELLO YOUTUBE

  37. So circon, who is this girl you allow to kiss you and fondle your
    beard….. :^)

  38. apcr 🙁 its just :(

  39. Love all kiddies crying about full geld. Not the thing I’d do as well but I
    just adore their tears. Usually poor players who think skill in this game
    means only knowing where to penetrate certain tanks, which they fail to
    anyway because paper knowledge doesn’t compare to experience.
    Great game Circon and load 1 clip of AP just for them to fuck off xD

  40. Is there any good map in the game in your opinion?

  41. the T54E1 looks like it’s going extremely fast

  42. Who grill? xD

  43. The Currys

  44. All APCR man r u kidding

  45. Gotta love that T54 lightweight camping spawn lol

  46. golddd noobb

  47. golddd noobb

  48. the grill likes the beard!!

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