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Source: PhlyDaily

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  1. Hey phly you should play the british spaa the falcon FOR THE MEMES :>

  2. 0:46 I just don’t even see where it’s coming from.
    Authentic soviet vehicle experience.

  3. voumetric: m22 pens kv1 front plate

    also volumetric: t34 57 bounces off R3 lunch box armour

  4. Do a video on the Maus with the volumetric changes

  5. Can we use the sound mod?

  6. also phly pls play the Falcon with 110mm pen

  7. Press 6 for shaman rituals ;]

  8. Raymar Dave Morillo

    When he said “Layin the foundation” I’m like man!… I miss that bulldozer.

  9. M3 Lee video I speak for everyone on this

  10. 9:40 thats c&c generals lmao

  11. I love the Su-122 let’s go

  12. I hope u re aware Sir that suka means bitch in polish, same in russian (fonetic).

  13. Pls do a Kikka game play it is a beast in speed plus the 800kg bomb is nice for CAS

  14. hey phly f 89B brrrtttt action pls in ground rB

  15. Low tier is so much more fun every br lvl above lvl 6.3 is less fun

  16. Attempt 1 B-29 squad gameplay

  17. i think war thunder cannot handle all thing in 1 game due to limmited memory of the game

  18. Hey phly, I have a suggestion for a video, it’s simple but a lot of fun, I used the fw 190 A-5 with the wfr.Gr.21 rockets with fuze time is something really fun to play, anyway love ur videos bye <3



  21. Phly, every time you post a video I add an attempt( # 66 ). We need a type 87 video!
    I’ve been at this for months… Also, if you can help reduce both the cost and RP for the type 16 (look at 9.0 cent) that would be awesome.

  22. me: mom i want SU 122
    mom: ok let’s go even better and get you stuH
    try the wide chonky tracks stuH, it’s even better

  23. The Most Interesting Man On Youtube

    @PhlyDaily if you think you are such a bad ass WT player try playing AB it’s way harder than RB , the fact that the enemy knows exactly where you are like 95% of the time and are waiting for you to turn that corner or higher BRs rushing around the corner and 1 shot you makes it way worse that RB

  24. Interviewers: so, what’s your speciality?
    Me: 12:16

  25. Sound Mod Phly

  26. This thing is idiotically undertiered

  27. am i crazy or …. they updated the sound effect?

  28. 7:27 Booooom!!!Hahahaha!!!You’re dead!!!!

  29. Looks like a Ho-Ri Production gameplay on lower br

  30. Please do the C-RAM challange on m163 proposed by @Maurits Verkouille

  31. 2:04 Gaijin wants to know your location.

  32. 12:03 New weapon in WT. Water balloon bombs..

  33. Phly, the sound mod ? Can we have it 🥺


  35. Worse than maus

  36. ISU-152 with 250mm pen HEAT

  37. I love the life of boris OST in the background

  38. Play the hornet phly! #83

  39. Phly when are you going to play cnc generals,are you droping hints or just playing with our nostalgia???

  40. Fun fact: SU-76 was actually nicknamed “cyka” irl

  41. What soundpack are you using?

  42. Сергей Щерба


  43. That thing sounds like an old tractor

  44. Hey Phly
    Can Play Withe You pls my war thunder Name is: AdmiralKhay

  45. 1 year not playing this game and everything is hard AF to kill…

  46. Pls pls can I add you u really want to play with you a long time pls pls my name in warthunder is balatant_thief1

  47. Im getting one shot all the time

  48. I got spawned camped by that but it didn’t kill me

  49. What dxo you think about gaijin bringing back tracking of aircraft , even behind cover ?

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