SUKA BLYAT CAPITALIST PIGS | Removing M1 Abrams The Russian Way (War Thunder)

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SUKA BLYAT CAPITALIST PIGS | Removing M1 Abrams The Way (Wart Thunder)


  1. i love that one 🙂



  3. Disclaimer:A lot of ‘XAXAXAXAXA’ And ‘)))))))))’ will be present in this video

  4. 57 capitalist disliked this vid

  5. CoZone_RO is a fucking dickhead.

  6. Should go through bunker branding for your shirts they make great shirts

  7. May i ask a question does war thunder is available in the philippines?

  8. Potential Update features needed:
    -redo the voice acting for the call outside and such

    -Also, instead of wasting a round is there anyway they could have it to where you could change ammo type without firing?

  9. less crew irl also means less internal space needed, which means less surface area needing to be armored which means both cheaper (as you can keep the same effectiveness of armor with less materials) and lighter (which has many advantages including fuel economy, mobility etc), an autoloader also means the crew members don’t need as much training (better for a conscription mentality like the soviet union)

    downsides irl is more maintiance duties per man, and a low rof on range (Although army and CIA investigations found that in combat conditions 8rpm is basically the max so russian 8rpm autoloaders do fine)

  10. Let’s phly xD

    Fuck this rotten community.
    You assholes deserve to be raped by Gaijin!
    Sincerely FUCK YOU ASSHOLES!

  12. I must have been the only one to request this. Glad to see it

  13. beautiful russian queen singing what is that song

  14. Play H-35 APHE only.

  15. You should have used He

  16. Continue to play with russian tanks, i love it, that’s why i subscribe with your channel

  17. Dont listen to some hater in the comments section, continue like that!

  18. *D E M O N E T I Z E D C Y K A*

  19. Heyo phly! It’s me. Matthew. I was the guy who commented about how I told my crush how I felt. Well firstly I’d like to say thank you all for the support you guys gave me, second I’m still friendzoned, and lastly I’m happy. I think it’s better this way. No Olive Garden for her. ✌?✌?

  20. That CoZone guy just kept killing all his helo teammates. Really toxic behaviour. Thanks for not condoning it and speaking out on it, Phly.

  21. Hearing that turbine wind up is the greatest thing in the world.

  22. Kalink! Kalinka! Kalinka maya!

  23. Challenge use Gulag express ticket launching Mi 35 and object 120 but use the obj 120 and try to bounce shells attempt #1

  24. You should kill those who kill friendly choppers to teach them a lesson

  25. I never understood why the T-80 (1976) is in the game before the T-72 (1971) when the T-72 is the second most widely produced tank after WWII.

  26. Why are people frequently friendly killing helicopters? I’ve never seen anything like that in the last 2 years of playing WT.

  27. *community begs for aircraft with guided mislles* they get guided missles on aircraft.. *REEEEEEEEEEEE GUIDED MISSLES ARE TOO GUIDED REE* really? so you ask for a weapons, get said weapon, then when it performs as it was meant, you get angery as if you didnt realize it would do that?

  28. Ze multirole tank
    >kil tanks with main gun
    >kill heli with ATGM/Ground to air rocket
    >Ruski Bias

  29. what a toxic ass community in warthunder.

  30. Challenge: Kill a tonkero with a me163 #5

  31. I guess that Gepard got reported so many times that he can’t play for the next 20 years

  32. ……Free Fpe

  33. What about to take out the 906 as a first spawn?

  34. 11:30 dude either got disconnected from game due to the team killing or even got a ban for it, which I would love to see.

  35. M22 locust vs top tier ??

  36. #1
    Phly please fly the gladiator with the song gladiator

  37. I only discovered Life of Boris like 6 moths ago

  38. Sir PhlyDaily good day, I was hoping if you can provide a lesson about how to use the angle defense of the tank. Looking forward if it happens… Thank you…

  39. I recently posted on one of Napalms video’s highlighting that at High Tier the Americans usually do the stomping… however it’s evident from this video from you Phly (and the 3 games I played last night at 10.0 with the Japanese) that maybe it’s starting to flip?

    After 1.81 was released American & British teams where OP… they have the best tanks, a plethora of CAS aircraft including Helicopters, they where simply OP…. now it seems that people are getting wise to the rush tactics employed by those teams… idk maybe it’s just me but that’s seems to be what’s happening, its a more conservative/defensive playstyle as a pose to aggressive.

  40. Баатарсүрэн Чинбат


  41. I don’t know how he is able to kill choppers with ATGMS. When I try, the ATGM detonates before it reaches the chopper

  42. Gaijin hack softver!!! Gaijin Russian coimmunist bisnis hack game!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Calling the Bussian tanks the underdogs. ha… ha ha… *laughs from tea machine*

  44. the nicest intro yet. (in my opinion)

  45. Play the t80b with he only plz

  46. maybe some talk about killing friendly heli?

  47. It’s kinda funny that the “capitalist pigs” catch phrase was generated by US capitalist propaganda itself.

  48. Please play the Aussie CAC Boomerang!

  49. Play sim

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