SUPER ANTI TANK – AUTO LOADER – (War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

SUPER – AUTO LOADER – (War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

War Thunder Live LINK –


  1. Checked PhlyDailys page, 21 seconds ago!! Woo!!

  2. Noice also 1st comment

  3. i once killed a tiger with a zis-30 haha lower glaces

  4. Lol zis 30 OPPPPPP. No but seriously, the 5mm of armour seems like 500mm

  5. Zis-30 can pen everything at its tier

  6. Do a barrel roll.

  7. zis 30 vs planes. zis 30 win every time because RUSSIA

  8. Some say russians make the derpiest tank

    They havent tried the automatic maus!

  9. “IM LITERALLY IN I1……ooooo there’s water here” XD

  10. how do you do auto loader

  11. is this mission available for ps4 or just PC gamers

  12. A legit 360 in a Maus. 10/10 WarThunder

  13. that will be on April fools day phly
    cause tier 2 tank can be fly and barrel rolled cause they convert it to
    machine gun

  14. the only flying tank i heard of is the mi-24 hind…the russian heavily
    armoured attack transport helicopter! it had 1.5 inches thick skin! no 50
    cal could knock it out, even 25mm AA guns cant knock it out. the hind was
    soo strong in the afghan war it took 2 RPG rockets to take one out. the
    hind was simply tooo strong for small arms fire.. the CIA supplied the
    mujahadeens with the latest fm 21 stinger misiles! to take out the HIND. it
    was the first time the stinger missiles were used against a helicopter as
    standard helos could be taken out by AA cannons

  15. Melle Hensums YOU CAN'T PRONOUNCE IT



  17. Seriously phly? You could have had better accuracy by using the scope :v

  18. This is just normal in World of Tanks isnt it? :P

  19. took you long enoguh

  20. 30th

  21. “We’re underground right now.” War Thunder
    “Underground forces” confirmed.

  22. sandbox!!!

  23. candieka tasbihyantra

    Weeeeee new video!!!!!

  24. 14:35 the elusive Soviet Russian Stealth Underground Tonk Project

  25. there are PE-8 super plane plese
    trie this one

  26. NO T95??

  27. can’t you just spam the mouse 75 without a recoil problem?

  28. plssss do it with planes ? and pls use an p51

  29. imagine the panzerwuefer with infinite rockets the sound would be crazy

  30. I think i found it with the Pe-8 and some other bombers:

  31. love ur videos keep up the good work phly

  32. if i search for user missions, i only can find 5 missions… why???

  33. HOLY shit that intro haha :’D

  34. Just before you attempted to kill everyone in the Maus, I had an advert for
    lamb koftas. Mkay

    Great vid btw

  35. Awesome! Have you seen the other video of it in the sidebar over there –>
    the guy (GeneRaw Chaos) used the 75 on the Maus, no recoil, like spraying a
    garden hose. And won with T95.

  36. i agree with sandbox

  37. You can see the shell impacts on the distant hills. It looks awesome.

  38. Use this as a booster and try to reach 1000km/h.

  39. 8:12 PHRASING!!!

  40. wtf did i just see

  41. Backflip ftw

  42. Was i the only one saying “HAAAAAP”! For every Zis-30 shot in reference of
    when he killed a He-111 with it?

  43. Buy a stealth camo for your HO-229 and use HVAT rounds

  44. You have the power you cant control

  45. Now that he said the pe-8 thing some one is going to do it

  46. Dude u should play arma 3

  47. Gaijin plz give us a french and Italian tech tree

  48. Alexander Hoyt (HellHawx Omega)

    Imagine this with no recoil

  49. Play zhuckovsky m62 chaika

  50. that idea you explained is what garrys mod does. and that would be amazing,
    yet chaotic. if you want to know what its like, play a sandbox mode of
    garrys mod.

  51. There is a user mission called best bomber in which you can fly out almost
    any bomber with infinite repose and if you want invulnerablity

  52. omfg YES!!! SANDBOX PLEZ!!!

  53. The archer would be the best for trying to “fly” since the gun is facing
    backwards the forward momentum would be epic!

  54. Good job, Phly. There’s this one mission which lets you play as multiple
    types of planes from multiple tiers and multiple countries, and you shoot
    down B-17s with ultra fast firing guns, and you have a 420MPH normal boost
    and a 1400MPH super boost. You also have AA vehicles, too. Try it!

  55. +PhlyDaily fly in X-Plane 10 again please

    And fly in simulator once, take it a try once it’s pretty easy!

  56. WOW! you are the first person other than me putting a blue nose on his
    Ps i don’t if you found it by yourself but here is the Pe8 5000kg spam

  57. Jad Collado (Battlemach1ne)

    phly are you gonna review the p38k? which is only available for idk today?

  58. TheOldStock_ Canadian

    Historically the KV-2 had such a powerful gun that if you fired the gun
    while going up a hill the tank would flip over

  59. that clickbait tho

  60. Phly that sandbox idea is just smashing!!

  61. Land shark

  62. The best is kv 2 I love it

  63. The proper designation would be a revolving cannon right? :>

  64. If only there was a KV-6 in the game and if it was modded this way. If

  65. I wish you would warn that they are user custom missions in the title. I
    don’t really care for those so I would like to bypass them.

  66. whens your next stream phly

  67. how the fack I can use the scop

  68. holy crap could you imagine that in real life that would be hilarious to

  69. laughing my ass off

  70. back a tank up to a wall so it doesn’t move

  71. Cast Studios (Outcast85)

    You should’ve taken a fast tank e.g. Hellcat then point the turrent over
    the back of the tank fire the gun and drive forward.

  72. infinite RBT5 must be awesome

  73. Dude, Sandbox sounds so fucking awesome!!!!

  74. How do auto-loaders work??

  75. «theLuftWAFFLE» || (aka War Thunder Jet Noob)

    *forgets about tank counter in the bottom left*

  76. What is the XF5F?

  77. I really support the idea of a sand-box war thunder because then we can
    creat something like a maus(don’t know how to spell) in a b-29 with no
    recoil and making it for ground artillery and turret for the B-29. I don’t
    know my idea.

  78. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    Zis 30 op

  79. how do you use the machine gun

  80. “KV-2 auto loader? Is no Russian bias here.” -Gaijin.

  81. 7:32 the panzer is still trying to move

  82. In the Maus, from 10:01 to 10:29, if your fire rate was 2 shells every 1/10
    of a second, that means you fired 560 shells.

  83. In my opinion I don’t think that’s a tank. All that is its artillery in a

  84. Hilarious mod man….that looked like some fun times.

  85. lol machine gun maus

  86. Sandbox and a skin maker mode would be nice

  87. What a MAUSsacre! Am I right?

  88. Do RBT-5 Vs Catalina !!

  89. My fav part was the Maus!
    360 no scope!!!!

  90. I like your idea

  91. maybe RBT-5 custom battle?

  92. War thunder needs SANBOX MODE!

  93. han solo dies.

  94. Konrad Wasilewski (killerofal)

    image a mod for infinite tank torpedoes :D

  95. SANDBOX IN WARTHUNDER ?! …*epicness overdose*

  96. Just aim you noob

  97. can you do some gta flying tank stuff.. see how fast u can go .. also do
    sum jumps .. like point gun backwards. go forwards and shoot

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