SUPER BAGUETTE | Draw me like one of your French Tanks (War Thunder)

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SUPER BAGUETTE | Draw me like one of your Tanks (War Thunder)


  1. Charles Cockburn

    Pls play the hampden at 9.0 attempt 63

  2. doesn’t it bother more people that the comments are just filled with challenges for Phly but there are very few regarding the actual video? 🙁

  3. What is the music in the beggining?

  4. For 4th of July use calliope? The firework launcher?

    I guess I can call it that.

  5. ive been having so many problems with that center of mass shot and my shell going 10 degrees away from my cross hair

  6. Anno :v

  7. More like super gay

  8. Noodle Delivery

    Hey Phly remeber when you made the Mig “21” video SO can you make a remake of that video and see if its mac capabel

  9. wojciech strzelecki

    Vid starts 3:24… Phly needs to eat I guess..

  10. Matěj Bartička

    Challenge time:
    Play the M1A1 without stabilizer and get at least 3 kills

  11. A “lemon” train!??

  12. Please play the Vosper mk. 2
    Attempt #29

  13. 0:06 gajin says no. 😉

  14. Dude fucking Divinity 2. Accidentally stayed up till 7 am playing it. Like I have to force myself to stop. Its soooooo good

  15. Kurumi Tokisaki

    That opening clip sums up my WT experience lately.

  16. You think you can just slip by with that super meat boy music at the start?

  17. Phly vs levelcap matchup of the year lol


    “Today we’re going to bully Leopards”
    Leopards: Bitch, please, AND you’re on our team

  19. Phly pls try out the Leo1 with 120mm gun!

  20. Anno means ‘year’ in English. The way you pronounced Anno made me want to comment.

  21. Kyriakos Hourtsidis

    Is that an mg 42 on the top?

  22. Phly, do yourself a phavour.
    Play the gun that is literally “to die phor”.
    Play the Panzer 4 PH2 and have a good time. 🙂
    (Challenge: Get 15 Kills in one game)

    Attempt #8

  23. The game’s suddenly gone back to the times when tank shots were desyncing all over the place so we get ghost shells and stuff like that at the start.
    You can sometimes see it from server replay, your own turret is facing somewhere else completely vs. your screen during the game..

  24. Marf & barfs Channel

    A french tank….. *with a german machine gun*

  25. Lachie Clements


  26. The Witch King of Angmar

    Lol I love your intros man.

    Also do world of warships Russian battleships

  27. Being a WT player who has all the french vehicles…..I understand why this one would be considered OP. Finally I can outrun, out-reverse, out turn, out shoot, out pen, and reload faster than most tanks on the field

  28. Chiestnick Super

    Test drove the super today, I was like whole shit

  29. The SnowyPopsicle

    Phly, you got to plat the leo a1a1 L44 good tank and a VERY GOOD GUN APDFS 393 MM

  30. ᚺᚫᚱᛏᛗᚫᚾᚾ

    Pretty much sums up the fact how slow and useless brit “top tier” tanks are on maps like these (1st map) -now even french tanks kick their asses…waiting for Gaijin to release Vickers MK7….what, brits get another variant of chieftain marksman (or some shit useless tank)

  31. Philipp Preussner

    Just remember kids “a bush in the way, keeps the enemy away”

  32. Hey Phly, i don’t think you have done a video on the me 264, maybe you will?

  33. Maximilian Hiltpolt

    Great vid phly! finally made it to being featured in your gameplay footage!

  34. You’re too good for them Phly, they don’t want to nerf the AMX they want to nerf YOU

  35. Nicolas Smith Lemaire

    vente d’un compte warthunder , beaucoup de collectors et de preniums

  36. How to explain the intro clip ricochet? Easily. Many vehicles have their opticals to the side of the cannon so u need to aim a little bit to the right/left. One of the most annoying mechanics when u play vfw, coz it is 1 meter away from the cannon and u need to know to aim

  37. Bruh, Lemme get Anno1800 but not for $60

  38. 0:22 i never penetraded a tank with apdsfs with my tanks at this angle…..

  39. amx 30 super is the biggest fuckign op tank in the whole game

  40. Imagine Panther A with a stabilizer

  41. ubisoft is best

  42. i wait for a retarded guy who write: video starts at 3:25…..

  43. Phly, tu pourrais arrêter avec les clichees? X)

  44. very good video

  45. Challenge for Phly:
    Play top tier without stabilizer.

  46. Attempt 93 phly its time phor you to take the British go kart.

  47. Is Russia the only country with anti tank missiles for medium tanks

  48. I call the amx super ammunition killer

  49. Pertti Eräreikä

    now thats an oof.and a nice new way to sell games.

  50. “bUsHeS dOnT pRoViDe CoVeR, tHeY pRoViDe CoNcEaLmEnT”

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