SUPER-BIAS | KING of ARMOR PIERCING (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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SUPER-BIAS | KING of ARMOR PIERCING ( Thunder Tanks Gameplay)


  1. phly play the bf-109G14 please

  2. SU-100Y. You must protecc motherland, comrade.. With proper derpmachine. Dismissed, comrade!

  3. Im actually waiting gaijin adds IS-7 to deal with Super Bias cuz i see that T-10M is an old bias komrade 🙁

  4. and i still wonder why the T 10M is at 8.3

  5. *RUSSIAN BIAS!!!!1111*

    //Let’s be honest, someone is going to cry that regardless of actual balance.

  6. That tank looks proud

  7. i had an idea for war thunder its called “actual matchmaking”. it just takes longer to find a game but you don’t get up tiered.

  8. Another Tank Daily ?

  9. Filthy frank anyone?

  10. lol missdaily amirite

  11. more like SURBIASSE

  12. French bias BIS nerf

    Also, this thing has an auto loader.

  13. Viv la France!

  14. Hey guys remember when the Germans, Russians, and French fought the British and Americans?

  15. Hey do a British Lancaster Bomber video PhyDaily if they have one please

  16. What’s the intro song lol

  17. I have a question why are the French even fighting American and British tanks?

  18. When you had to deal with pre-buff solid shot cancer to grind the Brits and the French get the buff

  19. Please do more requests Phly they’re flooding your comment section help clear then plz

  20. PHLY! Play the sturmpanzer on 3.7 – 5.7 BR

  21. What’s that test map?

  22. Watch it get nerfed in 1.77.

  23. AMX 50Bias

  24. They should switch the C point with the spawn

  25. Phly.. can you highlight the visual cues that you see when you spot a tank? I don’t see anything and you’re like tank spotted then shoot through a wall.

  26. Phly!!!!!!!!Bring back the AMERICA PROUD AP TANK……the SUPER PERSHING!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Have you thought about checking out the Ho-Ri Production in a video? I know you did a video on the prototype, but the production is a whole new game. Easily gets 40km/h both forward and reverse (although you have to force the reverse gears). And as long as you don’t get super up-tiered their isn’t much that can pen you frontally without going for LFP or view-ports. When you get into a 7.0 game you can easily hold an entire flank on your own (just watch out for side-shots or rushes with the long(ish) reload). And remove 12 round and you don’t have to worry about being ammo-racked from the front.

  28. Hey tankdaily where is phlydaily

  29. long time not see you XD

  30. Phly, when’s the next time you will actually PHLY?! I have one simple request. Please play with planes again, and take out the Arsenal VB.10-02.

  31. _TankDaily_

  32. Such skills indeed

  33. u see a German tank run away

  34. worst possible War thunder plays

    hello comrade,as you might know that war thunder was framed to be a Russian biased game. take out the T54 1951 and the yak 17 salt and cancer combo to show them that Russian tanks actually does not contain that much Stalinium.(I’ll will not be paying your medical fee if you get cancer) attempt#1

  35. Explain the intro music.

  36. TankWeekly

  37. gotdamn tank video again

  38. It made world of tanks looked like shit.

  39. Phly.

    In al these years you’ve never made a video where you play any of the N1K Japanese navy floatplane/land based fighters!

  40. That last kill tho.. How he saw that enemy?

  41. Hey Phly !
    Me and a friend need your help to answer one big question !
    Is that Surbaissé cannon LONGER than the object120 cannon or not ?
    We couldn’t find the barrel length information on the web, and in game I’m sure the surbaissé is longer, my friend says the object 120 is longer.
    So could you put one object 120 and one surbaissé side to side at the barrel end point to see which one is longer ?
    (no sturmpanzer for today)

  42. le fat neck tank

  43. Lol that laugh at start

  44. I like this tank

  45. Frog bias

  46. Sir bias is on the run

  47. Phly, try taking out a flak tank, I’ve never seen you done it

  48. You pronounced it correctly once, not sure why adding the “P”. Maybe cause your’e so Phly 🙂

  49. crazy how Russia wasn’t prepared for war so there for didn’t prepare for war and France was completely taken over in 6 weeks but both Nations some how have great tanks lol. video games.

  50. Phly, AP is all well and good, but what about those tanks that scrapped it for sabot shells? Play the 7.0 British struggle busses – the Centurion Mk.10, and Vickers MBT

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